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On This Page
  • What Kind of Photos Can Be Applied to Dance Animation with AI?
  • What Can You Get with AI Dance Animator?
  • Best Free AI Dance Animators for Various Dancing GIFs, Templates, & Videos
  • Free Animated Dance GIF Websites to Download or Share Dancing GIFs
  • How to Make AI Animation Dance Videos?

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Best AI Dance Animator for Animation Dance GIFs and Videos

Grace Holland

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How to make a photo dance with AI? Select from 6 best AI dance animators to make funny dancing GIFs in easy ways, cartoon dancing, anime danicng and more.

Do you feel amazing when you watch in movies which some cartoon characters or animals dance? How to make it possible? You just need to take advantage of the AI technology. There are many AI dance animators that help you to make dance photos, GIFs or videos from a photo. Some dance animation websites even provide dance animation templates that you can download and use. Then you can share your made dancing photos, GIFs or videos on YouTube and other social media. Let’s check these best AI dance animators with different features and choose one you like.

Best Free AI Dance Animators

On This Page
  • What Kind of Photos Can Be Applied to Dance Animation with AI?
  • What Can You Get with AI Dance Animator?
  • Best Free AI Dance Animators for Various Dancing GIFs, Templates, & Videos
  • Free Animated Dance GIF Websites to Download or Share Dancing GIFs
  • How to Make AI Animation Dance Videos?

What Kind of Photos Can Be Applied to Dance Animation with AI?

Theoretically, you can upload all kinds of photos and make them dance with the help of AI. But on popular social media like TikTok and YouTube, and in movies, you may find that people prefer to make dancing GIFs or videos from the following types of photos.

  • Pets
  • Logos
  • Animals
  • Human face
  • Anime characters
  • Cartoon characters

What Can You Get with AI Dance Animator?

AI dance animator generates dancing images, dancing GIFs, and dancing videos with advanced artificial intelligence technology. Usually, it has multiple AI dancing models so you just need to upload a photo as the dancer and AI will bring a still person to life with animation. AI dancing GIFs and dancing videos are popular nowadays, which are generated from online websites or apps and shared directly to social platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Searching for “ai dancing gif” on YouTube, there are numerous relative results on YouTube and YouTube Shorts, the same situation on TikTok. As long as you make prominent AI dancing videos or GIFs on social media, you'll get more views, likes, and money in the end.

Best Free AI Dance Animators for Various Dancing GIFs, Templates, & Videos

LunaPic: mirror dancing GIF animator from photos online free

LunaPic is an easy-to-use online photo editor without registration plus AI tools. From image cropping, filtering, to image animation, you can process an image as you want on the website fast. Moreover, it has a mirror dance tool that allows you to upload a photo and make it dance in seconds.

You just need to visit the homepage, click Animation from the top menu, and choose the Mirror Dance option. Then choose a file or open URL to open your file. Within seconds, you can get a dancing GIF from your uploaded photos.

Vidnoz MagicAnimate: free AI dance animator online for dance videos

While the majority of AI dance animators are for face dance, Vidnoz MagicAnimate is one of the few AI tools that enable your photo to dance in full body. It has a dance animation song option as background music and several 3D dance motions to choose from. Then you can get a dance animation video and share or download it to save on your device.

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz MagicAnimate page (sign-up is recommended to download the generated file at last).

Step 2. Upload a photo with a clear face, and choose background music and 3D dance motion sequence. Dance videos will be generated in seconds after clicking the Animate Dance Now button.

Vidnoz MagicAnimate for Photo Dancing with AI

Dance Yourself 3D Face Videos: AI dance animation free download for cartoons

It’s one of the most wonderful AI dance generator apps for generating AI-powered dance videos. Its interface is simple, and its steps are user-friendly. From uploading a photo to saving the generated dance video, no one penny is spent. Of course, during the process, be careful because ads appear sometimes. To make an AI dance video, you just need to upload a photo, choose a dance template and background. Wait for seconds and you can save the dance video on your phone.

Unboring: face photo animator to make your photo talk and dance 

Unborring is a website of AI tools powered by Reface AI. Its main AI tools are restyle, face swap, and animate, and the last is what we’re going to introduce. Unboring AI face animator is a tool that makes your image sing and dance, whether it’s a human face image or a pet image. There are dozens of well-prepared animation templates to choose from.

Just upload your image, select motion, click the Animate button, and you can download a face dance video in MP4. 

Unboring AI Face Dance Animation

DanceLogo: Animate Your Logo in Seconds with 3D Effect

AI animation can be used not only for humans and animals but also for logos. DanceLogo is an online AI animated logo maker for dancing brands. It’s simple to use and kinds of high-quality logo animation templates to choose from. To make your logo dance, you just need to upload your logo and select a dance effect for intro, loop, and outro. 

To download your dancing logo in full-size render, you need to make a subscription at a cost of $60 to enjoy high-res animation files, GIFs, and MP4 files as an export file. Add your animated logo to the website header, emails, app, video production and more to make impressive brand promotion. 

DanceLogo to Animate a Logo

Apple Pie: AI dance poster maker with templates

Do you want to make a AI dance poster to paste for a performance poster or illustrations to make a lasting impression? You can find a proper one on the Apple Pie website. It has more than forty dance image templates. You can choose and edit elements in the image to make it amazing and impressive. 

Apple Pie Dance Images with Templates

Free Animated Dance GIF Websites to Download or Share Dancing GIFs

Yes, there are some websites that provide animated dance GIFs which you can and download or share.

  • Pixabay: royalty-free transparent dance animation GIFs to download
  • Giphy: thousands of dancing GIFs to share
  • Tenor: multiple styles including animated dancing memes, stickers, GIFs
  • Gifer: a huge library for funny dancing animated GIFs to download
  • Clipart Library: a collection of dancing GIFs in transparent to download
  • MK GIFs: many happy dancing GIFs for one person, two people and more

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How to Make AI Animation Dance Videos?

While you may find that some dancing GIFs or videos don’t have background music, or you want to add subtitles or more elements to your AI dance animation video, Vidnoz AI could be one of the best options with multiple editing options based on your generated AI dancing video. You can add a proper background, you can add subtitles automatically. It’s also fast to generate a video in other topics as there are hundreds of video templates and AI avatars to use for free in the free AI video generator.

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The article has introduced the 6 best AI dance animators for different purposes. LunaPic and Unboring are mainly for face dancing GIFs or videos; Apple Pie is for dancing posters; Dance Yourself 3D Face Videos and Vidnoz MagicAnimate are for dancing videos; DanceLogo is for dancing logos, as its name suggests. Except for DanceLogo, other products are free to use and download generated AI dance animation. For fast video creation in seconds, try Vidnoz AI.


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