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On This Page
  • Why Do You Need an AI Muscle Generator?
  • Top AI Muscle Generators to Supercharge Muscles 
  • How to Use AI Muscle Generator Step-by-Step
  • Bonus: Fit in Ideal Body with Free Face Swap - Easy & Fast

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Get Muscular Body in One Click - AI Muscle Generator


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A complete guide on how you can obtain that dream physique using AI muscle generators that add muscles to your photographs.

Have you ever been burned out at the gym, wondering whether you can attain that dream physique you always wanted? Or are you still fantasizing about whether you’d look good in that extra muscle you are attempting to put on? While it’s true that you’d have to workout consistently for years to obtain that chiseled beefy look, there is a way for you to take a peek into your future of lifting iron. This article is about how you can use different AI muscle applications to beef yourself up digitally, allowing you to witness your potential. There is a list of cool AI muscle generator software you can pick from along with a bonus for the dedicated readers!

AI Muscle Generator

On This Page
  • Why Do You Need an AI Muscle Generator?
  • Top AI Muscle Generators to Supercharge Muscles 
  • How to Use AI Muscle Generator Step-by-Step
  • Bonus: Fit in Ideal Body with Free Face Swap - Easy & Fast

Why Do You Need an AI Muscle Generator?

AI muscle generators provide motivation

Delayed gratification is one of the toughest yet most rewarding concepts in human survival. This applies to modern-day activities as well, including bodybuilding. When your brain knows that the activity you are currently doing will not be of immediate use, it will attempt to thwart progression. This is mostly an act of survival as the brain believes there are more important things at hand, such as finding food and water. However, in such instances, using an AI muscle generator to remind yourself of the final result can help you focus and get back on track.

AI muscle generators can help with personalized training

AI muscle generators will buff your current body up to meet your expectations. You can therefore compare your current physique to the AI-generated physique and work towards it. By comparing the two physiques you can determine where you are lacking and how you can improve your training regimes or change your fitness plans for the best results.

AI Muscle Model

AI muscle generators allow you to pick different physiques to work towards

There’s no one good physique as everyone is built differently from one another. By using an AI muscle generator, you can test out which physique suits your body the best. Do you want the bulk of a powerlifter or do you prefer the slim aesthetic look of a bodybuilder? Users can pick and apply different physiques to their current selves to get an idea of what they would like in the future. This helps to remove the lingering doubt on a person’s mind about whether the commitment would be worth it in the end.

It’s a fun way to prank your friends and family

Imagine the look on your friend's face when you upload a picture rocking a six-pack and a chest to rival Arnold Schwarzenneger. Using the AI muscle tool, you can edit one of your pictures and blow everyone's mind! It’s a harmless yet hilarious prank considering that they knew you that very same morning to be a completely different person.

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Top AI Muscle Generators to Supercharge Muscles 

Photable - AI Muscle App for iOS

Photable AI Muscle App for iOS

If you are an iOS user looking for a good AI muscle app, Photable is an all-in-one body editor that’s capable of quickly reshaping and retouching photographs. The AI photo editor can change everything from hairstyles to abs in photographs. However, the base version of the application only allows the user to add abs to their photographs. If they wish to bulk up more, they will need to buy more add-ons from the store. There is a free to use version for Photable, but it’s extremely limited in functionalities. If you wish to fully utilize the different filters and editing options, you are required to purchase the premium plan.

  • Users can edit everything from beards, and muscles to tattoos in photographs.
  • There is a free to use trial version, which has limited features.
  • The application is very easy to use and navigate through.
  • Once the premium plan is purchased, users have a large number of options to work with.
  • Certain features and add-ons are locked behind a paywall.
  • The only muscle add-on you get at the start is the abs. The rest of them are only for premium subscribers.

BodyApp - Professional Body Editor for Anyone

BodyApp Professional Body Editor for Anyone

As the name suggests, BodyApp is a professional body editing tool that’s designed for the everyday iPhone user. Currently, the application is only available for iOS devices, but the developers are hinting at an Android release in the future. Just like most other applications, BodyApp has a premium subscription that has all the cool features unlocked. It’s a perfect AI muscle art app and tattoo generator! Users can customize images with abs, and arms and even make themselves leaner for the perfect AI muscle body and add virtual tattoos on!

