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  • Can AI Really Create Music?
  • Why Use AI Music Generators? Get the Benefits
  • 5 Best AI Music Generators to Make AI Music from Texts
  • Convert AI Music to AI Music Video Generator in One Click
  • FAQs about AI Music Generator from Text

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5 Best AI Music Generators Free to Create Royalty-Free Music Easily

Rebecca Carr

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How to make AI music easily? Explore 5 best AI music generators free online to create royalty-free music to get a complete AI music generation experience.

AI is now slowly seeping into artistic fields such as song and film production, with its innovative ways and fast calculations to better scale down the creative process and expand the audience. One such product is AI music generator, which creates a new song based on your inputs, with each tune being uniquely tailored to your choices.

This creative approach to music creation is developing into a brilliant aid that opens up more possibilities. Therefore, no matter what your musical identity is, it's equally essential to understand the basics and AI music production process. Next, let's dive into the best AI music generators that strike all the right chords.

AI Music Generator

On This Page
  • Can AI Really Create Music?
  • Why Use AI Music Generators? Get the Benefits
  • 5 Best AI Music Generators to Make AI Music from Texts
  • Convert AI Music to AI Music Video Generator in One Click
  • FAQs about AI Music Generator from Text

Can AI Really Create Music?

Yes, believe it or not, AI systems have been developed which are capable of composing, generating music and doing a good job at it thanks to the astounding advancements in technology. AI music generators apply machine learning algorithms to analyze vast datasets of music and learn patterns, rhythm, and structures to compose new pieces. 

AI-generated music can be as simple as a melody or as complex as a parody of various genres or even artists. It can be used as a tool for inspiration, revolutionized the music industry and led to new possibilities in music composition. 

Why Use AI Music Generators? Get the Benefits

Time is evolving; whether you are a music lover or a professional creator, mastering the most current musical expressions will be helpful to go viral. Advantages of choosing an AI music generator from text? Find out together.

  • Deliver creative music ideas: AI music generators can create unique and original compositions that are unimaginable to humans.They could explore new musical ideas and concepts, helping musicians and composers to push the boundaries of their creativity, which can serve as a source of inspiration for musicians.
  • Improve music creation efficiency: AI music generators can facilitate experimentation with various musical styles, genres, and elements. Musicians can easily explore different combinations and variations, which is time saving without long hours manually composing. 
  • Broaden music accessibility: AI music generators can make music creation more accessible to a wider audience, including those with limited musical knowledge or technical skills. They provide a platform for anyone to create music, regardless of their background or training.
  • Achieve deeper collaboration: AI music generators from text can be used in collaborative settings, allowing musicians to work with the system and create music together. This collaboration can lead to the blending of human and AI creativity, resulting in unique and exciting compositions. 

AI Music Generator From Text

5 Best AI Music Generators to Make AI Music from Texts

How to make AI music with ease? Seek help with these AI music generators to make it in minutes. 

1. Soundraw

Soundraw AI Music Generator is an advanced artificial intelligence technology that is designed to generate original music compositions. The AI model is trained on a vast collection of musical data from various genres and styles, enabling it to produce music in a wide range of genres, including classical, jazz, pop, and more. Moreover, it can create entire compositions, including melodies, harmonies, chords, and even drum beats, with various instruments and arrangements.

Users can input specific parameters, such as tempo, mood, and instruments, to customize the generated music according to their preferences. Additionally, the AI allows users to edit and fine-tune the music it generates, giving them creative control over the final result.

AI Music Generator - Soundraw

Best for: Professionals in music production, film scoring, and advertising, as well as hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to compose original music.

Pricing: Free Plan: $0 forever; Creator Plan: $16.99/mo; Artist Plan: $29.99/month. 


Launched in 2016, standing for: "Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist", AIVA is another AI music generator that offers a wide range of genres and presets. This is a popular choice for beginners and pros whose soundtracks are designed for various media, including ads, video games, and movies. 

The tool enables users to develop music from scratch with an intuitive interface, and it can help edit existing soundtracks without worrying about music licensing processes for professional schemes.

AI Music Generator - AIVA

Best for: AIVA is best suited for small and large-scale musicians and filmmakers looking to create unique soundtracks for various media. Especially good for those who want to experiment with diverse genres and styles.

Pricing: Free version available; Standard Annually: €11 / mo; Pro Annually: €33/mo.

