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  • What is IVR System?& How it Works?
  • Benefits of IVR Phone Systems
  • AI Voice Generator for Prerecorded Call Prompts
  • Interactive Voice Response FAQs

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IVR Systems: What is it? How Does it Work to Fulfill Your Needs?

Rebecca Carr

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What is IVR? This blog will introduce everything you need to know about IVR systems and the best AI voice generator for IVR recordings.

Short for Interactive Voice Response, IVR is an automated phone system that combines pre-recorded messages and speech recognition technology. It allows callers to access information via a voice response system and utilize menu options via touch-tone keypads without speaking to an agent. IVR systems are widely used in customer service for a handful of benefits, for instance, efficient call routing to specific agents or self-service options, reducing costs and errors in operation, adding an extra layer of security, etc.
What are IVR Systems
For enterprises and organizations who aim to optimize customer service and improve efficiency, IVR systems are a surefire way to use. So what is IVR system exactly? How does it work and why choose it? In this article, you can find all the answers, plus an additional tip - a customizable AI voice generator for pre-recorded reminders. Just read on.

On This Page
  • What is IVR System?& How it Works?
  • Benefits of IVR Phone Systems
  • AI Voice Generator for Prerecorded Call Prompts
  • Interactive Voice Response FAQs

What is IVR System?& How it Works?

As mentioned earlier, IVR is a technology that can intelligently interact with callers and gather information by offering choices via menus. IVR phone systems allow call centers to route calls based on customers’ responses—usually spoken words or touch-tone keypad selection, connecting them to self-service options or specific departments/agents.

Interactive voice response technology has come a long way, which can be dated back to the 1930s when the Voder machine was created for analyzing English language and producing human-like audio. IVR has been widely adopted as the Bell System built a dual-tone multifrequency technology and the phones of keypads. By the time of 2020s, IVR systems have been integrated with computer telephony, becoming vital parts of customer journeys.

How Do IVR Systems Work
So how do IVR systems work? Technically, IVR systems contain 3 essential components:

  1. A TCP/IP network for internet and intranet connection
  2. Databases that cover all the relevant data
  3. A web server that hosts the IVR software written in VoiceXML

With these 3 components, IVR allows users to access information via touch tone keypads, provide specific verbal prompts to callers based on the inquiry, or even use speech recognition to provide AI customer service.

Benefits of IVR Phone Systems

IVR systems prove to be a good consumer-centric self-service that is a profitable business approach, as featured on Media Coverage. Such an automated system can improve customer experience successfully. So what benefits can enterprises, organizations, and brands enjoy? Just check out the following.

Lower costs, higher efficiency. IVR systems can effectively cut down the operational cost of a call center. It greatly saves the overall labor cost while boosting efficiency and productivity.

Improved security for private info. IVR systems can protect sensitive and private information. No information leaks. No privacy breaches.

24/7 customer service. IVR systems allow you to extend your business hours like nights, holidays, etc., providing 24/7 support whenever your customers need it.

Triaging inbound calls. An IVR voice system can handle and streamline high call volumes, triaging inbound calls and easing the workload of agents.

Access to data and analysis. IVR systems have all the records of calls, so you can use the precious data for performance reports and analytics.
IVR Systems Use cases

With the benefits introduced above, IVR is definitely the best solution that can be widely adopted. Here are the major use cases:

  • Marketing & Sales
    IVR systems can be great AI marketing tools. Marketers can use IVR phone polls, surveys, and promotions to reach and learn more about clients.
  • Educational institutions
    Educational institutions often use IVR solutions to keep parents updated with their children’s performance and attendance in school.
  • Movie theater
    Movie theaters extensively adopt IVR systems to handle customers’ inquiries about movie times, ticket availability, etc. for higher efficiency.
  • Medical records
    IVR systems are also brilliant tools to manage medical records, including lab and appointment scheduling, lab results, post-discharge follow-up, etc.

AI Voice Generator for Prerecorded Call Prompts

What is an IVR system? You should probably have solid background knowledge by now. While IVR systems bring multiple benefits, companies can further improve customer experience by providing personalized IVR recording, for instance, the pre-recorded call prompts. Today many AI voice generators can help you with the task, but Vidnoz Text to Speech AI is the most powerful tool that comes in handy.

Developed by Vidnoz, the text to speech tool is an AI-driven online service that can help you convert lengthy text into lively speech in a few moments. Here are the key features that make it the best companion to IVR systems.

  • 100% Free: Vidnoz Text to Speech is completely free to use. Just input the text and you can convert your text to natural-sounding speech generated by AI in one click.
  • Multiple Language Options: With 8 major languages including English, French, etc. with male/female voices available. Vidnoz Text to Speech is the best video marketing tool to communicate with global customers.
  • Download Audio for Free: There is no need to subscribe to anything. Just sign up with your email address and you can download your audio for free!
  • Unlimited Text Conversions: Vidnoz allows you to convert text without limit. You can convert a maximum of 5,000 characters each time, over and over again.

Vidnoz Text to Speech is the No.1 AI partner for IVR systems. Here’s how to use it in simple steps.

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz Text to Speech. Sign up with an email address (Gmail, Microsoft, Linkedin).

Step 2. Navigate to the Text to Speech tool. Input the text you want to convert for IVR systems.
IVR Systems Vidnoz Text to Speech

Step 3. Adjust the language, speed, and voice based on your needs.
IVR Systems Vidnoz Input Text

Step 4. Click on the Play button to generate speech and you can download the audio later by email.
IVR Systems Vidnoz Download Speech

Now you know how to use Vidnoz AI to pre-record call prompts for IVR systems to further improve the customer experience. However, plain text voice lacks a human touch. This is where the Vidnoz AI video generator comes in handy. It helps you create AI videos with talking avatars in more than 100 popular voices, which subsequently improves the user experience and professionalism of the service.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Interactive Voice Response FAQs

IVR systems are truly the best practices that can be used across industries. Want to learn more about IVR? Just check out the frequently asked questions.

1. Is IVR artificial intelligence?

Yes. Most IVR systems are developed with artificial intelligence like natural language processing, so they can understand customer's requests accurately.

2. What are the two types of IVR?

The two basic types of IVR systems are inbound and outbound IVR. While inbound IVR handles incoming calls, the outbound one makes calls on an automated basis.

3. What are the pros and cons of using IVR?

Here are the pros and cons of IVR.

  • Improve customer experience
  • Boost productivity effectively
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Can’t handle complex conversations
  • Lack of human touch
  • Some IVR menus can be difficult to understand

4. What is the difference between IVR and answering machines?

The biggest difference is that the IVR is an automated system that adopts artificial intelligence for call routing. But answering machines have no system and are not smart at all, they simply provide recorded messages to reply to calls.


Developed with innovative technology, IVR systems are smart enough for computers to interact with human beings perfectly, bringing great benefits to enterprises and businesses. Here, Vidnoz is the best companion to IVR, which can help you make IVR recordings with its text to speech software online. Packed with multiple options for language, voice, and speed, Vidnoz Text to Speech can help you make personalized pre-recorded call prompts to suit audiences of all sorts. Most importantly, it’s free, fast, and easy to use! Just check it out yourself.


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