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On This Page
  • How Can AI Make a Picture Dance? 
  • Top AI Tools to Make Picture Dancing Videos
  • How to Make Picture Dance Fast & Free
  • Bonus: Change Face in Dancing Videos via Face Swapping 

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Make Any Picture Dance via AI Tools - Complete Guide


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Learn how to make picture dance to a tune for free using an online AI-powered tool.

Have you ever wondered how those funny animated videos were created on social media? This article guides you on how to make picture dance, allowing you to recreate those iconic videos on TikTok. Learn how to animate photographs using AI, which eliminates the need to know complex animation and video editing techniques. The AI has been trained to pick up queues within the photographs allowing them to create key frames for animation. The article also provides a list of the best tools you can find on the Internet to animate your photographs. There’s a bonus at the end of the article for those dedicated enough to make it to the end!

Make  Picture Dance

On This Page
  • How Can AI Make a Picture Dance? 
  • Top AI Tools to Make Picture Dancing Videos
  • How to Make Picture Dance Fast & Free
  • Bonus: Change Face in Dancing Videos via Face Swapping 

How Can AI Make a Picture Dance? 

Animating a photograph to AI dance requires just a few simple steps. Even though the steps to make photo dance might differ slightly within different tools, the basic idea is always the same. The tools use an AI engine to process images provided by the user. These AI models are capable of analyzing images and figuring out how a certain image can be animated. To transform these still images into fluid animations, the AI will create keyframes. These keyframes will then be stitched together to create dynamic and animated visuals. The AI models used by these special tools have been trained using massive data sets to recognize images and decide on the most effective method to animate them. However, there are a few exceptions where the AI might not be able to fully identify and animate the images due to weird angles and positions. 

Top AI Tools to Make Picture Dancing Videos

Vidnoz MagicAnimate - Free AI Online Dancing Photo Maker

Vidnoz MagicAnimate Free AI Online Dancing Photo Maker

MagicAnimate is another fantastic tool by Vidnoz AI that uses the website’s AI engine to animate still photographs into stunning videos. Similar to all the other AI tools provided by the platform, MagicAnimate is completely free to use. The AI engine used by the tool has been highly trained to recognize humans within photographs which allows users to quickly animate images with minimal distortions. Vidnoz AI’s magicAnimate is currently optimized only for humans within photographs, therefore for the best results the user must avoid extra assets within images. When animating an image, the user can add background music to which the image can dance. To make picture dance the user must select the dance sequence to which the image will be animated. The tool provides the user with different dance sequences to pick from which allows the user to customize the dance to match their differences. Vidnoz also provides the user with five different royalty-free tracks to choose as their background tune.

Key Feature
  • Vidnoz MagicAnimate is completely free to use.
  • Users can choose the dance style for the animation for better customization.
  • If needed, the animated video can be given background music tracks to boost attractiveness.
  • The AI engine used by MagicAnimate has been trained to recognize humans and generate missing limbs if necessary.
  • Users can create an image to dance video with multiple individuals being featured within the photograph.
  • The tool animates the entire body and not just the face that’s featured.

FaceDance - AI Face Dancing Video App

FaceDance AI Face Dancing Video App

FaceDance as the name suggests is an AI dance animator that specializes in animating the face of the person being featured in a photograph. The final animation will result in the individual bobbing and weaving their head to the tune! Users can choose from over 19 different animations. In addition to the various animation types provided by the tool, it also provides users with different attachments to add to the image which increases both the attractiveness and comedic effect present within the video. However, since the animation photo only focuses on the face when you transform photo into dancing video, the potential for a complete animation is held back to a good extent. There are special effects present within the tool that can be used to add that extra spark when generating a video. These special effects can range from whimsical bubbles floating across the screen, to a barrage of rainbows dropping down onto the animated face.

Key Feature
  • Over 19 different animations to choose from.
  • Users can add different attachments to the photographs for either attractiveness or comedic effect.
  • The tool allows the user to add special effects for additional style points.
  • Extremely easy to use.

How to Make Picture Dance Fast & Free

Step 1 Upload a photo

The first step is to upload an image to the platform. When selecting an image for the video, please make sure that it's a complete image with both a face and a body. Even though the MagicAnimate tool can fill up the gaps and create limbs during the animation process, there is always a chance for bugs and distortions, therefore try to use a complete image for the best results.

Step 2 Choose music and 3D dance motion sequence

To make picture dance online, the user has to set the 3D dance motion and the background music. This is the most crucial step as it determines how the animated individual will move during the video. Select the dance steps that match what you wish to obtain through the animation, and ensure that the music chosen matches the dance steps.

If the image uploaded has two people being featured, it’s important to pick the option that showcases the dance steps for both individuals. If you fail to do so only one of the personnel will be animated.

Step 3 Generate the dancing photo video 

Hit generate to make the image dance.

Vidnoz Dancing Photo Generate

Bonus: Change Face in Dancing Videos via Face Swapping 

What if the dance moves you wish to have within the video are not available through MagicAnimate? Luckily for you, Vidnoz provides a smart workaround to this common problem through its face swap tool. Users can simply swap their faces with that present within a video that showcases the dance required!

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

How to Make Natural Dancing Video

Step 1 Upload base dancing video

Upload the base dancing video which contains your preferred dance moves into the Vidnoz AI platform. Please make sure that the video is at least 1080p for the best results.

Vidnoz Dancing Photo Face Swapping Upload Dance Video

Step 2 Upload a front face selfie

Upload an image that contains a front-facing selfie of the person you wish to feature within the video. 

Vidnoz Dancing Photo Face Swapping Upload Target

Step 3 Face swap now 

Click on the swap button to swap the faces and generate the video.

Vidnoz Dancing Photo Face Swapping Result


Using tools such as Vidnoz MagicAnimate and FaceDance, anyone can make picture dance from photo. By sticking to an AI platform, the barrier to start designing is immediately lifted from the user as the AI platform will manage everything. All that’s left for the user to do is select the image and match their preferences with what’s provided to generate the perfect image to dance video.



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