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On This Page
  • Why Do You Need to Make a Breaking News Video With AI?
  • Best 5 Breaking News Generators Online and Free
  • Try Breaking News Meme Generator to Make Your Own Meme
  • 4 Easy Steps to Make a Breaking News Video With Vidnoz AI
  • Bonus Tips: How to Choose a Perfect Breaking News Generator

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Breaking News Generators to Customize Your Own News Easily

Tim Henderson

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Looking for best breaking news generator to break your own news? Read this blog, find your favorite breaking news makers and customize your own news.

Have you ever wanted to impress your audience or friends by creating an eye-catching satirical news headline or working on an educational headline? If this is the case, now is the time to look into breaking news generators to break your own news. These generators enable you to generate your own news headlines by customizing news headlines based on your preferences and interests. You can easily create a title for your news and even tailor the content to your target audience. The breaking news generator makes the entire process, from selecting the perfect title to generating the news headline that caters to your needs, appear effortless and requires you to do minimal work.

Breaking News Generators to Customize Your Own News Easily

On This Page
  • Why Do You Need to Make a Breaking News Video With AI?
  • Best 5 Breaking News Generators Online and Free
  • Try Breaking News Meme Generator to Make Your Own Meme
  • 4 Easy Steps to Make a Breaking News Video With Vidnoz AI
  • Bonus Tips: How to Choose a Perfect Breaking News Generator

Why Do You Need to Make a Breaking News Video With AI?

With the ever-increasing competition in the content creation industry, being innovative and standing out from the crowd has become critical, so let us look at why you should use breaking news reporter with AI voice to make breaking news videos.

Cost Efficiency

Starting with one of its most significant benefits, cost efficiency, you can significantly reduce your costs while maintaining the quality of your content by leveraging AI to your advantage. So, if you effectively use AI to create breaking news headlines and videos, you will save time while still producing high-quality content with a breaking news video maker free.

High-quality Content at Breakneck Speeds

A significant increase in speed is directly related to the preceding point. By using AI to create breaking news videos, you will be able to generate high-quality content at breakneck speeds, effectively reducing the time required to produce content and putting you in the optimal position to compete.

>> Try Vidnoz AI breaking news generator to make your own news in minutes

Data Analytics

Another reason to use breaking news makers is the data analytics that you can gain access to news headlines. This allows you to keep track of your views and interaction statistics, giving you a slight edge over your competitors.

Customization & Personalization

Finally, the customization and personalization options available to you as the creator when using AI to generate breaking news videos. You can add subtitles, language translation, and even audio clips to your video to reach a wider demographic and keep the audience engaged.

Best 5 Breaking News Generators Online and Free

Now we will look at the top 5 breaking news AI generators, which range from free to paid, for you to choose from.

1. Vidnoz AI: Breaking News Generator Free With Multiple Templates

Vidnoz AI Breaking News Generator Free With Multiple Templates

Vidnoz AI is a simple, quick, and completely free AI breaking new generator. There is no cost, no download, and no prior experience is required. Anyone has access to 100+ realistic AI voices and 200+ templates. What's more, Vidnoz AI offers plenty of free breaking news templates for you to choose from, which makes the whole process more convenient and fast. You can create your own breaking news anywhere anytime for free!






$22.49/mo $1.5/min

$56.99/mo $1.9/min

  • Vidnoz provides 70+ realistic AI avatars with voiceovers and gestures, as well as an 80% cost reduction in creating engaging videos.

  • It enables you to get started quickly with 200+ templates. Using the Vidnoz AI breaking new generator, you can create professional breaking news videos without the use of microphones, cameras, or actors.

  • Fast, easy, and unlimited with its breaking news video maker free.

  • The Vidnoz AI free plan only allows you to create one minute of content per day.

2. FlexClip: Sensational International Breaking News in a Flash

FlexClip Sensational International Breaking News in a Flash

FlexClip is a powerful AI news generator for creators of all skill levels. This breaking new maker provides customizable templates for personal and professional projects, as well as a large library of stock photos, videos, and music. Users can easily trim, merge, add text, music, and transitions to their breaking news videos using the powerful editing features.







$119.88 billed annually


$239.88 billed annually

  • FlexClip's free breaking news video maker enables you to quickly create sensational news and headlines. 

  • It allows you to get inspiration from professional breaking news video templates and begin creating your own online. 

  • You can upload images, videos, and your logo, as well as change the speed, texts, and music with a breaking news video maker app.

  • With FlexClip's free plan, you can only create one stock video and one stock audio per project, and the video length is limited to 10 minutes.

3. Canva: Popular Breaking News Generator Trusted by Millions

Canva Popular Breaking News Generator Trusted by Millions

When time is of the essence, use Canva's free, customizable breaking news templates, which are trusted by millions of users, to speed up your video. Canva allows you to use powerful templates and realistic AI voice to ensure that your message reaches your intended audience.


Canva Free

Canva Pro

Canva for Teams


$119.99/year for one person

$300/year total for the first 5 person

  • Canva allows you to use a drag-and-drop editor for easy customizations, and with 250,000+ templates at your disposal, you are bound to find one to suit your preferences. 

  • You can also use Canva's 1 million+ free photos and graphics in conjunction with your templates.

  • Canva has limited exporting quality settings, which can be a major setback for many, as well as no local storage, which means that if your internet goes down, you will be unable to access your files, limiting your work capacity.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

4. InVideo: Quickly & Easily Create Professional Videos

InVideo Quickly & Easily Create Professional Videos

InVideo enables you to create professional-quality breaking news videos quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, you can turn your raw footage into a stunning, engaging video that will capture your audience's attention.








  • Invideo allows you to make compelling news videos by using pre-designed graphics.

