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On This Page
  • 6 Best Free Slogan Generator AI to Make Funny & Catchy Slogans
  • Comparison of the 6 Campaign Slogan AI Generators
  • What is AI Slogan Generator?
  • What Makes a Catchy Slogan?
  • How to Trademark a Slogan?
  • Bonus Part: Try Another AI Tool to Grow Business

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Create Memorable & Catchy Slogan with Slogan AI Generators

Grace Holland

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Have no idea of catchy slogans? Try the free AI slogan generators that help you generate catchy slogans for business, campaigns, marketing and sales.

A good slogan is the start of a successful business. Take world-famous technology company Apple’s slogan “Think Different” as an example. When people see words think different, they’ll think of Apple. Grab every chance to promote your products with a catchy slogan, a step closer to business success. Well, how to create catchy slogans closely connected to your products? Have no slogan ideas? You’re in the right place. Here are several online AI slogan generators free. Generate several slogans at once by inputting several keywords.

AI Slogan Generator for Catchy Slogans

On This Page
  • 6 Best Free Slogan Generator AI to Make Funny & Catchy Slogans
  • Comparison of the 6 Campaign Slogan AI Generators
  • What is AI Slogan Generator?
  • What Makes a Catchy Slogan?
  • How to Trademark a Slogan?
  • Bonus Part: Try Another AI Tool to Grow Business

6 Best Free Slogan Generator AI to Make Funny & Catchy Slogans

Zyro: AI Slogan Maker Free Unlimited 

Zyro has a series of AI-powered tools, and an AI slogan generator is one. To generate a catchy slogan, you just need to follow the 3 steps. That is to enter a keyword or two keywords, then click the Generate Your Slogan button to start the slogan generation process, and the last is to choose a creative and satisfying slogan.

Zyro AI Slogan Generator

Does it generate slogans that cover the keywords?

Not really. It generates about 30 pieces of slogans every time, but not all of these slogans cover the keywords you’ve typed in. We put the keyword airline as an example. Some slogans are words indicating the characteristics of the airline, such as Fun & Safety, Travel and Travel News, You Can Help Make Your Life Better.

Frase: Free AI Catchy Slogan Creator

Frase Slogan Generator aims to create catchy slogans for your products and services, as it claims. You’re only three steps away from getting memorable slogans. Frase requires to input a brief description of your product rather than simple keywords. Then click the Generate button to get a list of relative slogans. It only generates one slogan at a time for anonymous users and limits the use limit. To enjoy more, you have to sign up for Frase.

Frase.io AI Slogan Generator Free

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Ahrefs: AI Slogan Generator Free

Ahrefs is a powerful and versatile tool, especially for SEOs. Site explorer, keywords explorer, rank tracker, and more tools can be found on this site. To keep up with the time, it has created AI slogan generator, business name generator, Google ads copy generator, etc.

Ahrefs AI Slogan Generator Free

In fact, more options are offered than the AI slogan generators mentioned above. For example, it allows you to choose a language and the length of slogan. Based on that, it can be voted as a personalized slogan generator. After that, you just need to type or paste your text in the box and click Generate Slogan button. One step cannot be ignored before getting slogans, verifying you are human, which must be done each time. From the results, you can learn that the generated slogan is covered with the main words you’ve typed in.

WriterBuddy: AI Slogan Generator for Business

WriterBuddy is a website designed to offer advanced AI content generator to create content for blog, websites, social media fast. Here are a wide range of tools linked with content creation, sentence rewriter tool, call to action generator, meta description generator, and the like. Besides, it has AI slogan generator for business at the same time.

WriterBuddy Slogan Generator Free

To generate slogans, you need to type in your business/product name, then describe it with words less than 500. There are pieces of slogans associated with your input keywords appear after clicking the Generate Slogan button.

NeuralText: Free Slogan Ideas Generator

As an all-in-one content marketing platform, NeuralText provides free slogan ideas generator to generate a perfect slogan for your company. Its operation steps are the same as WriterBuddy: inputting the product name and product description, then get generated slogans. A bit different from WriterBuddy, it generates shorter slogans that cannot cover all the main keywords you’ve given.

NeutralText AI Slogan Generator Free

Shopify: Free AI Slogan Maker for Campaign

Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform. More than that, Shopify has created many tools to help users make deals faster, like slogan maker. You can use it to make catchy slogans displayed on your online store. Input a keyword or more, click Generate slogans, and then you get generated about 1000 pieces of slogans. They are short, easy, and concise, and cover keywords.

Shopify Free Slogan Maker

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Comparison of the 6 Campaign Slogan AI Generators


Daily Limits

Generated slogan number

Human Verification

























* Generated slogan number means the number of generated slogans at one time.

What is AI Slogan Generator?

AI slogan generator is a program powered by AI to produce slogans for businesses or organizations, to achieve successful marketing and selling. And the process is also simple. What you need to do is to input keywords and your product or business name, then get a list of slogans. Choose one that you prefer.

What Makes a Catchy Slogan?

Let’s have a look at some successful product slogans first.

Nike: Just Do It

Apple: Think Different

Toyota: Let’s Go Places

L’Oreal: Because You’re Worth It

Bounty: The Quicker Picker Upper

From the notable slogans, we can summarize some points that a catchy slogan should have.

1. Concise

Slogans should be as concise as possible on the basis of expressing the core of a product. Concise means short and easy to remember.

2. Easy words

Write a slogan that contains easy, common words to replace complex and professional words. Easy words are convenient to pronoun, read and memorize.

3. Powerful verbs

Verbs are indispensable in every slogan normally. Use powerful verbs that are highly relative to your product or brand.

How to Trademark a Slogan?

A trademarked slogan means that you have the exclusive rights to use it to earn money. Any other companies and products cannot use the same slogan for campaigns or advertisements. Otherwise, you can sue infringers for business damages. How to trademark a slogan?

1. Go to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) website.

2. Enter the TESS (Trademark Electronic Search System) database to check if the slogan is registered or not in the same category.

3. If not, submit your trademark application and pay the filing fee.

Bonus Part: Try Another AI Tool to Grow Business

Videos have penetrated into every aspect of business growth, including email videos, promotional videos, explainer videos, how-to videos... Video creation and editing spend a lot of time in the traditional ways. Take advantages of Vidnoz AI, an AI tool and things will be totally different.

AI video generator is the main product developed by Vidnoz AI. It allows you to create engaging videos with realistic AI avatars rather than digital avatars. With multiple voiceovers, fast video creation process, 70+ templates, Vidnoz AI is definitely a top choice for AI video generator to grow business in a shorter time.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Vidnoz Flex is a video management platform, from video recording and editing, video sharing to video tracking. All your videos are in one platform so you can find them easily. AI teleprompter and transcription help a lot for speaking fluently and adding subtitles to a video.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

At the same time, it offers some practical AI tools to help you. Talking photo AI free and AI avatar generator are hot tools from Vidnoz AI. For talking photos, upload your photo, input texts, and you can get lip-syncing videos and download them. For text to speech AI, type in texts, choose a language and gender, and you can get audio from texts for free. AI avatar generator enables you to get avatars with different styles by inputting simple prompts, free to use as well.


The six AI slogan generators introduced in the article have their features. They help you brainstorm slogan ideas and get the most satisfied slogan. Don’t forget to check if your chosen slogan is trademarked or not at the same time. In addition, try Vidnoz AI to grow your business by utilizing AI-powered video generator and other tools to make massive outstanding videos.


Grace Holland

Grace Holland is our talented author. She has a wealth of knowledge and shares blogs to offer practical advice on how to grow business by driving sales, building customer relationships.