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  • What Is an Unboxing Video and Why Is It Popular?
  • How to Make an Unboxing Video That Is Attractive
  • 4 More Tips for Making Good Unboxing Video
  • Stand Out: Elevate Your Unboxing Videos with AI Creativity

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How to Make an Unboxing Video Easily in 5 Mins

Tim Henderson

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Learn how to make an unboxing video with our comprehensive guide. Check the step-by-step instructions for creating engaging content now!

Unboxing videos are great as they have the perfect combination of suspense, intrigue, and fun! If you’re overwhelmed and have no idea how to make an unboxing video, then you’re at the right place as we will show you how to create a high-quality unboxing video that will help you build a brand, gain followers on social media platforms, and finally, get free products to review and learn how to make a good unboxing video.

How to Make an Unboxing Video Easily in 5 Mins

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on everything related to unboxing videos and how to film an unboxing video.

On This Page
  • What Is an Unboxing Video and Why Is It Popular?
  • How to Make an Unboxing Video That Is Attractive
  • 4 More Tips for Making Good Unboxing Video
  • Stand Out: Elevate Your Unboxing Videos with AI Creativity

What Is an Unboxing Video and Why Is It Popular?

An unboxing video is a step-by-step process that involves a combination of good story-telling, unique camera shots, and sophisticated video editing techniques.

Filming an unboxing video gives the consumer a close-up of the product they intend to buy while also allowing the manufacturer to promote their product to a larger audience, which has resulted in it gaining a lot of popularity in recent times.

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How to Make an Unboxing Video That Is Attractive

When it comes to having a visually appealing unboxing video, it is integral to keep in mind a couple of necessary techniques that will enable you to set your unboxing videos apart from others in the genre.

Here we will cover the six steps that will assist you in making an unboxing video.

Plan: Understand Audience, Select Trending Products

Choosing the right ad video creator will undoubtedly affect how well your unboxing video performs, so understanding what people want to watch is something you will need to seriously take into consideration when planning your unboxing video or learning on how to make an unboxing reel. Try researching products that are trending in the market and are also visually appealing to the eye, so they are able to attract a larger and varying audience. A quick search on the web should provide you with a sufficient answer as to what products are trending in the market. This is a crucial step if we move on how to film an unboxing video.

Setup: Choose Camera, Lighting, Audio Gear

One of the biggest problems in how to make an unboxing video is around choosing the right equipment. Yes, a nice camera can make all the difference, but just because you don't have the expensive cameras does not mean you can't get started with filming. When first starting out, your phone's camera will suffice. Aside from the camera, it is critical to understand that good lighting, clear audio, and an appealing background all contribute significantly to the vibe and quality of the video.

Setup Choose Camera Lighting Audio Gear

Film: Capture Engaging Unboxing Process

It is critical to make unboxing motivational sales video experiences as immersive and engaging for the viewer as possible, so first and foremost, take your time covering the product details, as that is what the majority of the audience is there for: the product details and features. On the technical side, the types of unique camera shots you take will enable you to further captivate the viewer's attention.

Edit: Enhance with Music and Effects

If you are in conflict about whether to use video editing software and, if so, which one, we would highly recommend starting with applications like Filmora or Capcut, as they are rather beginner-friendly and allow you to enhance the quality of your videos. Once you have decided on your preferred video software, this is where the magic begins.

Optimize: Use SEO with Eye-catching Title

One big aspect of your video that might be contributing to it is SEO. In order for your video to be ranked higher than your rivals, you must first understand how your videos are rated and what you can do to improve them. It is critical that you include relevant key phrases in your description, and also use metatags to better optimize your video. You should also make sure that your video's title and thumbnail are eye-catching, as this will help you increase the video's click-through rate. If you’re looking to learn on how to make an unboxing video then SEO is also important to gain wider reach.

Promote: Share on Social & Collaborate

It is the era of social media, and with the phenomenal growth in social media users, it is the ideal time to seize the opportunity to share and put your unboxing content out there. We strongly advise you to have a variety of social media platforms at your disposal; this will allow you to reach a larger audience, allowing you to grow steadily.

4 More Tips for Making Good Unboxing Video

But if you want to make your unboxing video more engaging, find more additional tips provided below.

1. Add Suspense and Anticipation to Build Excitement

When unboxing a product, do not skip the intricate and sophisticated process of slowly and gradually showing the viewer the product. Make sure to take your time with every shot and zoom.

2. Edit Out Any Unnecessary Pauses or Distractions

Remove any parts of the clips that may detract from the viewer's experience while editing. Any pauses or distractions should be removed so that the viewer feels completely immersed throughout the unboxing video.

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3. Capture Close-Ups of Key Product Details

Your camera shots make a significant difference; make sure to capture close-up shots of the product so that all of the key details are evident to the viewer and no doubts or questions remain.

4. Keep It Concise, Under 10 Minutes Ideally

Make use of this information and make your videos as concise as possible, so try to ensure that the video does not exceed the 10-minute mark. Cover all the details, product specifications, and features within that time frame to avoid losing the viewer's attention. While exceeding the 10-minute mark won’t be the end of the world, the more concise, the better.

Stand Out: Elevate Your Unboxing Videos with AI Creativity

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

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Vidnoz AI is one of the best AI video creation tools available on the market. It  employs talking animations and can add watermark to your unboxing video, complete with its own portrait and lip-syncing AI voice. This will allow you to provide in-depth storytelling alongside your unboxing, which will undoubtedly improve the viewer's viewing experience.

One of the best features that AI video generator has to offer is that it is completely free to use and requires no downloads. Simply sign up with your Google account or connect your Microsoft account to gain access to hundreds of templates for creating high-quality unboxing videos.

Step 1: Visit the Vidnoz website and log in.

Step 2: Click on your Avatar on the left-hand side, then select 'Talking Photo,' and click the '+' icon to upload your real photo.

Step 2 Click on Your Avatar

Step 3: After uploading, choose the video language and speed. Click "Generate this talk" to start creating. You can remove the background with a single click if needed.

Step 3 After Uploading, Choose the Video Language

Step 4: Click on the "Material" at the top and scroll down to upload your pre-recorded Unboxing video.

Step 4 Click On the "Material" at the Top

Step 5: Adjust the video size and position the Avatar. It's recommended to place the Avatar in the bottom left or right corner. Click on the Avatar, then select "Layer," and choose "Bring to Front" to avoid overlapping. You can also mute the original video for later AI voice addition.

Step 5 Adjust the Video Size

Step 6: In the lower box, enter your video scripts. You can adjust the speed here as well. If your video is recorded in segments, you can add a Black Scene on the left and follow the above steps to insert the video and add the corresponding video scripts.

Step 7: After completing the setup, you can click "Preview" to check the final result, if everything is fine, click “Generate”, then your video will be generated automatically, and you can download it and share on social media.


The feature allows newer brands to hop on existing trends for better.

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We hope that this has been an informative guide for you on how to make an unboxing video, as we’ve tried covering all aspects on how you can make the perfect unboxing video. We have covered all aspects including how to understand your audience, selecting a trending product, what gear one must opt for, the unboxing process, adding music, and how to market your videos so you can drive a higher engagement. Another integral part of the guide is how to leverage AI software that can help you create amazing unboxing videos.


Tim Henderson

Tim is an SEO content writer and an IT researcher with over 10 years of professional experience. Specialized in software reviewing and IT content writing, he has helped tens of thousand readers solve tech-related problems.