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On This Page
  • Funny Nicolas Cage Face Swap Examples for Inspiration 
  • Best Free Nicolas Cage Online Face Swap Tool  
  • How to Face Swap Nicolas Cage photos in Seconds: Step-by-Step 
  • How to Make Nicolas Cage Face Swap Video

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Nicolas Cage Face Swap Made Easy: Complete Guide


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Learn how you can create funny images and videos using the Nicolas Cage face swap tool without any photo editing knowledge.

Nicholas Cage has continued to be one of the most influential actors of the 21st century amassing countless awards throughout his impressive career. The Nicolas Cage face swap is another attempt at recreating the humorous nature of Mr. Cage and his persona on stage. The popular actor’s recent role in “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” has boosted his presence once again, making him a hit amongst meme makers online. If you are interested in creating hilarious pictures by swapping his face with everything under the sun, this might be an interesting read for you. This article focuses on an AI tool that allows everyone to successfully swap the faces of anyone without the need for any knowledge of photo editing!

Nicolas Cage Face Swap

On This Page
  • Funny Nicolas Cage Face Swap Examples for Inspiration 
  • Best Free Nicolas Cage Online Face Swap Tool  
  • How to Face Swap Nicolas Cage photos in Seconds: Step-by-Step 
  • How to Make Nicolas Cage Face Swap Video

Funny Nicolas Cage Face Swap Examples for Inspiration 

Are you wondering what’s possible through an AI-powered face swap tool? This section is all about the wondrous and hilarious possibilities available through Nicolas Cage face swap tools. This list is just an inspiration for everyone else, as the possibilities and combinations are just endless, and limited only by one’s imagination.

Nicolas Animal Face Swap

The picture above is done by swapping Nicolas Cage’s face with a rabbit! The cute rabbit’s body paired up with his hilarious facial expression is just priceless. Of course, it’s not limited to just rabbits, you can use the Nicholas Cage face swap on any animal. Imagine a lion with the very same expression shown above, wouldn’t it be hilarious!

Nicolas Face Swap Beyonce

What would you get when cross Nicholas Cage with a female athlete on stage? A badass picture of course! You could say that his face can be put on anything from an animal to a pro athlete and it’ll come off just as hilarious as the next one. 

Nicolas Yoda Face Swap

“Humour you must have my young Padawan”, is the infamous line of Yoda with a hilarious twist. The leader of the Jedi Order has fallen victim to the Nicholas Cage face swap as well! This image was created by merging a picture of Yoda with that of Nicholas's cage. The elderly green alien pairs up wonderfully with Cage’s iconic grin.

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Nicolas Justin Bieber Face Swap

Is it Justin Cage or Nicholas Beiber? AI face swap tool created this humorous image in just seconds after we paired up the famous singer with Nicholas Cage. You could say that Beiber’s hairstyle and Nicholas Cage’s facial features complement each other fairly well! Try it out with other celebrities to create even more unique combinations.

Nicolas Breaking Bad Face Swap

Did Nicholas Cage break bad? Or is he breaking even? What’s above is a portrayal of Nicholas Cage as the infamous Heisenberg from the hit TV show Breaking Bad! Walter White’s facial structure and Cage’s facial features are a match made in heaven! Wonder what Pinkman-Cage would look like, maybe you can give it a try!

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

Best Free Nicolas Cage Online Face Swap Tool  

Now that you’ve got a glimpse of what’s possible through the Nicolas Cage face swap tool, it’s time for to you become familiar with the tool behind all the magic. The tool is named Vidnoz AI, and the platform has its proprietary face swap tool which we will be using for this guide. The Nicolas cage face swap tool is powered by an AI engine that analyses the two images and decides the most efficient way to cut and stitch the two images together. The tool is extremely simple to use and requires no knowledge of photo editing. 

Best Nicolas Face Swap Online Tool Vidnoz

What makes Vidnoz unique: 

Simple and free to use

Vidnoz AI’s face swap is a free Nicolas Cage face swap tool that is extremely easy to use allowing everyone to use it. Anyone with access to a web browser can use the platform as it requires no downloads, and is completely cloud-based.

Realistic Nicolas Cage face swap deepfake photos 

The AI engine behind the Vidnoz AI face swap tool has been trained to be accurate and precise through extensive amounts of machine learning. The images created by the tool are immaculate and always realistic to the point where it’s comparable to advanced deepfake tools on the Internet.

Video face swap support

Once you generate a face swap using the Nicolas Cage face swap tool, Vidnoz AI allows you to use that image to create an animation. This is done through the talking photo tool hosted on the site. The tool will use the image to create an animation, allowing the photo to mimic realistic facial expressions and talk according to a script provided by the user.

No blurring or glitches

Vidnoz AI’s face swap tool rarely glitches due to its intensive training. The AI model has been perfected over the years, which results in a perfect generation every time!

How to Face Swap Nicolas Cage photos in Seconds: Step-by-Step 

To use this tool, please create an account on the Vidnoz AI platform. The creating process is free and easy, upgrades and subscriptions aren’t mandatory unless you desire to upgrade your basic plan for extra features.

Step 1 Choose one model photo

Upload the base photo onto the platform. Vidnoz AI will use this photo as the base image, and the facial features within this image will be replaced by those of Nicholas Cage.

Best Nicolas Face Swap Tool Vidnoz Upload Base Image

Step 2 Upload Nicolas Cage's front face photo

Upload the image of Nicholas Cage. For the best results, ensure that both the images uploaded are portraits facing forward. This will increase the accuracy and minimize glitches.

Best Nicolas Face Swap Tool Vidnoz Upload Nicolas Cage Image

Step 3 Click face swap now

Click swap to start the procedure.

Step 4 Generate and share

Once the process is completed, users can download the photo or share it on socials and websites of their choosing.

Best Nicolas Cage Face Swap Tool Vidnoz Result

How to Make Nicolas Cage Face Swap Video

Why stop with an image when you can create a customized video featuring Nicholas Cage? Use the face swap video function to recreate videos using Nicholas Cage and your twist.

Step 1 Upload base video 

This video will be used as the base video for the process. The individual within this video will be focused on by the AI and will be used for the swap. For the best results, ensure that the individual faces the front for the majority of the video.

Best Nicolas Video Face Swap Tool Vidnoz

Step 2 Upload Nicolas Cage's front face photo

Upload a portrait image of Nicholas Cage. This image will be used to create the facial features that will be lifted onto that of the video. Please use a clear image that falls within the requirements posted by the platform. 

Step 3 Face swap now 

Click on face swap to start the procedure and create the face swap movie Nicolas Cage.


Imagine the Iconic Titanic scene reenacted by Jack and Nicholas Cage instead. You can now create your own hilarious versions of movies and images using the Nicolas Cage face swap tool. Use your creativity and create the dankest of memes using Vidnoz AI!



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