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On This Page
  • Why You Need an AI Text Generator
  • 6 Best Free AI Text Generator with GPT Algorithm
  • Comparison of the 6 Best Free AI Text Generators
  • Create Video with AI-Generated Text for Bussiness

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6 Best Free AI Text Generator for Content Writing 2024

Cassie Caddell

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Looking for the best free AI text generator? Here, check the list of top AI writing generators empowered by GPT API and generate creative writing in seconds.

Advanced AI tech has changed our life and work extremely. AI-generated content is a big trend, and you’ll never want to be behind your opponent's footsteps. Using an intelligent AI text generator, you can create attractive content for essays, stories, messages, social media, marketing, email, etc. in seconds. However, with numerous AI content generators in marketing, selecting the truly helpful one may be a tough thing. But don’t worry. This guide introduces the top 6 best AI text generators with GPT API. Check their features and pick the best one for you to use.

Best AI Text Generator

On This Page
  • Why You Need an AI Text Generator
  • 6 Best Free AI Text Generator with GPT Algorithm
  • Comparison of the 6 Best Free AI Text Generators
  • Create Video with AI-Generated Text for Bussiness

Why You Need an AI Text Generator

Multiple reasons are accountable for why you need an AI text generator. Check how it works below:

  • Improved productivity. AI writers can generate text content in seconds. Using an AI text generator, your productivity and efficiency will be highly improved. 
  • Creativity assistance. AI creative writing generator is able to keep up with several innovative and inspired ideas. Along with it, you can write more easily without long time brainstorming.
  • Content optimization. AI text generator is proficient in language organization and optimization. It can polish your writing, create native expressions, and summarize the content easily.
  • Language proficiency. AI writing generators can generate content in multiple languages. Therefore, your writing will be more friendly to readers worldwide since you use their native language.

6 Best Free AI Text Generator with GPT Algorithm

Here is the ultimate review of the 5 best AI text generators free. Read the features of each tool and select the most suitable one from your perspective to use. 

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT AI Text Generator

ChatGPT is the leading AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI. This year, it went viral and is applied in a variety of industries. It is definitely the best AI text generator online free. Along with the AI chatbot with GPT3.5 and GPT4 API, it is smart and able to answer any of your questions. Just tell it to generate related content, and it will output the appropriate text in seconds. ChatGPT provides a free version for you to have a trial. You can use it on iPhone, Android, and online.


Free plan (GPT 3.5 model)

ChatGPT Plus (GPT 4 model): $20/month

Supported OS: Online, iOS, Android

GPT API: GPT-3.5 and GPT-4

  • Accurately identify your questions and give answers
  • Fast response
  • Generate multiple contents at a time
  • Some sentences may be repetitive
  • The authenticity of some answers is yet to be confirmed

2. Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai Text Generator AI

Jasper.ai is another best AI text generator free and empowered by the GPT-3 model. It is perfect for content writing of various types, like essays, stories, messages, SEO blogs, marketing reports, etc. Also, it has an intuitive user interface. Therefore, though you are new to this tool, you can operate it easily. Just input your description of the content you want and it will generate immediately. Except for the AI copywriting assistant, other AI solutions are also provided, including an AI art generator, AI chatbot, language translator, etc.


7-day free trial after purchasing

Pro plans start at $39/month

Supported OS: Online


  • Protect your data from training the AI model
  • Generate both long and short text content
  • Dedicated AI writer for Marketing with your brand’s voice
  • Generated content needs to be fact-checked
  • A little more expensive than other AI text generators

3. GrammarlyGO

GrammarlyGo AI Writer

Grammarly is a traditional well-known grammar checker. To adapt to the AI era, it also explores the dedicated AI writing generator free assistance, GrammarlyGo. Enabled with an AI algorithm, it is able to accelerate your writing process, polish your content in different tones, generate logical outlines, etc. Meanwhile, the generative AI chatbot with the GPT-3 model is also available in GrammarlyGo. Apart from the online AI text generator free, GrammarlyGO also provides mobile and desktop Apps, and a specific Chrome Extension is also selectable.


Free version (100 prompts/month)

Pro plans start at $12/month

Supported OS: Online, Chrome Extension, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


  • Relatively reasonable price 
  • Different writing tone suggestions
  • Clear and delighted user interface
  • Still in the beta process
  • Can be detected by plagiarism checker

4. Rytr

Rytr AI Text Generator

Rytr is also the best AI text generator online free. It offers 40+ use cases, including blog ideas, business proposals, social media ads, SEO articles, etc., and numerous writing templates are provided to cover your different needs. It is perfect if you want to speed up your writing workflow. Another reason to pick Rytr is that it is plagiarism-free. After testing with various popular plagiarism checkers in the market, Rytr performed well. The AI content generated by it is highly original. 


