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On This Page
  • What Are Coloring Pages?
  • Turn Photos Into Coloring Pages with 3 AI Tools Quickly
  • Methods Comparison - Turn Picture Into Coloring Page Word/Photoshop/Canva

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6 Best Ways to Turn Photos Into Coloring Pages for Free

Gary Henderson

Updated on

Read to learn how to convert photos into coloring pages online in one click with AI technologies. Cast aside Word, PS, and other software methods.

For homework, preschool education, or just for fun, people are searching for coloring page templates, and coloring page converters for manual secondary creation. The Internet offers so many free solutions for us to obtain new coloring pages from our photos or images yet the final outcome varies from one to another. 

AI proves itself to be the smartest converters that turn photos into coloring pages in seconds, with the most details remaining. 

Also, some unexpected tools deliver good performance in the transformation - Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and iOS apps. Please read on to learn all the tools and check their performance one by one.

Cover of How to Turn Photos Into Coloring Pages

On This Page
  • What Are Coloring Pages?
  • Turn Photos Into Coloring Pages with 3 AI Tools Quickly
  • Methods Comparison - Turn Picture Into Coloring Page Word/Photoshop/Canva

What Are Coloring Pages?

Coloring pages indicate structural art materials for the second recreation, which receive a warm welcome from both adults and kids. After printing, anyone can paint on the lines and circles with crayons, watercolor pens, and brushes. 

It is also joyful to refer to the original photo, trying to revive the original tinge and hue. This whole process of drawing and creation triggers the gradual improvement of attention, art skills, creativity, and color recognition for both kids & adults. 

However, the case is that users are no longer satisfied with the premade coloring pages. They want to generate their own template coloring page instead of downloading & printing the sample coloring pages from websites and paying money for them. If there is a chance to generate a transparent image from a mommy’s photo and work together with the baby to refill colors and lines, it must be much more fun than just painting on an ordinary doggy coloring page. 

No worries, please read on and you will see 3 free AI tools that remove the color from your photos and generate images with only structural lines. 

Turn Photos Into Coloring Pages with 3 AI Tools Quickly

AI is fast and smart. It knows how to quickly transform your daily photos (profile pictures, object images, landscape images, and pet photos) into coloring pages. 

With sharpened color contrast for only black and white parts of your photo and the clearance of other tinges and hues, you can download and print the filtered photos easily. In this part, you can see 3 free AI-powered image generators. The editor of this article has already tried them and appended the outcomes respectively. If you find the one that suits your demand, just copy and paste the link offered in the content and have a right-away free try!

#1. Vidnoz: AI Converts Image to Coloring Pages

The first photo-to-coloring page converter is a tool developed by Vidnoz - an AI video and image generator covering gaming, social media, education, and marketing. The reason cited for its position here is that the tool is based on the website, which requires no registration, login, or purchase at all. 

The performance of image filtering is persuasive too. 

From the picture below, you can see a complete style transformation from a realistic photo to a black-and-white coloring page. Follow the tutorial below to create your own coloring pages in seconds!

Link: https://www.vidnoz.com/ai-cartoon-generator.html

Vidnoz AI Turns Photos Into Coloring Pages2

How to turn photos into coloring pages with Vidnoz AI?

Step 1. Navigate to Vidnoz AI’s toolkit page and find Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator. 

Step 2. Upload your photo and hit on the ‘Generate’ button. 

Vidnoz Converts Photos Into Coloring Pages AI

Step 3. Now you get a batch of 4 images, download them for free, and print them for subsequent color refilling. 

Vidnoz Turns Photo Into Coloring Pages Example

This website is way more advanced than filtering an image. If you want to make an educational video or presentation video, Vidnoz AI Video Generator offers you quality models and templates to instantly create videos in seconds. 

You can even make your photo talk, with lip-synced mouth movements and authentic accents. The operations are simple too. Upload, Generate, and a talking photo video is created. 

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#2. Fotor: Another AI Convert Image to Coloring Pages

The mechanism of Fotor’s Photo to Coloring Page function is pretty simple, it uses filters to convert your photo into Pencil Drawing style, Ink Art, Sketch style, etc. And the outcomes are pretty similar to coloring pages. 

The image below is an example of the performance of Fotor coloring page effects. You can see that the result matches our expectations. 

Link: https://www.fotor.com/features/photo-to-coloring-page/

Fotor Turns Photos Into Coloring Pages

#3. Mimi-Panda: Transform Picture Into Coloring Page Online

The last one is also a one-click solution to generate coloring pages online. Mimi-Panda, which claims to set no limitations for users to try its coloring page converter, does adhere to its words. No ads or redirects are observed during the generation of coloring page photos. It is free to download the results. Yet the only problem is that this website delivers less persuasive outcomes than the previous two options. The lines are opaque and blurred, and many details are missing compared with the original photo.

Link: https://mimi-panda.com/coloring-page-online/

Mimi Panda Converts Photos Into Coloring Pages

Methods Comparison - Turn Picture Into Coloring Page Word/Photoshop/Canva

The options listed below are the other 3 popular tools currently. However, the methods below either need to be downloaded or require complicated manual operations to create coloring pages. Anyway, let’s take a glance at them and see if there is one tool that can help you. 

#1. Turn Pictures to coloring pages Crayola APP

Crayola App allows users to transform their daily photos into colorable works. Users upload their photos and use filters to drain the colors away, leaving only the lines and structure. This App has 100k+ downloads right now and is recommended by Teachers and parents. Kids older than 3 can have a good time with this App either on mobile phones or tablets. 

Link(Google Play): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crayolallc.crayola.color.camera&pli=1

Crayola App Turns Photos Into Coloring Pages

#2. Turn photos into coloring pages in word

Microsoft gets some handy templates for the endeavor of coloring pages. Animals, plants, buildings, whether you need a coloring page for school homework or home education, Word is a good direction to go. Yet one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that Word does not have any features to turn your existing photos into coloring pages. All you are offered are the templates. Also Read: Text to Speech Microsoft Word >>

Microsoft Word Coloring Page Template

#3. Turn photos into coloring pages Photoshop

Basically, you need to ask the ‘Filter Gallery’ for help. The function is a one-click processor to turn your photo into black and white images in 3 seconds. But the outcome of the sketch filter is kind of creepy though. Read Also: How to Face Swap in PhotoShop? >>

Turn Photos Into Coloring Pages with Photoshop


This article provides 6 practical solutions to let readers know how to turn photos into coloring pages with AI or Software. 

If you need quick and automatic methods to generate coloring pages, you are recommended to try AI methods - Vidnoz AI, Fotor, and Mimi Panda are all good options. Yet if you prefer manual creations, PhotoShop, Microsoft Word and the Crayola App are good methods too if you don’t mind the download and installation. 

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