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On This Page
  • Understanding AI Storyboard Generators
  • Advantages of AI Storyboard Generators
  • 2 Free AI Storyboard Generator - Free Your Hands
  • Bonus Tip: Create Vivid Storytelling Videos with One Click

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AI Storyboard Generator: Unleash Creativity with Ease

Yuka Gee

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If you want to create storyboards but don’t have the time to do it manually, here are the top AI storyboard generators that can do the job quick and easy.

There was a time when creating storyboards was only for people who were immensely talented but not anymore. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, storyboarding has become as easy as anything else. An AI storyboard generator is a tool that allows you to create awe-inspiring storyboards without having to perform the tedious tasks associated with it.

AI Storyboard Generator

In the following context, you will be introduced to two of the best tools to create storyboard AI with ease. You will also find out everything you need to know about a video generator that can help you create unique AI storytelling videos for a better viewership experience. So, keep reading.

On This Page
  • Understanding AI Storyboard Generators
  • Advantages of AI Storyboard Generators
  • 2 Free AI Storyboard Generator - Free Your Hands
  • Bonus Tip: Create Vivid Storytelling Videos with One Click

Understanding AI Storyboard Generators

A storyboard acts as a visual blueprint for different videos i.e. films and marketing videos. It outlines the tasks, actions, moods, and ideas that need to be imparted in a video. For a director, storyboards act as guidelines to make production better for everyone involved. An AI storyboard generator using storyboard template AI makes creating storyboards very easy. 

AI has come a long way and offers tools that make everything easier in the entertainment world i.e. AI video generators, AI art generators, and AI cartoon generator. With storyboard AI generators, you no longer need to draw with pencils. AI storyboard generators offer expressive styles and well-designed templates. All you need to do to create an impressive storyboard is input your elements and leave the rest to the tools.

AI Storyboard Generator 2024

Advantages of AI Storyboard Generators

In content creation, coming up with new ideas to present your text and make it more interesting every time is the most difficult task. An AI storyboard generator online free offers storyboard AI templates for content creation that save a lot of time and energy. 

Here are some of the benefits of AI storyboard generators.

  • Process Automation- Before AI, storyboard creation required hours or even days and was a costly task. With AI, you can create impressive storyboards in minutes without spending any money.
  • Sharing Ideas Made Easier- Whether you are creating a video or own a faceless YouTube channel AI, AI storyboards make sharing your ideas to other people a lot easier.
  • Enhanced Reliability- You can rely on AI storyboard generators to create high-quality storyboards that will make narrating your ideas very easy.
  • Increased Engagement- If you are creating educational or promotional material and to enhance engagement of your content, AI storyboard generators with their unique and appealing visuals can help.
  • Easy On the Pocket- Most of the AI storyboard generators let you create storyboards for free, at least for some time. Even if you have to spend money, it will be a lot less than creating a storyboard manually.

2 Free AI Storyboard Generator - Free Your Hands

Here are the top 2 free AI storyboard generators that can help you tell vivid stories without doing any labour-intensive tasks.

Tool 1. BOORDS AI Storyboard Generator

Traditional storyboard creation required impressive drawing and time-management skills but not anymore. With BOORDS AI storyboard generator, you can easily create visually artistic storyboards. In addition to text to speech free, this platform offers a lot of other features.

Here are the main features of BOORDS AI storyboard generator.

  • Easy to use- BOORDS offers a very easy and self-explanatory user interface that enhances understanding and storyboard generation. You can start creating storyboards as soon as you sign up for the tool.
  • Variety of styles- BOORDS has a variety of built-in templates and styles that automate the process of storyboard generation. You can select any style or template you want, provide the required material, sit back and relax while the tool does the job for you.
  • Enhanced storytelling- The tool also comes with different animations and lets you choose the camera angles for illustrations to make appealing storyboards.
  • Text-to-image- Now you don’t have to draw as BOORDS offers a built-in text-to-image feature that lets you transform your text into images.

AI Storyboard Generator BOORDS

  • Hands-free experience 
  • Variety of animations
  • Hundreds of storyboards
  • Free plan doesn’t offer any storyboard template AI 
  • Can’t download without a subscription 

Tool 2. Krock.io Storyboard AI 

Krcok.io is another very efficient AI storyboard generator that makes creating visually captivating storyboards very easy. All you need to create a detailed storyboard using this free AI storyboard generator is enter a transcript and let the tool do everything else.

Here are the main features of Krock.io.

  • Multiple styles- Krock offers multiple storyboard styles to create high-quality storyboards including pencil, 3D, anime, and watercolor.
  • CSV support- The tool also lets you upload a CSV file and from the tables in it, it can generate a detailed storyboard.
  • Team collaboration- The platform also allows you to collaborate with your colleagues. You can brainstorm ideas and create unique content for video production.
  • PDF Export- With a single click, you can export your storyboards in PDF format which makes sharing and distribution of the files very easy.
  • Frame regeneration- It lets you regenerate every frame to rebrand the storyboard to your liking.
  • Free trial- Krock.io also offers a free trial with 2 projects and one workspace.

AI Storyboard Generator Krcok

  • Automatic storyboard generation
  • One-click export
  • 3 users with the free plan
  • More than 8 styles to choose from
  • Only 500MB bandwidth with the free trial 
  • Tool layout can be improved 

Bonus Tip: Create Vivid Storytelling Videos with One Click

Both the tools listed above can be used to easily create AI storyboards. After you are done creating a storyboard, you can easily export the file and download it on your device. Now, if you want to create storytelling videos using the storyboards created, you will need an AI video generator. Vidnoz AI is one of the best AI video generators in the market that helps you convert your text into expressive and impressive videos for free. 

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Here are the main features of Vidnoz AI.

Make Talking Videos with More Than 100 Realistic Avatars

Vidnoz AI offers more than 100 realistic and life-like avatars. You can also create a custom avatar by uploading a picture of any celebrity. You can then use these speaking portraits AI to make high-quality talking videos in seconds.

Easily Create AI Storytelling Videos from Text Only

Vidnoz AI transforms your text into video in any language of your choice. It supports mainstream languages such as English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese and creates storytelling videos quickly.

Add More 100+ Natural Voices with Multiple Accents for Storytelling

For every language, the tool offers multiple accents in both male and female voices. You can choose from more than 100 natural voices for your storytelling videos.

Produce AI Videos with 300+ Video Templates

Vidnoz AI offers templates for different kinds of videos such as educational, and promotional videos.

Here is how you can generate a storytelling video using the storyboard created and exported in PDF format with above storyboard generators.

Step 1. Visit the official Vidnoz website and sign up and log in for free.

Step 2. Click on the “Create a free AI video” option and then choose a template for video generation. On the video generator layout page, click on “Avatar” from the top menu and then select your favorite.

AI Storyboard Generator Vidnoz Template

Step 3. Upload the PDF storyboard you generated, select a language, choose a voice tone, and adjust the speed and pitch of the illustration. Click on the “Generate” button to generate your storytelling video right away.

AI Storyboard Generator Vidnoz Generate

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, storyboards provide the necessary layout and visual blueprint required for effective video and filmmaking. In the past, storyboards were only created by exceptionally talented individuals and required a lot of money and time. With the introduction of AI storyboard generators, the process has become much easier and anyone can generate high-quality storyboards in minutes. The top two storyboard generators are discussed above in detail. Vidnoz AI is an AI-powered video generator that lets you create unique storytelling videos with the storyboards you created. It also allows you to create Face Swap AI videos as well as other types of videos for free. Sign up for Vidnoz to try it now.


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