3. Soundful

Soundful is a cost-effective approach to obtaining original, studio-quality music suited to your specifications. The whole creation process is super easy, simply choose a genre, customize your inputs and create your tracks. Repeat until you find the track you feel is perfect.

It is an ideal tool for producers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, which delivers different genres and templates for each genre. You can adjust the BPM and pitch to the desired chord.

AI Music Generator - Soundful

Best for: Tailor studio-quality music to your brand's needs, avoiding copyright issues while discovering unique royalty-free tracks that are perfectly synchronized with the content.

Pricing: Free forever; Content Creator: $29.99 / Year; Music Creator Plus: $59.99 / Year.

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4. Mubert

Mubert is one of the easy AI music generators from text, perfect for content creators, musicians, and businesses looking to enhance their marketing videos or in-store experiences with tailored music. You can also create remixes and even jingles. The tool offers a wide range of genres, moods and activities to choose from.

However, the tracks generated by its free version, while smooth, often come with a watermark that detracts from the listening experience, which you have to sign up for a paid plan to remove.

AI Music Generator - Mubert

Best for: Creatives who create video content, podcasts, and apps will have tons of fun creating their music with Mubert.

Pricing: Ambassador: free; Creator: $11.69*/mo (Annual); Pro: $32.49*/mo (Annual); Business: $149.29*/mo(Annual).

5. Ecrett

Ecrett is the smaller and simplified version of Soundraw, which produces one-of-a-kind tracks by utilizing a combination of generative adversarial networks (GANs) and recurrent neural networks (RNNs). 

To apply this tool, you first select at least one option from Scene, Mood, and Genre before clicking “Create Music.” The tool then creates music based on your choices, and even with the same settings, you will receive different music for each session. Produced tracks can be customized by modifying instruments and structure settings.

AI Music Generator - Ecrett Music

Best for: Soundful is a perfect match for producers who experiment with various video game sound effects and content creators who need unique, mood-based music for YouTube videos or podcasts.

Pricing: Free forever; Individual: $4.99/mo (Annual); Business: $14.99/mo (Annual)

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Convert AI Music to AI Music Video Generator in One Click

Creating unique music with your AI music generator is not the end, for those who want to expand the audience reach, matching a music video that perfectly suits the music would be a plus. So, Vidnoz AI is our first pick to let you create videos in minutes, this AI-powered video generator makes video creation a breeze as the AI music generator does for you.

Simply choose an avatar from your photo and type the lyrics that 100% match the mouth to create lip-sync music videos. In addition, you can choose from a large library of templates, add magnificent transitions, customize the background and create amazing music videos that can be shared across platforms directly from Vidnoz AI. 

Follow the steps below to let the avatars sing for you or directly pick a character picture to customize it.

Step 1. Tap the button below to access Vidnoz AI. 

Step 2. Go choose a template that perfectly suits your music theme. 

Choose a Favorite Template

Step 3. Now, you can input the lyrics below and choose a favorite avatar to sing for you. Tap Music in the top-center function panel to upload the AI-generated music and add music to video.  

Make AI Videos for Music

Step 4. Click Generate to let Vidnoz AI make the magic happen. Then download the video for free and share it on other social platforms as you like. 

Vidnoz also provides AI vocal remover free to isolate the music for first-class karaoke version or backing track. 

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FAQs about AI Music Generator from Text

1. What is the best AI music generator?

One thing should be noted there isn’t a best AI music generator, as different tools suit different needs. However, Soundful and AIVA could be first picks in terms of their features and in-depth customization options.

2. Is AI-generated music legal?

Generally, copyright ownership depends on the AI tool and the user's subscription plan.

3. How does an AI music generator work?

AI music generators work with complex algorithms and use deep machine learning methods to understand datasets of music, which is similar to a human-generated composition. Of course, these tools are still evolving and learning, it can be expected that more innovative music will be produced with the help of these powerful tools.

4. Is AI-generated music copyrighted?

This is a tricky question because AI is a new field. Under current copyright law, it is unclear whether AI-generated lyrics can be considered "original" without human input. However, some countries have taken steps to bring machine-generated works under copyright protection, while others are awaiting a global consensus on the issue.


Live with technology and let artificial intelligence ease your burden a bit. By utilizing these AI music generators above, you’ll be on your way to start composing melodies that can save time to enhance the creative process, and enable new possibilities in music creation. 

Moreover, don’t forget to use Vidnoz to create astounding AI videos in a few clicks for your carefully-crafted music, make it go viral easily and achieve a wider audience reach. 

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