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On This Page
  • Things You Must Know About Making Fake Photos with Celebrity 
  • How to Add Your Photo with Celebrity - Complete Free Guide 
  • Make Fake Photo with Celebrity via Face Swap - 100% Free

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How to Add a Photo with a Celebrity to Your Memorabilia


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Learn to create the perfect selfie or photo with celebrity utilizing the power of AI. This article includes a comprehensive guide along with useful tips.

Snapping that glorious selfie with your favorite celebrity can be a moment of a lifetime, but often this proves to be a difficult challenge. Getting a photo with celebrity of your dreams can now be a reality using an AI-powered editor. Forget paying hundreds of dollars to editors to photoshop you into pictures or soaking up weeks of your valuable time learning how to edit photographs when an AI will do it on your behalf. This article is a comprehensive guide on how to make fake photos with celebrities a free AI-based photo editing tool that’s both online and easy to use! 

Photo with Celebrity

On This Page
  • Things You Must Know About Making Fake Photos with Celebrity 
  • How to Add Your Photo with Celebrity - Complete Free Guide 
  • Make Fake Photo with Celebrity via Face Swap - 100% Free

Things You Must Know About Making Fake Photos with Celebrity 

Use the same size photo

The basics of photo editing apply even when an AI is brought into the picture. You would need two pictures to pop yourself into the presence of a celebrity or vice versa. Naturally, it’s common sense that the two pictures being used to obtain the source material are of the same size of dimension.  This ensures that your photo with the celebrity is consistent and doesn’t raise eyebrows because of unmatched proportions.

Choose a less-known photo

The final result has to be believable! Therefore, it makes sense to pick an image that’s not well-known within the fan base. When picking an image, please use images that aren’t press releases or top hits on social media. Getting an image from your celebrity’s Instagram is an easy way to get called out later on! A good tip is to shift through Reddit and the Internet to find out unreleased images of your target celebrity!

Come up with a story  

Every picture has a story and it’s no different here! When you post your picture on the Internet or when you show it to your friends/associates, they will definitely ask the story behind it. Therefore, it’s best if you keep a story ready. Make sure that the story is believable, and that it matches the behavior of the celebrity. It’s also a good idea to find out what the celebrity was doing at that particular moment in time.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


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How to Add Your Photo with Celebrity - Complete Free Guide 

This part is about how to add photos with celebrity. 

Step one Find the photo 

Before you learn how to make fake photos with celebrities, you will need to find an image of your target celebrity. Finding an image of a celebrity is easy, but finding an image suitable for this task can be tricky. The image needs to be of sufficient quality, but it cannot be too famous, or else you would get caught. 

We recommend you shift through unreleased press images and the lonely Subreddits to find images. These images don’t garner the same level of attention that Instagram does, and you can have an easier time passing it off as legitimate. If the celebrity is famous enough, you can even generate an AI image of him/her. But please make sure that the image is defect free and believable as people are quite wary of images being AI-generated.

Photo with Celebrity Find Photo

Step two Cut yourself out 

The first real step in creating a photo with celebrity AI is to isolate yourself from your own picture. You can use a photo editing tool and meticulously cut yourself out from the picture, which would take a great deal of time and effort. Not to mention, you’d need to own additional software! But luckily, there is a shortcut! Vidnoz AI’s background remover tool is your saving grace.

Vidnoz AI’s background remover tool is an automated background-removing tool that doesn’t require you to outline your images meticulously. Simply upload the image onto the tool and run it, and the algorithm will take over. Once the process is complete, you’ll be able to download a cut-out of yourself without a background.

Photo with Celebrity Vidnoz AI Background Remover 

Step three Paste your photo

This step requires you to use a photo editing tool. But, since all the complex procedures have already been completed even the most basic photo editing tool will suffice. Simply paste yourself onto the photo with celebrity. There are a lot of online photo editing tools which can be used for this step. Vidnoz itself hosts an online editor which contains the necessary tools.

Photo with Celebrity Make Adjust

Step four Adjust size and position

The final step is the most important as it takes into account the subtleties of creating a successful edit. Use the selection tool within the software to manipulate the image of yourself. Make it larger or smaller to match the dimensions of the individuals featured within the target image. 

Photo with Celebrity Result

Make Fake Photo with Celebrity via Face Swap - 100% Free

Why Choose Vidnoz Multiple Face Swap 

Freedom and choices are two concepts that are accentuated by modern technology. We provided you with an AI-based solution for creating a photo with celebrity in the previous section. In this section let’s check out an alternate method that utilizes a face swap tool hosted by Vidnoz AI. 

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

The face swap tool has multiple modes to choose from, but since multiple individuals are being featured in this particular instance let’s go with the multiple face swap mode. This mode allows you to manipulate the facial features of multiple individuals simultaneously. The tool is hosted on the Vidnoz platform and is completely free to use. Users are not required to download and install any software as the tool is web-based. Simply visit the website, and hop on to start!

Key Feature
  • Vidnoz AI’s face swap tool is completely free to use.
  • There are multiple modes available that includes video, and multiple face swap modes.
  • Everything is automated and the user is simply required to upload the necessary images.
  • Highly trained algorithm that accurately detects and isolates key facial cues.

How to Reface Photo with Celebrity 

Step 1 Upload the celebrity photo

The first step is to upload the image that features your celebrity. Please note that for this method to work, the celebrity must be already posing with another individual. This is because your facial features will be lifted onto theirs. This image will be the base image and for the best results, ensure that it’s clear and of the highest possible quality. Once the image is successfully uploaded, it will show the faces that are detected within the image. Select the image of the poser and remove the face of the celebrity from the selection.

Photo with Celebrity Multiple Face Swap Step One

Step 2 Upload the selfie 

The second step is to upload your image onto the tool. Make sure that this image is a portrait image as the Vidnoz AI is trained to detect images. A clear selfie can be utilized for this purpose. This image will be the target image.

Photo with Celebrity Multiple Face Swap Step Two

Step 3 Face swap 

Run the face swap tool by clicking on the “Swap Face Now” button. Once the results are available, download them to view and enjoy. 

Photo with Celebrity Multiple Face Swap Step Three


Creating your dream photo with celebrity is now easier than ever thanks to Vidnoz AI. Follow the tutorials above to create the perfect picture that’ll be the talk of the town! However, remember the tips provided at the start of this article! Make sure the image cannot be easily recognized at first glance, and build up a believable story for the picture.



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