  • It allows you to use transitions and effects to make news videos look more professional and ensures that your news video is clear and informative.

  • With InVideo, your breaking news videos are watermarked, and the number of exports is also limited.

  • If the business or unlimited plan is not purchased, you can only import a fixed number of stock images or videos.

5. Elai.io: Go-to Automated AI Video Generation Platform

Elai.io Go-to Automated AI Video Generation Platform

You can use Elai.io to create a news video in response to a breaking story. You do not require the services of a professional video producer. Elai gives you access to rich stock elements, news templates, and animations, and Elai's automated AI video generator makes the entire process effortless for you.








  • Elai.io is an AI-powered tool that allows you to use only text to create high-quality videos with customizable digital presenters.

  • You can choose from a large library of avatars and 75+ languages to meet your specific needs.

  • It has 450+ ready-to-use voices as well as features like voice clones and customer avatars.

  • With Elai.io's free plan, you can only generate and render one minute of content.

  • Photo Avatars, Custom Studio, and Custom Selfie Avatars are not available.

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Try Breaking News Meme Generator to Make Your Own Meme

Now, it's time to shake things up and create your own meme with the breaking news meme generator, Imgflip. It’s a fun and easy-to-use breaking news meme generator that allows you to craft custom memes that are sure to make your friends and followers laugh.

Not only is the breaking news meme generator a great way to have fun and express yourself online, but it's also a fantastic tool for businesses and brands. Creating custom memes that relate to your products or services can help you connect with your audience in a fun and engaging way. Plus, sharing memes on social media is a great way to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Follow the simple steps on creating breaking news meme on Imgflip.

Try Breaking News Meme Generator to Make Your Own Meme

  1. Go to the Imgflip website and click on the "Make a Meme" button.

  2. Choose the "Breaking News" template from the list of available meme templates.

  3. Add your own text to the headline and the news ticker at the bottom of the image.

  4. Customize the font, size, and color of the text to your liking.

  5. Once you're happy with your meme, click on the "Generate Meme" button to create the meme.

  6. You can then download the meme to your computer or share it directly on social media.

4 Easy Steps to Make a Breaking News Video With Vidnoz AI

Here, we’ll take Vidnoz AI for example to show you how to make a breaking news video with AI, follow the following 4 steps to create your own video easily now.

Step 1: Visit the Vidnoz AI website.

Begin by visiting the Vidnoz AI website. Once you have successfully logged in and are on the website's landing page, click the "Create Free Video Now'' button. You will be redirected to a page with a variety of breaking news templates. Once on the page, choose one of the many "Breaking News Templates'' that best suit your interests and needs.

Step 2: Create a video by selecting ‘Breaking News’ templates.

Create a Video by Selecting Breaking News’ Templates

Once you have found a template that works for your project, click on it and then click "Use this Template." This will take you to a page where you can further customize the template according to your liking. You will have options varying from adding an avatar to your breaking news video to adding texts to a variety of shapes, backgrounds, music, and materials. All with just a click of a button.

Step 3: Custom talking avatar and speech text.

Custom Talking Avatar and Speech Text

Select from a variety of custom avatars available at your disposal by pressing the "Avatar" button in the top middle of your page; click on the one that best suits your project, and that avatar will appear on your template immediately. There is also a box under your video for "Speech Text," where you can enter the text you want your avatar to speak; multi-language support, allowing you to create content for a broader demographic; and the option to change the speed of the speech.

Step 4: Preview and download the video.

When you have finished selecting the avatar, entering the speech text and AI video effects, click the "Preview" button at the top right of the page to see your avatar speaking the text you have entered. When you are satisfied with the result, click the "Generate" button to easily download and export the video to your system.

Bonus Tips: How to Choose a Perfect Breaking News Generator

After learning about how to make a breaking news generator, you need to know how to choose a perfect generator to both save your time and money. The following 4 points are MUST tips to choose the perfect generator. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Provide plenty of templates to choose from.

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting the best breaking news generator is the number of templates available to choose from. Having a larger selection of video templates for YouTube or other platforms allows you to create more interesting and unique breaking news headlines than your competitors. As a result, make sure that the website you are using offers a diverse set of template options.

  • Realistic talking avatars and text to speech available.

Second, determine whether the website provides realistic talking avatars in addition to speech text and a variety of voice packs. Having realistic talking avatars increases user engagement because the realism allows for a stronger connection between you, the creator, and your target audience. Additionally, having a variety of voice packs and text to speech allows you to make breaking news much more personalized, resulting in a strong sense of connectivity.

Realistic Talking Avatars and Text to Speech Available

  • Support multiple languages.

Third, ensure that the website supports multiple languages. If you want to reach a larger audience, it is critical that the language barrier is not an issue, so make sure that the website allows you to create contact in multiple languages so you can reach a larger demographic, which will also result in higher engagement and user traffic.

  • Reasonable Pricing Plan

Finally, and most importantly, the platform’s pricing plan. It is critical that you are able to invest the least amount of money for the most benefits, so compare the benefits of the various plans as well as their prices. Determine the best plan for you based on your requirements.


Finally, we hope you have a good understanding of what breaking news generators are and how they can help you, the user, get your content out there while maintaining high quality, being cost and time-efficient, personalized and customizable. If you are still unsure about which “Breaking News Generator'' to use, we would highly recommend Vidnoz as your first priority From their massive collection of thousands of templates to their diverse realistic avatars and voice packs, Vidnoz has it all in store for you, and the best part is that Vidnoz is completely free and simple to use, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try a breaking news video maker app today!


Tim Henderson

Tim is an SEO content writer and an IT researcher with over 10 years of professional experience. Specialized in software reviewing and IT content writing, he has helped tens of thousand readers solve tech-related problems.