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  • What is a Telegram AI Chatbot?
  • 3 Free Face Swap Telegram Bots AI
  • 3 Telegram AI Image Generator Bots
  • 9 Useful Telegram AI Chatbots for Daily Personal Use
  • Vidnoz AI: A Feature-Rich AI Video Generator for Telegram
  • 3 Best AI Chatbots to Integrate with Telegram for Business

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Top 19 Free Telegram AI Chatbots for Face Swap, Image Generation and More


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Are you looking for a face swap Telegram bot, Telegram AI image generator or other Telegram bots? Come and check the top 19 Telegram AI Chatbots.

As AI-powered tools have gained popularity in recent years, many Instagram users search “Telegram AI” keywords for a handy Instagram AI bot or third-party application. It helps them do more efficient and convenient work, for example, custom chatting and image and video generating/edits. This article compiles 19 helpful Telegram AI chatbots and applications for daily personal use, including free face swapping, gameplay, learning, small talk, travel, and more.

Best Telegram AI

On This Page
  • What is a Telegram AI Chatbot?
  • 3 Free Face Swap Telegram Bots AI
  • 3 Telegram AI Image Generator Bots
  • 9 Useful Telegram AI Chatbots for Daily Personal Use
  • Vidnoz AI: A Feature-Rich AI Video Generator for Telegram
  • 3 Best AI Chatbots to Integrate with Telegram for Business

What is a Telegram AI Chatbot?

A Telegram AI chatbot is a smart AI program designed to interact with users on the Telegram on the Telegram messaging app. It can understand what people say and answer their questions, do tasks, give information, and even have conversations like a person. People use these chatbots for things like helping customers, getting information, having fun, and more. Telegram AI chatbots can be taught to understand and reply to many different kinds of things that people say, so they're good for talking to people on Telegram.

3 Free Face Swap Telegram Bots AI

#Lucky Loki - AI-Powered Telegram Face Swap Bot to Make Deepfake

Lucky Loki (@ravanafs_bot) is an AI face swap app which also has a Telegram AI bot. It permits face-changing for both videos and photos. With the help of Lucky Loki, an AI-powered chatbot, you may send one face shot and select content to receive a face swap. What’s more, you can make viral memes, gender swaps, role swaps from movies, and other face-swapping effects for images, GIFs, and videos.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

#Vidnoz - Free Face Swap Tool for Telegram

A potent online tool for Telegram called Vidnoz AI Face Swap use artificial intelligence to smoothly switch faces in images and videos. It enables users to produce realistic and amusing visual effects. Its benefits include its excellent face-swapping accuracy, user-friendly interface, and capacity to generate results that look professional without the need for sophisticated editing techniques. Users can quickly and easily create entertaining and captivating footage while saving time and effort throughout the editing process with Vidnoz AI Face Swap.

#SnapFaceChange Official - AI Telegram Bot for Face-Swapping Effects

SnapFaceChange is a dedicated Telegram Chatbot for video face swapping. It can be used for not only seamless funny face-changing but also NSFW porn video generation. One thing to be clear is that it's not a free Telegram face swap bot. You have to pay $69.99 for 30 days with an access of 200 seconds video production time per day. 

3 Telegram AI Image Generator Bots

#Midjourney AnnA

Midjourney is a well-known AI art generator that can create stunning images for both common and professional use. It offers a stable and easy-to-use Telegram AI image generator bot that allows you to use all the features of Midjourney. Regretfully, using it isn't free.

#Text to Image

The Text to Image bot is a free telegram bot for image generation from prompts.It provides Stable Diffusion XL 1.0, V2 and V1-5 models to choose from when you generate images. This Artificial Intelligence Image Generator Telegram bot generates realistic images in seconds by analyzing the sent prompts. Being completely free to use, it can be unstable and slow to respond.

