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On This Page
  • Why You Need a Face Cut Out App
  • How to Cut Out Face from Photo to Create Big Head Image
  • 6 Best Free AI Face Cut Out Apps for Online/Android/iOS
  • Bonus: How to Make a Talking Video with Your Big Head Cutout Image

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How to Cut Out Face from Photo: 6 Best Free Face Cut Out Apps AI

Cassie Caddell

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Try the best free AI face cut out apps for Android, iPhone and online. Learn how to cut out face from photo and make creative DIY big head cutout photo.

Powerful and creative face editing tools are changing the photo creation game rule nowadays. Face cut out is one of the most innovative ideas to create big head cutout images for fun, sharing with friends, posting on social media, etc. In this article, access the 6 best AI face cut out apps and learn how to cut out a face from a photo and make an interesting big head cutout talking image. 

Face Cut Out

On This Page
  • Why You Need a Face Cut Out App
  • How to Cut Out Face from Photo to Create Big Head Image
  • 6 Best Free AI Face Cut Out Apps for Online/Android/iOS
  • Bonus: How to Make a Talking Video with Your Big Head Cutout Image

Why You Need a Face Cut Out App

Face cut out tools can bring you a lot of fun and you can use them to create a unique gift for your friends or family members. Apart from that, there are other use cases of a powerful face cut out app:

  • Customize photo stickers with big head images. By using an AI face cutout app, you can create face cutout stickers for fun, like snowman face cut out, spiderman face cut out, cut out Santa face, and more. Or you can make face cutout memes of your friends, family members, etc.
  • Add fun to events. You can make a cardboard face cutout to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more events.
  • Remove unnecessary background from a photo. By cutting out the face in a picture, you can remove unwanted backgrounds and objects from an image. 
  • Enhance social media presence. A face cutout profile with fun helps you stand out on social media, and further enhances your engagement and followers.

How to Cut Out Face from Photo to Create Big Head Image

Fortunately, there are dedicated face cut out apps that help you extract faces from images. To cut out a face from a photo, you just: 1. Install a face cutout app or use an online cut out face tool. 2. Import your photo. 3. Wait for the face cut AI, then save the big head cutout photo. 

There are a swell of choices to cut out a face in picture. Here, we have selected the 6 best AI face cutout apps in the field for web-based, Android, and iOS users. Compare their features and results and select one to create your face cutout image.

6 Best Free AI Face Cut Out Apps for Online/Android/iOS

  1. Cutout.pro –Online Free AI Face Cut Out App
  2. Vidnoz Face Swap – Cut out and Paste Your Face Online Free with AI
  3. PicWish – Cut Out Face from Photo & Remove Bg Online
  4. YouCam Perfect – Best Face Cutout App for iOS/Android 
  5. Pic Cutout - Face Cut App for iPhone
  6. PhotoDirector – Cut out Images on iPhone or Android 

#1. Cutout.pro – Online Free AI Face Cut Out App

Cutout.pro is a handy AI face cut out online free app. It provides stunning face cutout results with a smooth face edge and clear image quality. Manual adjustments are unnecessary since this tool is a big head photo editor online with no background and extra objects. More brilliantly, it allows you to save the face cutout image as PNG or JPG for free with no watermark.

  • Free to cut out face from photo
  • Automatic AI head cutout
  • Save editing photo with no watermark
  • Fail to save images in HD in the free version

How to cut out a face in a picture online free with Cutout.pro

Cutout.pro Face Cut Out App

  • Step 1. Go to the online Cutout.pro Face Cutout page: https://www.cutout.pro/face-cutout-bighead-cutout.
  • Step 2. Upload your image, then wait for the face cutting out process.
  • Step 3. Check the result and download the big head cutout photo offline.

#2. Vidnoz AI Face Swap – Cut out and Paste Your Face Online Free with AI

Another outstanding AI face cut out online free tool is the Vidnoz AI Face Swap. Not merely face cut AI, it can cut and paste your face on other photos with advanced AI tech. By snapping the face on your photo, it can capture the facial characteristics and apply the face to the photo you upload. You can use this powerful AI face swap tool to change faces in videos and photos as you like. It is 100% free right now with no watermarks on your photo. Fully worth your trial.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

More Vidnoz AI Face Swap Features:

  • 100% free to change face in video and photo
  • Save swapped photos with no watermark
  • Lightening-like face cut AI and paste process
  • Super-easy to navigate and use
  • High-quality face swap photos download

How to cut out and paste face (face swap) online free with Vidnoz

Cut Out Face and Paste with AI Face Swap

  • Step 1. Go to the AI Face Swap online page.
  • Step 2. Upload photos you want to swap faces.
  • Step 3. Press Swap Face Now and wait for seconds. Then paste the Download button to save the swapped face photo.

