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On This Page
  • What are AI Generated Yearbook Photo Generators 
  • How to Create High-Quality Yearbook Photos Online
  • Top AI Yearbook Photo Generators
  • Bonus: Make a Talking 90s Yearbook Style Video 

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Create the Trendiest AI Generated Yearbook Photos for Free


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Learn to create the trendiest AI generated yearbook photos using the hottest AI tools on the internet. Save up on both time and money!

A good yearbook photo will prevail decades into the future as a sweet reminiscence of the good times you had. AI generated yearbook photos relieve the stress and anxiety of capturing that perfect moment that’ll be etched into ink for all your friends and co-workers. AI photo editors allow you to create the perfect yearbook photo that encaptures the beauty of modern-day fashion trends and styles. This article lists the best AI yearbook photo generator applications on the internet and how you can create the perfect entry for your yearbook. There’s even a bonus at the end for those whose yearbooks are going digital this year!

AI Generated Yearbook

On This Page
  • What are AI Generated Yearbook Photo Generators 
  • How to Create High-Quality Yearbook Photos Online
  • Top AI Yearbook Photo Generators
  • Bonus: Make a Talking 90s Yearbook Style Video 

What are AI Generated Yearbook Photo Generators 

An AI yearbook photo generator allows you to generate a yearbook photo using a single image of yourself. The best part is that this image can be re-used to generate multiple AI generated yearbook photos till you find the one that tugs at your heartstrings! 

How does all of this happen? The AI yearbook photo generator will analyze your image and pick up facial queues that can be transferred onto another photo and that’ll be your yearbook photograph! The best part about this process is that you aren’t limited by the regular constraints you’d have experienced before. If you wish to follow a 90s theme of bomber jackets or crop tops, you can simply get a '90s AI yearbook photos generator and it’ll make quick work of everything. The AI 90s yearbook photos generator will generate the clothes and swap your face with the model, and all that’s left for you is to download the image!

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

How to Create High-Quality Yearbook Photos Online

Are you interested in creating AI generated yearbook photos? Let’s use the face swap tool to create a stylish yearbook photo for free! Vidnoz AI is a content creation platform that’s based on integrating artificial intelligence into everyday tools. These tools can cut down the effort required to create stunning images bringing your creative intellect and ideas to life.

Vidnoz AI face swap is another tool within its arsenal. The tool is powered by an AI engine that has the ability to detect facial features within images. Once the tool picks up on the facial cues, it can lift them from the target picture and apply them to another image or video! This concept can be used to create multiple yearbook photos in mere seconds! All you need is a portrait image of yourself and a picture of a model wearing the outfit you wish to wear in your yearbook photo. Once these two images are submitted, the face swap tool will do the work for you and edit yourself into the model’s clothing!

Step 1: Choose a yearbook photo

Pick your yearbook photo! This is the base image that contains the model wearing the attire of your choosing. Pick an image that matches the style and fashion you wish to recreate. For the best results, ensure that the model is facing the front and that the image is a portrait photograph. 

If you cannot find a suitable image, have no fear! Vidnoz provides yearbook photos within the tool which can be used to create AI generated yearbook photos.

Best AI Generated Yearbook Photo Vidnoz Face Swap Upload Image

Step 2: Upload your photograph

The second step is to upload your photograph. It’s important that your photograph is a portrait image, or the AI will have difficulty registering and lifting your facial features.

Best AI Generated Yearbook Photo Vidnoz Face Swap Upload Target Face

Step 3: Swap

Click on swap to run the tool. The tool will replace the model’s face with your own allowing you to create a stylish image of yourself! Download the image or share it with your friends.

Best AI Generated Yearbook Photo Vidnoz Face Swap Result

Top AI Yearbook Photo Generators

Vidnoz Face Swap - Free Online AI Yearbook Photo Generator

Vidnoz Face Swap Free Online AI Yearbook Photo Generator

Vidnoz is an online AI-powered content creation platform that hosts a number of useful tools that can be used for everyday tasks. The platform also hosts its proprietary face swap tool which can be used to swap facial features between different photographs or videos. The tool is free to use and extremely simple to use. The minimal barrier to using Vidnoz face swap allows everyone to create fantastic images and try out entire wardrobes without spending a dime on clothes! Simply take a selfie of yourself and create the most stylish yearbook photos without buying new clothes or hiring a photographer.

Key Feature
  • Extremely simple to use.
  • The face swap tool is completely free to use.
  • Users can generate a yearbook photo in mere seconds.
  • There is no reduction in picture quality after a swap.
  • The tool is completely cloud-based and requires no complex installations as it's based online.

90s Yearbook AI - Professional AI Yearbook Photo App

90s Yearbook AI Professional AI Yearbook Photo App

Are you a 90s fan who loves the aesthetic vibes of the golden age of fashion? 90s Yearbook AI is a professional yearbook creator that’s exclusively designed for mobile users. Wear the classiest outfits from the 90s and relive the glory of the golden age in style. Mesmerize your friends by adorning a bomber jacket or a classy denim top without breaking your wallet. The tool requires you to provide them with a portrait image of yourself and everything else works on autopilot. Simply lie back and be enthralled by the results!

Key Feature
  • The app accurately captures the 90s style and aesthetic.
  • Available on mobile devices.
  • 90s yearbook AI is a free to use ai 90s yearbook photos generator
  • Simple and easy to follow!

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EPIK - AI Photo Editor for Yearbook Photo

EPIK AI Photo Editor for Yearbook Photo

What if you wanted more control when creating your yearbook photos? EPIK combines the best of both worlds being both an AI powered content generator and an AI photo editor for mobiles! However, unlike Vidnoz AI, you’re not able to plop yourself into photographs, instead you’re required to use filters. These filters can allow you to change the clothes and backgrounds. If you aren’t satisfied, then you have the freedom to further edit the images through the editor to perfect it!

Key Feature
  • EPIK contains an inbuilt editor for better control.
  • Free to use.
  • Available on all mobile platforms.
  • There are hundreds of creative filters to choose from.

Bonus: Make a Talking 90s Yearbook Style Video 

Is your yearbook going digital this year around? Tons of schools and universities have switched to digital yearbooks and these yearbooks prefer to use videos instead of images as entries. Creating a video can be a hassle, but tools such as Vidnoz AI have once again made quick work of it! Use the talking photo tool to create a captivating 90s style yearbook video that’ll leave your classmates transfixed and charmed!

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

Step 1: Upload yearbook photo

Upload your yearbook photo onto the talking photo tool. If you don’t have a yearbook photo, you can create one using the face swap tool. Please make sure that the image is a portrait photograph as it will limit the amount of distortions in the final video.

Best AI Talking Yearbook Style Video Maker Vidnoz

Step 2 Input text 

The second step is to provide the script.  You can choose to enter text upload a recording of voice clips or try AI voice cloning.

The script contains the text that’ll be narrated by the AI. Therefore, make sure that the script is accurate and is written in the respective language of your choosing. Make sure that the customizations are entered and finalized before proceeding to step 3.

Step 3 Generate yearbook style video

Generate the video by clicking on “generate video”.


Being in style is easier than ever! Create the trendiest and fashion-centric AI generated yearbook photos using the tools in the article. Save up on money and time whilst being more in vogue than you’ve ever been! Tools such as Vidnoz AI are the future and it seems that the future is glorious and fashionable for you!



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