#ArtfabricAI Bot - A Simple Telegram AI Image Generator Bot for Art Creation

Openfabric(@OpenFabricAI) has released and will release a dozen AI bots for various modern needs. Once the users have an account and join the Openfabric AI Community on Telegram, they can easily turn their ideas into visual photos free with “/image + description” prompts on Telegram. But the/image prompt is claimed to be used within a limited amount of time for active users. The users can generate original pictures with this Telegram AI image generator on a PC, laptop or smartphone, which offers a quick and enjoyable method to transform ideas into visual artworks. You can recreate the picture if you are not satisfied with the results.

9 Useful Telegram AI Chatbots for Daily Personal Use

Here, we have collected and listed the top 10 direct AI bot links for the most possible daily usage, such as for gameplay, learning, small talk, travel, and so on.

Telegram AI Image Generator

#MARC - An OpenAI-Powered Telegram Bot for Any Inquiries

MARC(@marcbot) is an official Telegram bot provided by OpenAI where both GPT -3 and GPT -4 models are supported. With it, Telegram users can do voice memos, automated messages, and syntax highlighting. It is useful for jobs like transcribing a spoken brain dump into writing or answering questions. Besides, the bot can perform a number of tasks, including dividing GPT responses to adhere to Telegram's character restriction.

#SaveDay AI Bot - A Handy Telegram Bot for Quick Online Content Saving

SaveDay(@SaveDayBot) is an excellent Telegram AI bot for searching, making summaries, and sharing. With the help of SaveDay, users can store and record a variety of content formats, such as articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, PDFs, and web pages. The bot offers smooth management, improved productivity, and conversational interactions with PDF files. Any type of material, including downloads, links, movies, and photographs, can be forwarded to SaveDay.

#AI Text to Speech - Turn Text to Speech Audio Without Extra App

With this Telegram AI text to speech bot(@ai_text2speechbot), users can make voiceovers by inputting a script, and the AI voice reads it aloud. AI text to speech Telegram AI bot makes it possible. According to AI Text to Speech software evaluation: Compared to traditional text-to-speech with no AI tech, this Telegram AI bot features outputting natural-sounding and accurate spoken audio for a better listening experience.

Create Text-to-Speech AI Voices - FREE

Make natural voice text to speech in various languages, accents, and ethnicities. Try it free now!

#AI English Practise - Innovative AI Telegram Bot for Tailored English Learning

AI English Practice(@engpr_bot) is meant to mimic human communication and provide data, respond to inquiries, or carry out particular activities devoid of human involvement. By leveraging AI, this bot can generate related exercises according to your actual proficiency level. When you finish your task, comprehensive, easy-to-understand explanations will be given. The bot employs advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques to interpret and answer user inquiries effectively. Among the many things it provides are personalized English learning programs that assist users in becoming more fluent and expanding their vocabulary.

#Eddy Travels - Give Suggestions to Your Travels in Every Detail 

A travel assistant bot driven by artificial intelligence, Eddy Travels(@eddytravels_bot) is used on major messaging services, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others. When users tell the AI bot what they need, e.g., flight, hotel, restaurants, and the route, it will search the information immediately and give feedback to give the best deals on hotels, airlines, excursions, and other travel-related services. Voice search, group search, and other features are also available on this AI bot.

#Morty AI - A Versatile Telegram Bot with Multiple Functions

A multifunctional Telegram bot, Morty AI(@morty_ai_bot) has several functions, such as site scraping, music playing, YouTube video/audio downloading, AI chatbot, and image generating. Morty AI is the next generation of AI chatbots, able to provide more accurate answers to challenging natural language queries. Also, this bot is renowned for its quick speed and capacity to apply AI capabilities concurrently and scrape the source code of websites.

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#Unibot Sniper - Elite Dex Trading Bot & a Telegram Uniswap Sniper

Unibot Sniper(@unibotsniper_bot) helps people automatically generate enormous profits by imitating profitable traders and it also helps identify new token launches and DEX liquidity. With UniBot, users can effortlessly monitor their gains and losses, providing comprehensive information to verify trading tactics. 