Apart from the online AI face swap tool, Vidnoz also provides other useful AI tools, like a free AI headshot generator, which allows you to create funny big head talking videos.

#3. PicWish – Cut Out Face from Photo & Remove Bg Online

PicWish is a face cut AI online tool and big head photo editor. Its face cutout AI helps you cut out face from photo and remove the image background automatically and smoothly. By using the erase function, you can select any part of the photo you want to save. Moreover, it will provide an AI image background automatically after you remove the image background. 

  • Auto cut out photo background
  • Free to download face cut photo
  • Easy to use through web browser
  • Need to manually adjust face edge
  • Watermarks on the download face cut photo

How to cut out face from photo online with PicWish

PicWish Face Cutout App

  • Step 1. Open the online PicWish background remover and upload your picture.
  • Step 2. Wait for the background removal process and click Edit More.
  • Step 3. Select Refin and use the Erase tool to remove anything on the photo but the face.
  • Step 4. Press the Apply button on the right corner and download the cutout face photo.

#4. YouCam Perfect – Best Face Cutout App Free for iOS/Android

YouCam Perfect is one of the best selfie photo editor apps available on iOS and Android. Its AI face cut out features allow you to cut out someone’s head from a photo or cut out any part in pictures. It will instantly recognize the face and save the big head cutouts for further photo editing.

  • AI cutout head from the photo
  • Easy to use
  • Various new backgrounds to select after photo cutout
  • Allows you to modify with an eraser
  • Sometimes, the face edge is not smooth enough

How to Cut out head from photo with YouCam Perfect

Cut out Face from Photo with YouCam Perfect

  • Step 1. Install YouCam Perfect from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Step 2. Go to Photo Edit and add your photo. Select the Cutout on the tool bar.
  • Step 3. Select Auto AI and adjust with the eraser if you need to modify. Then save your big head cutout photo.

# 5. Pic Cutout - Face Cut App for iPhone

It is a specific face cut out app free for iOS users. Within this application, you can easily cut out faces, persons, and objects from an image. Moreover, it offers other convenient options, like changing image backgrounds, adding stickers, making AI head cutout posters, etc.

Pict Cutout - Face Snap Editor

  • Cut out the whole face intelligently
  • Easy to cut out anything from a photo
  • Multiple backgrounds, stickers and filters
  • Lack of other selfie editing features
  • Not available on Android now

#6. PhotoDirector – Cut out Images on iPhone or Android

PhotoDirector is another perfect App for face cut photo editing. Embraced with AI, it helps you beautify your selfie, adding special effects to photos, cut out face AI, and more. It is well-known and trustworthy with millions of users worldwide. In one tap, it can cut out images from the photo background. Also, you can manually adjust the area you want to preserve with a smart brush and eraser. 

PhotoDirector Cut Out Image

  • Smart image cutout with AI
  • Design the cutout face photo as you like
  • Other image cutout enhancement features
  • Need to adjust manually if you want to cut out the face only

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Bonus: How to Make a Talking Video with Your Big Head Cutout Image

Except for the face cutout photos, you can also create big head cutout image talking videos with this powerful AI video generator, Vidnoz. Embraced with the latest AI algorithm, it can snap your face, analyze facial features, and turn your photo into a talking head avatar. Combined with text-to-speech AI, you can design a unique talking head video for fun, propaganda, business, etc.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

How to make AI cutout image video with Vidnoz AI

Step 1. Go to the online Vidnoz AI video generator webpage by pressing the button below.

Step 2. Click Avatar > Talking Photo from the side menu bar. Then upload the generated cutout face photo.

Generate Talking Face Avatar

Step 3. Select an AI video template or create a new blank video. Then choose Avatar to add your customized cutout face avatar. Input the text description and make other edits to the video, then press the generate button to create a talking face video.

Talking Big Head Video AI

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The Bottom Line 

That’s all about the best free face cut out apps online, for Android and iPhone. Those AI face editing apps change the way of selfie modification a lot. By using the apps recommended here, you can effortlessly create a face cutout picture for better creation. 


Cassie Caddell

Cassie Caddell is a technical writer and expert in video editing, screen recording, and other office software. With her 5+ years of experience working with such products, she can offer professional and practical advice for you to select and use these tools. Hope her articles can give you some aid.