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  • What Are AI Reporters?
  • 4 Best AI Tools for News AI Report - Scripts/Videos/Covers
  • How to Make AI Reporter Videos with AI News Anchors?
  • Follow the Trend: This Site Has Used AI Reporters and Anchors for News Channel
  • AI Reporter FAQ

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[Free] How to Make AI Reporter Videos with AI News Anchors

Gary Henderson

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Check how to create news videos with AI reporter anchors. No newsroon, microphone, or camera needed, generate news videos with templates

In 2018 November, China adopted the first AI News Anchor at a world-scale conference. This cutting-edge debut now sees an increasing prevalence which generates awful anxiety among news reporters and anchors. So will this industry be overturned by AI? Can News anchors be replaced by AI? AI’s threat is incidental, news report articles may turn downside, though.

AI helps with the news scripts, although rewrites might be more often considering that the scripts might be prepared for both formal and non-formal situations. And AI can lie from now and then. 

The biggest threat, however, comes to the AI virtual news anchors. Anyone now can generate professional AI Reporter news videos with anchors, and scripts without a newsroom, camera, or microphone. If you wish to have a try, this article will give you the most detailed tutorial for that purpose. Let’s read on!

AI Reporter Video Generator

On This Page
  • What Are AI Reporters?
  • 4 Best AI Tools for News AI Report - Scripts/Videos/Covers
  • How to Make AI Reporter Videos with AI News Anchors?
  • Follow the Trend: This Site Has Used AI Reporters and Anchors for News Channel
  • AI Reporter FAQ

What Are AI Reporters?

Just as we favor the way AI enriches our group work and essays, journalism also loves AI’s efficiency in collecting information and rewriting content. Yet according to authoritative News organizations, they do not publish content made by AI, there must be strict paraphrasing and fact screening. But we can already assume they are captive of their AI news assistants.

AI reporters can streamline the process of news collecting, and creating national, financial, and local reports to let their audience relish. The only problem is, that AI can lie. Yep, this problem is hyper-reflected when ChatGPT-3 serves up its textual processability. 

Apart from the textual part in a news report, we can also find clues about AI news anchors, AI images for news report covers, and robotic AI voiceovers in audio news reports. In the next part, you will see the 4 most prevailing AI Breaking News Generators welcomed in CNN, WSJ, Forbes’ newsrooms.

4 Best AI Tools for News AI Report - Scripts/Videos/Covers

Where should you start if you want to apply AI to your news videos? Actually, AI can do most of the work for a news report - from textual content collection to voiceovers. But the most stunning function of all should come to the virtual talking avatar with lip-synced text-to-speech. 

AI Reporter Video Sample Two

These tools are pretty mature now, please read on to find the one that suits you the most.

#1. AI Presenter, Host, Anchor

AI avatar is the charm of artificial intelligence. Nothing compares with the excitement of making quality news videos without a real anchor showing up. Vidnoz AI provides a slew of quality news anchor avatars for its users to choose from.

The finest countenance, gestures, and the most stable narration of the news scripts. You will exclaim at the perfect performance of Vidnoz AI’s avatars when you see the outcomes.

#2. ChatGPT-based AI Script Generator

After ChatGPT became an open-source program, many impressive online tools sprang out like mushrooms. Actually, ChatGPT-3 or 4 can be perfect tools for searching news materials if you know exactly how to question it. Sometimes the AI chatbot tool may provide fake information, which is another flaw of it. Anyway, the right usage of an AI script generator is a huge escalation of your report workflow.

#3. AI Reporter Voice

It’s important to match a formal voice for your news video. Stable pitch and tone matter very much when you are doing geopolitics or economic news reports. And vice versa, you need a relaxed and unaffordable voice for entertainment news. Thanks to AI’s commitment, we have so many AI voices to choose from, as well as languages. 

#4. AI Image Generator

Need to find the most proper cover for your news report article before publishing it online? AI image generators can help you if you fail to create anything abstract or need imagination. Just input your requirements, aka, prompts or keywords, and AI image generator will create a batch of art images for you.

How to Make AI Reporter Videos with AI News Anchors?

No real newsroom, no director, no camera, and news anchors, you can shoot vivid AI Reporter videos with online AI news generators. Vidnoz AI Video Generator is a mind-blowing AI tool that provides news video templates and news anchors. You can easily make first-tier news videos. 

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

Here is a simple tutorial for using Vidnoz AI’s AI News Anchors and News Video Templates:

Step 1. Hit the button below to enter Vidnoz AI’s avatar list for News anchors.

Step 2. Pick a decent female or male anchor for your news video.

Avatar Pro Generate Video with This Template

Step 3. Enter Vidnoz AI’s canvas with your avatar, and pick a news video template.

AI News Tempalte and AI News Anchor

Step 4. Copy and paste the news report scripts. And generate the video.

A Quick Glance at Vidnoz AI’s Pro AI Avatars:

Vidnoz AI will build its own studio in 2019 and create 100+ quality AI avatars from models, actors, and anchors from then on. The world-class AI team working behind commits themselves to generating the most human-like avatars serving all walks of life. You can find dozens of decent avatars to report your news easily. 

Another Quick Glance at Vidnoz AI’s News Video Templates:

Vidnoz AI Video Generator is also a mature platform for video creation. For the fast generation of videos at scale, it develops hundreds of out-of-box templates to address different scenarios. You can search for ‘News’ from the template gallery and pick one as a good beginning.

Follow the Trend: This Site Has Used AI Reporters and Anchors for News Channel

One of the most eye-catching AI news sites in 2023 is the NewsGPT.ai, which is totally made up of AI article images, AI videos, and AI reporters. 

AI Reporter Website

The most appalling fact about this site is that it leverages pure AI-generated content in its published articles. And this site lets users vote for its fake & truth. 

This fully AI-driven 24/7 news channel is a ground-breaking pioneer between AI and news reporters. And we can also see the harmonious delivery of AI avatars in the news videos. If you wish to create such a type of website, you can consider using Vidnoz AI’s news anchor avatars and news video templates to create videos at scale. 

AI Reporter Articles

AI Reporter FAQ

1. Can journalists be replaced by AI?

There is no evidence for the AI’s replacement of reporters and anchors. And as a matter of fact, AI still cannot figure out the tendency of news. And it fails to provide what people really care about. 

2. Who is the AI-based news reporter

Ai reporter Lisa is confirmed as an evident news reporter. Cnbc AI reporter, CNN AI reporter, Wsj AI reporter, and Forbes AI reporter are said to apply AI news reporters to their news channels. 

3. Can AI write News articles?

Actually AI cannot write News articles, for it composes fake news from now and then. Currently, AI is used to collect news materials and paraphrase existing news scripts rather than generate news articles from scratch.


This article introduces what AI Reporter means to the News industry. AI basically, helps with the textual content collection and the vivid speech by AI avatars (news anchors). Nowadays an online AI platform can do all the work online if anyone wishes to generate news report videos without a studio, camera, director, or news anchor - Vidnoz is your handiest AI news video maker. 

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

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