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On This Page
  • What is AI Clothing Generator?
  • Why Do You Need AI Clothing Generators?
  • Top AI Clothing Generators to Visualize Ideas
  • How to Use AI Clothing Generators - Complete Guide
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AI Clothing Generators to Create Stylish Clothes - Complete Guide


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Learn how to be the next big superstar of fabric design by creating your own clothing line through an AI clothing generator.

Fashion trends spin away faster than the spools of thread that go into making them. Being in sync with the different trends that revolve around the fashion industry is a challenge that boggles the minds of the biggest corporations in the world. Using an AI clothing generator, one can easily design and create clothes that connect with the majority as it eliminates the research and design step of the production flow. This article is a comprehensive guide on how AI generates clothes and the tools you can use to recreate this feature. There is a bonus at the end of the feature that’ll be an invaluable tool for those interested in the fashion industry.

AI Clothing Generators

On This Page
  • What is AI Clothing Generator?
  • Why Do You Need AI Clothing Generators?
  • Top AI Clothing Generators to Visualize Ideas
  • How to Use AI Clothing Generators - Complete Guide
  • Try On Any Outfit 100% Free by Face Swapping

What is AI Clothing Generator?

An AI clothing generator is software that uses artificial intelligence to create designs of clothes that can later be printed into wearable attire. The AI is trained using datasets to read current trends and remember past trends to generate unique designs that the design team can utilize. Depending on the accuracy of the AI, the designs created by the software can either be print-ready or a draft that needs to be finalized by a trained designer. These AI tools follow the concepts of machine learning, which in turn boosts efficiency and accuracy over time. The AI will analyze and learn what’s being generated to automatically update and synchronize its algorithm. Most of these tools can be found online, with its AI and backend hosted on a remote service provider, which allows anyone to access the tool regardless of their device!

Why Do You Need AI Clothing Generators?

Save time and cost

When you use an AI clothing generator, the artificial intelligence embedded within the software will manage the bulk of the work. As a user, you are simply required to provide the creative input. The creative input will be analyzed by AI to generate a unique design for your next fabric masterpiece.

Generate stylish outfits with ease 

A creative block is a common occurrence amongst designers across all fields. Even writers experience this phenomenon in the form of writer’s block. By sticking to an AI, you can easily surpass these hurdles as the designs will be handled by the software. As the user, you are only required to provide inspiration, which in most scenarios is just a few cups of coffee away.

Provides diverse styles for inspiration 

Every designer has a unique style that adds to the charm of the product. But, in a field as diverse as clothing, you must be able to connect with a wide audience to maximize your product’s popularity. For a regular human, it’s difficult to create different types of clothing and designs that contradict your originality, which in turn hinders your reach. This can be alleviated through an AI idea generator that doesn’t have this limitation. The AI can fill the gaps within your design capabilities!

Top AI Clothing Generators to Visualize Ideas

My Edit - Online Outfit Generator

My Edit Online Outfit Generator

My Edit’s online AI outfit generator is the complete package! It provides the user with everything from being able to dress up themselves in different attire, to being able to create new clothes from scratch. The software supports different types of attire from formal to casual wear. However, their formal clothing line has more options than their casual picks. The biggest advantage of using this AI clothing generator is its ability to cater to everything from the trendiest beach attire to the classiest business suits. The bulk option provided by the web application allows users to try out different attires at once, which cuts out a significant chunk of the time taken to try out new designs.

Key Feature
  • Users can try out the designs that they create which gives instant feedback.
  • The software is completely cloud-based.
  • Users can generate and try out both formal and casual attire.
  • Contains bulk generation features which is fantastic for large production facilities.
  • My Edit’s AI fashion design generator provides seasonal attire and special festive clothing designs.

Fotor - Convert Sketch to Full Design with AI

Fotor Convert Sketch to Full Design with AI

What if you already have a sketch of the attire? While most of these tools can create clothes from scratch, Fotor’s AI art generator from text provides something special. The AI clothes generator can use sketches from the user as input to generate new designs. This is perfect for designers who require multiple variations of a piece, which can be generated through Fotor’s tool. In addition to the sketch feature, Fotor also supports text-to-image features. The user can describe the attire they wish to generate and the tool will analyze and create an image that matches the description. Users can input negative prompts to remove certain features from the attire being generated along with the ability to pick the style of the image.

