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  • Tumblr AI Content Go Viral
  • 3 AI Art Generators for Tumblr AI Art

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Best AI Tools for Tumblr AI Videos/Art/GIF

Kevin Hart

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Want to go viral on Tumblr? Check out the best AI tools to make astonishing Tumblr AI videos, art, and GIFs that can attract enough attention!

Artificial intelligence is nothing new today. When it continues to evolve, not only the real-world problems can be easily solved but the way people create content is completely transformed. For instance, the social media platform Tumblr is also riding on the waves of change, with multiple generative AI tools developed and more on the way. 

Best Tumblr AI Tools

Today you can easily create Tumblr AI content with its generative AI tools and there are tons of choices out there. This blog will recommend the 3 best AI art Tumblr generators to help you out. Just read on and see how to make content like art, cartoons, GIFs, videos, etc. to post on Tumblr with AI.

On This Page
  • Tumblr AI Content Go Viral
  • 3 AI Art Generators for Tumblr AI Art

Tumblr AI Content Go Viral

While generative AI continues to evolve, Tumblr AI content has gone viral online. Whether you want to make Tumblr videos or images, Tumblr AI tools can be the most useful tools that come in handy. One can easily create content like AI babes Tumblr, AI Shinozaki Tumblr, AI women Tumblr, AI porn Tumblr, etc., which are all trendy topics on the platform.

With powerful algorithms, Tumblr AI tools can create content that can go viral easily. For instance, you can make Shinozaki videos and audio to engage with your audience or make delicate art images relevant to hot topics to attract attention. Most significantly, Tumblr AI tools can create high-quality content that can rival human creators.

3 AI Art Generators for Tumblr AI Art

Want to create content to go viral on Tumblr? There are plenty of AI tools that can do a great job. In this part, you can find the 3 best AI art generators to make scroll-stopping Tumblr AI art.

1. AI Face Swap

There is no lack of memes on Tumblr and face-swapping is a common practice to create trendy memes. So how to generate funny photos for Tumblr posts? Vidnoz AI Face Swap is a handy choice. With advanced algorithms, the face swapper allows you to swap the face and be whoever you want to be!

Main features:

intelligently detect the edges of the face and swap in the most accurate manner.

Offer a library of images for inspiration when you have no ideas for Tumblr AI art.

100% free to make Tumblr AI art that can attract more attention.

How to use Vidnoz AI Face Swap to make a Tumblr AI photo

Step 1. Head to Vidnoz AI Face Swap.

Step 2. Upload a face image as the base image and upload another face image as the target image.

Tumblr AI Face Swap Upload Photo

Tumblr AI Face Swap Upload Photo

Step 3. Click on the Swap Face Now button and that’s it.

Tumblr AI Face Swap Change Face

2. AI Avatar Generator

Of all the Tumblr artwork types that went viral, avatars are one of the most popular ones. The AI-generated avatars showcase unique artistic styles that can draw attention on almost all social media platforms. Want to join in? Then check out Vidnoz AI Avatar Generator, a web-based tool that allows you to create images based on text prompts.

Tumblr AI Avatar Generator

With this powerful Tumblr AI tool, you can make astonishing avatar artwork in just one click. Developed with sophisticated algorithms, the AI avatar generator can accurately recognize your prompts and create exactly what you want. What’s more, you can quickly generate unlimited avatar artworks and download them for free!

3. AI Cartoon Generator

With rich color and creative design, cartoons are a unique art style that can be quite trendy on Tumblr. While creating cartoons required expertise in the past, today you can easily make stunning cartoon images with Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator, one of the most useful Tumblr AI tools to check out. Simply apply the cartoon filters to your photos and you can generate interesting cartoon artwork instantly.

Tumblr AI Cartoon Generator

The image to cartoon generator can create a bunch of cartoon photos with artistic animation filters and you can just choose one as you see fit. Integrated with stable diffusion technology, Vidnoz AI cartoon generator can help you make attractive cartoon images that can grab enough attention.

AI Video Generator for Tumblr Videos

While images and artistic pictures are trendy on Tumblr, there is a higher demand for video on social media platforms. Compared to still images, videos are more vivid, engaging, and interesting, which can showcase your creativity better. It is also an algorithm-friendly format that can gain more traffic on Tumblr.

So how to create scroll-stopping Tumblr AI videos? Vidnoz AI is what you need. Powered by the latest AI advancement, the AI video generator can help you create extraordinary AI videos that can successfully go viral on Tumblr! Just have a look at its main features to learn more.

Turn Text into Video with AI - FREE

Generate high-quality videos from PDFs, PPTs, and URLs in one step!

200+ Video Templates for Social Media: Packed with 200+ professionally designed video templates, the AI Video Generator lets you create videos easily. From Tumblr videos to walk-through tutorials to promotional messages, you can make it hassle-free.

100+ AI Avatars: Vidnoz AI allows you to make Tumblr videos with 100+ realistic avatars. You can also upload an artistic avatar to create your own with this free AI headshot generator. What’s even better, it now comes with an advanced feature that lets you customize avatars in generated videos.

AI Voices with Multiple Languages: Along with the advanced text to speech AI tool, Vidnoz AI allows you to convert text to speech in dozens of languages. Just type in the text and you can generate natural-sounding AI voices to reach global audiences on Tumblr.

How to make Tumblr AI videos with Vidnoz AI

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz AI. Sign up with an email address(Gmail, Microsoft, LinkedIn).

Step 2. Head to the Template menu and choose a preferred template. You can also choose an avatar or upload your own to create an AI talking head free.

Tumblr AI Video Generator Choose Template

Step 3. Input the text you want to convert to speech. Choose your preferred language, speed, etc. Edit the video with the toolbar on top. Click on the Generate button to generate a video.  

Tumblr AI Video Generator Create Video

The Bottom Line

Tumblr is a perfect social media platform to showcase your artistry and creativity. The key matter is how to create stunning artwork. But worry not, with the AI tools introduced above, now you can easily create Tumblr AI videos, art, and images that can successfully grab attention. Here Vidnoz AI is certainly the best video generator you don’t want to miss out on. It can help you make stunning videos that can go viral on Tumblr or any social media alike. Just try it for free now!


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