The chance of falling victim to a front-run or sandwich attack is reduced using UniBot's private trades, which are impervious to Miner Extractable Value (MEV) bot weaknesses. A fail guard sell mechanism is built into the bot to improve trading security. Quick and simple transactions are made possible by UniBot's streamlining of the trading process, which is especially useful when responding to suggestions or time-sensitive information on Telegram. With its smart design specifically for Telegram, UniBot aims to be an easy-to-use and effective solution for cryptocurrency traders.

#Evercopy AI Marketing Copywriter - Write to Increase Twitter Growth

Evercopy(@evercopy_bot) is an AI Telegram bot that creates compelling, conversion-focused copy that is customized for each company and target market. The AI algorithms are amazing; they're like having a professional copywriter at your side. Evercopy is a helpful tool that makes managing information and creating reports simple. For marketing professionals and enterprises, the AI marketing telegram’s powerful text editing features and project presentation production make it an invaluable resource.

Vidnoz AI: A Feature-Rich AI Video Generator for Telegram

Users can easily make captivating videos for Telegram with the help of Vidnoz AI, thanks to its revolutionary and feature-rich AI video generator. The platform is positioned as a game-changer in the field of video creation. It is the perfect tool for Telegram video marketing since it is made to meet the demands of users who need more expertise in video editing. 

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Vidnoz AI's salient characteristics:

  • Text/PPT to Video Conversion: With access to a collection of more than 300 templates, users can turn text or PowerPoint presentations into AI movies in under a minute.
  • Realistic Talking Avatars: Users can incorporate realistic AI avatars into their videos with Vidnoz AI's collection of over 100 authentic AI voices and avatars.
  • Support for Multilingual Content: With the platform's support for more than 140 languages, users can also produce videos in many languages to reach a worldwide viewership.
  • Advanced Video Editing: Vidnoz AI offers a number of sophisticated video editing tools, such as the capacity to include graphics, stickers, audio, transitions, and more, all of which can improve the overall look and feel of the video.

3 Best AI Chatbots to Integrate with Telegram for Business

Telegram AI chatbots are automated programs that interact with users on the messaging app Telegram by using NLP and ML techniques. They provide a useful way for companies to communicate with clients and expedite some processes. It is advised that businesses utilize Telegram BotFather to create their own AI chatbots if they want to use them for customer service and other similar tasks. That helps a lot.

The following are the top three Telegram AI chatbots for business use:

#Botpress: The Most Popular Telegram AI Chatbot for Customer Support

It’s a powerful, open-sourced ChatGPT-based AI chatbot that both individuals and teams enjoy. Many companies' sales and support teams use Botpress to automate competitive tasks, enhance customer service, and achieve 24/7 availability. It offers 1,000 free messages per month and a paid subscription. 

#Quickchat AI: No-code Platform for Personalized Telegram AI Assistant

A no-code platform for a customized Telegram AI helper is called Quickchat AI. With the help of this platform, users can quickly create a knowledge base and establish the conversation style for this assistant bot. It also supports OpenAI GPT and offers more than 100 languages to cater to clients globally. 

#ManyChat: Telegram AI Chat Marketing Partner to Increase Sales & Engagement

A million people worldwide use the AI assistant ManyChat. It should be connected with Telegram via BotFather, much like the other two services. Lead creation, order status updates, tailored suggestions, faster response times, improved scalability, and seamless marketing are just a few of the advantages and functionalities that ManyChat provides.


We've put together a list of 19 helpful AI telegram tools and bots in this post. These can be used for a variety of tasks, including picture creation and customer service. Furthermore, we have included details on Botpress, Quickchat AI, and ManyChat—three of the best AI chatbots for integrating with Telegram for business. Vidnoz’s AI video generator enables users to easily make captivating videos to improve AI marketing telegram. With its wide range of features and abilities, Vidnoz AI makes video creation simple and accessible to all users, regardless of expertise level. Give it a try to increase your Telegram marketing!



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