  • Complete body editing tool that includes everything from muscles to tattoos.
  • The app ensures that the quality of the photos being edited don’t drop post-edit.
  • BodyApp also provides basic editing tools for its users, including but not limited to filters, and color gradings.
  • All the cool features are only available for premium users.
  • The premium is not a one time payment but a recurring monthly subscription.

Manly - AI Muscle Editor & AI Face Change

Manly AI Muscle Editor AI Face Change

Manly is a body editing tool that is geared and designed to edit and enhance images of men. As the name suggests, the application specializes in adding muscle mass and tones to enhance photographs. In addition to adding muscles, Manly also allows users to make face changes through AI, this includes everything from reshaping their facial structures to adding in beards to fill out thinner faces. Manly also holds events which gives users free event-themed filters and edits to enhance their photographs.

  • Manly comes with a built-in AI face changer feature.
  • Unlike most AI muscle apps, Manly avoids the blurring of photographs when editing.
  • Users are forced to purchase the premium packs to access anything fun and useful within the app.

MachoMan - Makeover App for Men

MachoMan Makeover App for Men

MachoMan is our top recommendation when it comes to Android apps that focus on AI muscle editing. If you are on the hunt for an AI muscle generator free app, MachoMan is a fantastic option. Since the app is free, naturally it's loaded with ads, but if you can look past that, MachoMan has quite a number of useful features. Users can beef up their photographs with abs, chest, and arms. MachoMan also allows users to create their own body patterns without limiting them to fixes templates.

  • Completely free to use.
  • MachoMan has a commendable number of muscle add-ons for users to pick from.
  • Users can create their own body designs and patterns.
  • Since the application is free to use, it’s loaded with advertisements that can be annoying at times.

Body Editor - Get 6 Pack Abs with Ease

Body Editor Get 6 Pack Abs with Ease

What if you are not interested in bulking up to be the next Ronnie Coleman? This application is a must-have for all calisthenics fans. As the name suggests, the application primarily focuses on adding 6 packs to photos. Even though the app lacks a lot of options to choose from, it does a fantastic job of applying what’s available to photos. Users can also add tattoos, but the tattoos are often blurry.

How to Use AI Muscle Generator Step-by-Step

Step 1

Download a body editor application from the list that’s provided above. In this scenario, we decided to go with Photable.

Step 2

Select an image from the gallery option and start the editing process.

AI Muscle Generator Upload Image

Step 3

Click on the muscle options provided to add them to your photographs.

AI Muscle Generator Edit Muscle

Step 4

Once you choose an option, users are prompted to select the region to which it will be applied.

Step 5

Save changes and download the photograph.

Bonus: Fit in Ideal Body with Free Face Swap - Easy & Fast

Editing an image, selecting the correct muscle type, and applying it to the correct areas is hard work. If you make an error when selecting the region, the muscles will be applied incorrectly which will negatively impact the final result. A solution to this problem is to go with a face swap tool. Vidnoz Face Swap is our recommendation, as it’s free and most importantly, it's add-free. All you need is a photograph of a muscular body and a selfie of yourself!

Step 1

Visit Vidnoz AI’s homepage and register an account on the website.

Step 2

Navigate to the face swap tool and upload the muscular image of a model.

AI Muscle Generator Face Swap Upload Model

Step 3

Upload a selfie of yourself to be lifted and placed on the model’s body.

AI Muscle Generator Face Swap Upload Target Face

Step 4

Hit generate and download the result.

AI Muscle Generator Face Swap Result


Using an AI muscle generator is a fantastic way to witness your potential. If you have the skill to accurately work around body proportions, you are free to pick any option from the listed applications. However, if you lack the confidence to fiddle around, the best way to add in muscles to your photographs is to use the Vidnoz face swap tool. Be amazed, me motivated and lift those irons to pump those guns.




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