Free version (10k characters/month)

Pro plans start at $9/month

Supported OS: Online, Extension


  • 40+ use cases selectable
  • Plagiarism-free
  • Various writing tones
  • A little complicated navigation
  • Not a good long-form AI text generator

5. Copy.ai

Copy.ai Text Generator

Copy.ai is a generative AI chatbot online that can help you generate AI text content. Enabled with the GPT-3 API, it is capable of recognizing your question and concluding the answer for you. The AI writer is best for blog writing, social media management, and email marketing. Various writing templates are built-in Copy.ai and it can create both long and short-contents. The UI is somewhat similar to the ChatGPT bot. But improved, it provides a more comprehensive toolbar to set up the writing style and tone.


Free version (limit to 2000 words)

Pro plans start at $35/month(annually)

Supported OS: Online, Chrome Extension


  • Combine AI chatbot and AI writing features
  • Best for both long and short contents
  • Various inbuilt writing templates
  • Far more expensive than other AI writers
  • Generated content needs to be fact-checked

6. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI Writing Generator

Hypotenuse AI is a specific online tool that has AI text generator API for copywriting. Endowed with the newest GPT-4 model, it can generate AI text content based on more latest data. You can use it to create various content types, like social media captions, advertising copy, product descriptions, etc. Bot long-form and short-form articles can be generated by Hypotenuse AI. In addition, the generated word is well balanced. It can create content in different lengths according to different writing styles, which is indeed intelligent. The prominent downside of this AI writing generator is limited templates.


7-day free trial

Pro plans start at $15/month

Supported OS: Online


  • The newest GPT-4 empowered
  • Intelligent copywriting word count balance
  • Best for both long-form and short-form contents
  • Limited writing templates
  • Limited scalability – can only support one user at a time

Comparison of the 6 Best Free AI Text Generators

AI text generator GPT model Free trial limit Price Features
ChatGPT GPT-3.5/4 No prompts and converse limits
Can’t access GPT-4 API
$20/month AI chatbot form
Jasper.ai GPT-3 Only 7-day free trial after subscription $39/month AI writer, AI art generator, AI chatbot, etc.
GrammarlyGO GPT-3 100 prompts/month $12/month AI content writer and optimizer
Rytr GPT-3 10k characters/month $9/month AI writer with multiple use cases and writing styles
Copy.ai GPT-3 Limit to 2000 words $35/month(annually)
AI chatbot form with other writing toolbars
Hypotenuse AI GPT-4 7-day free trial $15/month AI writer with various writing styles

Using the best AI writing generators outlined above, you can easily free your hands and brain to generate creative writing rapidly. Apart from those AI text generators, AI video generator is also prevalent for marketing, business, advertisement, etc., which allows you to generate videos in batches in minutes. Check the best video generator with AI algorithms below. It can help you create a video with those AI-generated texts immediately.

Create Video with AI-Generated Text for Bussiness

Vidnoz AI is a newly released powerful online AI video generator loved by users who want to create a video from text effortlessly and immediately. Along with its AI video templates, AI avatar generator, and text-to-speech features, you can create a video with an audio guide for a specific scenario within minutes. Otherwise, combined with AI tech, Vidnoz allows you to create videos from PPT, images, and text effortlessly. Numerous materials and comprehensive video editing features are available in this online AI video editor and enhancer.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Other Reasons to Select Vidnoz AI

  • Free to create a video with AI-generated text with no payment. Vidnoz provides free solutions for users to generate AI videos from text. By using it, you just create and log in to your account. The free version can access 50+ avatar outfits, 70+ video templates, 100+ Language-specific Voices, and an AI talking head free feature. You can create and save the video without hidden catches. 
  • Easily transform PPT to video with AI tech. This online video generator is extremely easy to use. You can upload the PPT file and it will help you edit and export the PPT document as a video directly.
  • 300+ video templates for hundreds of scenarios. Vidnoz AI offers 300+ video templates for different uses, like business, marketing, social media, knowledge sharing, etc Using these templates, creating an attractive video is a piece of cake. What you need to do is just alter your text content and select or upload a suitable avatar.
  • Vivid video effects with human-like talking avatars. High-simulation AI avatars with talking effects are available. Combined with the text to speech AI tool, you can create a talking avatar without recording and hiring models.

How to Generate AI Video with Vidnoz AI

Step 1. Create an account or log in to Vidnoz AI.

Step 2. Upload your video or select a video template to create.

Use Vidnoz AI Video Templates

Step 3. Edit the video elements, like avatar, text, BGM, etc., then export the video to your local folder.

Create AI Video


Using the best free AI text generator outlined here, your writing workflow can be extremely improved. AI tech can significantly accelerate our work and life, saving precious time and energy. However, it is highly recommended that you use those AI tools properly since the tech is still in the beta process. Take those AI writers as an example, some AI-generated content may need to be fact-proved and polished. It is wise to utilize the AI tools but also add your thoughts and insights. In addition to AI writing generators, other AI tools, like AI voice cloning free, and AI video generators, are also brilliant assistants for business, social media management, brand propaganda, etc. Create a video with AI-generated text right now!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Cassie Caddell

Cassie Caddell is a technical writer and expert in video editing, screen recording, and other office software. With her 5+ years of experience working with such products, she can offer professional and practical advice for you to select and use these tools. Hope her articles can give you some aid.