Key Feature
  • Bring your sketches to life with Fotor’s AI clothes generator.
  • Users have complete control of the generation process.
  • Two different image generation models to pick from!
  • The AI clothing generator is free and easy to use.
  • Fotor provides a separate library of images that designers can use for inspiration.

Resleeve - AI Clothing Design Generator from Text

Resleeve AI Clothing Design Generator from Text

Resleeve is the big brother of Fotor! Whatever that Fotor does, Resleeve does more and better! Both Resleeve and Fotor are quite similar in their features, but Resleeve has a few extra features that pump its position over the competition. The tool can be used to edit generations created through prompts without the need for an external editor. To edit the images, the user can utilize text prompts, and the changes can be localized through a selection tool. In addition to these fantastic features, Resleeve also supports MoodBoard which can be used to import design ideas. There is a photoshoot feature that is set to launch in the near future, which is another feature to look out for!

Key Feature
  • Resleeve supports generation using both texts and images for reference.
  • The user is given the ability to edit the generation through their own online editor.
  • Photoshoot feature that provides a virtual runway for designers to test their attire.
  • A free trial is available for users to test the platform.
  • Smart text features allow designers to generate different variations of the same attire with unique twists.

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The New Black AI - AI Fashion Design Generator

The New Black AI AI Fashion Design Generator

The New Black is a one-stop solution for those looking to start their AI-powered clothing line! The platform provides users with everything a store owner needs to flourish! Apart from the fantastic AI clothing generator, The New Black consists of a conceptual store designer that can be used to design your clothes store. It is also an AI clothes changer that can let users upload images of models to redress them in different clothing, edit their facial features, and even create matching clothing.

Key Feature
  • A simple yet powerful AI clothing generator.
  • The AI generate clothes through both text and image prompts.
  • The platform is packed with complementary tools that are essential if you are an AI-centered designer.
  • The New Black has fair pricing based on the number of designs required.

How to Use AI Clothing Generators - Complete Guide

Step 1 Log in Resleeve 

Visit the home page of Resleeve and create an account on the platform. Creating an account is free and instantly provides the user with a trial account that’s loaded with 50 credits to try out the software. However, HD images aren’t available within the free plan.

Step 2 Enter prompt 

Describe your clothing item in detail. For the best results, please ensure that the prompt is as detailed as possible with key features being mentioned. Key features are everything from the color of the clothing to the length of sleeves. Remember, the AI will use your text for inspiration and it cannot assume anything! Please select the appropriate generation choice from what’s provided in the menu. If you’re just starting, stick to the text option.

AI Clothing Generator Resleeve Enter Prompt

Step 3 Generate and edit 

Click on generate and be patient till the AI generates clothes.

AI Clothing Generator Resleeve Generate Edit

Step 4 AI assistant

Once the generation is completed, you can use the AI assistant to describe the exact prompt that went through to the creation of the design. This is an important feature as you can now edit specific variables within this prompt to create a “resleeve”.

AI Clothing Generator Resleeve AI Assistant

Try On Any Outfit 100% Free by Face Swapping

Are you not in the mood to create a design from scratch? Or have you already found the perfect design online and just dying to try it out on yourself? Vidnoz provides a fantastic tool that can be used to swap your face with the original wearer of your attire. This allows you to simply switch places with the person. It’s like magic! The face swap tool is powered by an AI engine that intelligently lifts your face and places it onto the model! Vidnoz AI Face Swap supports both images and videos, which means you can test the attire on a catwalk itself!

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

How to Try on Outfit in Seconds

Step 1 Upload Base image

Upload the base image onto the tool. The base image contains the model or the original wearer of your clothing item. If you are picking a video, please switch the tool into the “video” mode from the selection provided.

AI Vidnoz Face Swap Upload Image

Step 2 Upload target face 

Upload your face or the face of your target onto the Vidnoz platform. The face from this image will be lifted and placed on the base media provided. To prevent any distortions, please upload a portrait image as the AI has only been trained to pick up facial cues on portrait images.

AI Vidnoz Face Swap Upload Target Image 

Step 3  Face swap 

Make the swap and download the result!

AI Vidnoz Face Swap Generate Result


The days when you had to spend hours designing your next clothing masterpiece are a figment of the past! Anyone can create a stunning line of clothes using an AI clothing generator as long as they have the creativity and inspiration to guide the AI. Breathe life into your designs by testing them out on virtual catwalks and creating your virtual store for promotion, all through the power of artificial intelligence.



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