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On This Page
  • Remaker AI Face Swap Core Features and the Limitations
  • You Need to Be Prudent When Using Face Swap AI Tools
  • Free Remaker AI Face Swap Alternative - Video Face Swap
  • Free Remaker AI Face Swap - Multiple Face Swap 
  • Dig Into the Face Swap Technologies - What You Can Do?

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Remaker AI Face Swap Alternative: Free Video Face Swap, Multiple Face Swap

Gary Henderson

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No need to buy credits or download Remaker AI apk to unblock. See a free alternative of this website that delivers free services.

As the most powerful online face swap tool so far, millions of users are captivated by Remaker AI face swap features, which include photo face swap, video face swap, and multiple face swap. It is a pleasure to do free experiments with selfies, videos, classic movie segments, and funny GIF memes. While you unleash your imagination to the heart’s content, there are limitations too, including free try restrictions, NSFW photo & video restrictions, and some inevitable costs. This article will tell you if it’s worth it to download this app or just leverage its online services. And another most frequently asked question - any other most cost-effective alternative for this tool or is it the only option in this market? Read on to know all the answers!

Remaker AI Face Swap Cover

On This Page
  • Remaker AI Face Swap Core Features and the Limitations
  • You Need to Be Prudent When Using Face Swap AI Tools
  • Free Remaker AI Face Swap Alternative - Video Face Swap
  • Free Remaker AI Face Swap - Multiple Face Swap 
  • Dig Into the Face Swap Technologies - What You Can Do?

Remaker AI Face Swap Core Features and the Limitations

We love this site for its convenience in processing everything online, with no ads, no registration, and no download (an app version is available for those who need it). But if you presume this site only majors in face-changing features, then it is a huge mistake. Remaker AI masters in the area of AI image generator, offering a slew of tools including but not limited to ‘image upsaler’, ‘object remover’, and ‘AI editor’.

Remaker AI Face Swap Three Features

Some core features of Remaker AI Face Swap:

#1. Ordinary face swap for images

This service is free. You can upload any images and stem the faces in the photos. Remaker AI face swap supports the batch creation of refacing photos. All the operations are just foolproof, no learning curve is required. Only one thing should be noticed - you need to upload images with clear, front faces, or Remaker AI won’t be able to process the photos. 

#2. Multiple face swap for images (4 credits each time)

As the name suggests, you can replace more than one face in a photo. This service is not for free though. Each time you use this function and the generation takes away 4 credits. You will be given 30 free credits while you first enter this website with your Google account. And then after several generations, it costs at least $2.99 (150 credits) for more chances.

#3. Video face swap (Paid service, must buy credits to use this service)

This feature allows you to change any face in videos (except for NSFW videos). Mainstream formats are supported and the only limit is your uploaded video should not be over 500MB. Moreover, you must use videos that show clear front faces, and no obvious obstacles on the faces. then you can replace the faces with any other face you upload in a photo. 

This website also provides a slew of trending videos for you to have a quick try. Some hot meme videos, and rival TikTok dancing videos are exhibited for you to choose from. 

Limitations of Remaker AI Face Swap 

The most evident of Remaker AI’s slew of face swap tools is they are not for free basically. And here are the collection of reviews by its users.

  • The video face swap produces only short videos
  • The generation is slow
  • Users cannot try many times after all they use up free credits

Bonus question: do you need a Remaker AI apk? 

For sure, everyone knows APK is the free version of apps, which is attractive given that Remaker AI requires credit whenever you go. But very bad news, the APK version is also issued by Remaker AI itself, which means no unblocked features can be leveraged for free (the video face swap function, e.g.)

Seek for a totally free-of-charge video face swap online tool? Try Vidnoz Face Swap - most users’ love on the Internet, no ads, no credits, and no limitations on the type of your video (NSFW content is allowed)

You Need to Be Prudent When Using Face Swap AI Tools

Cast aside the limitations of Remaker AI face swap, here are some downsides of using AI face swap tools - some of them may overturn your first impression of AI technology and destroy the user experience. 

#1. The Legal Usage:

Actually, you cannot use celebrities’ faces to do face swap photos or videos. But given that the fun of doing face swap is making celebrity memes and something else, so if you don’t transmit the outcome and use the celebrity face swap photos/videos for commercial usages, everything will be fine.

#2. No Log Policy:

You must have noticed that every AI face swap website makes you upload your images before the magic transmission. The question is whether these websites keep your private photos in their database or not. If so, it is quite dangerous since no one knows what they gonna do with your photos. Making a secondhand profit by selling your photos or doing loans. 

It is easy to find a bullet-proof solution to prevent all the bad situations from happening above - using a censored, safe, and reliable AI website. And Vidnoz AI is the ideal one that surpasses its millions of competitors in all degrees. 

Free Remaker AI Face Swap Alternative - Video Face Swap

Offering nearly all the face swap features you can find from Remaker AI face swap, Vidnoz AI asserts itself by making all its services for free. Multiple face swap, video face swap (long video supported), and ordinary photo face swap. This is where you can really do unlimited AI experiments without paying for anything. 

AI Video Face Swap Example

Key Feature
  • HD face swap video - totally free
  • No watermark face swap video (premium feature)
  • Free face swap features - photos and GIFs
  • Multiple face swap for free

The interface is clean, and the operations are straightforward. No redirects, no ads, and plugins, 100% green website to do an exploration. The only thing required is your Google account. 

How to Reface Videos with Vidnoz AI?

Step 1. Navigate to Vidnoz AI Face Swap. 

Step 2. Upload a base video that you want to change the face in it. 

AI Video Face Swap for Videos

Step 3. Upload another target photo that contains the face you want to put in the videos in the last step.

Step 4. Hit the 'Swap Face Now' to get your face swap video for free. 

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

Free Remaker AI Face Swap - Multiple Face Swap 

Check MioCreate's free multiple face swap tool, dozens free chances to swap your family photos or team photos. Accuracy in body merging, and natural performance in facial adjustment, MioCreate is so far one of the best options to swap faces. 

Multiple Face Swap by MioCreate

Key Feature
  • Free face swap everyday
  • Accurately exchange photos one by one
  • Market-leading performance in stemming faces
  • Natural facial expressions adjustment

How to swap multiple faces on MioCreate?

Step 1. Navigate to https://www.miocreate.com/multiple-face-swap.html.

Step 2. Upload a photo that contains a group of people's faces.

Step 3. Let MioCreate process this image and exchange the faces with your other reference photos accordingly.

Example of Multiple Face Swap

Step 4. Check the result. The image below is an example. 

Result for Multiple Face Swap


Dig Into the Face Swap Technologies - What You Can Do?

For ordinary face swap photos:

1. Produce headshots for your resumes. 

Super practical usage to swap your face with a suit guy. No need to find a camera or green drop to generate the rectangle profile picture.

2. Generate funny gender swap photos.

You can put your friend’s head onto a girl/grandpa/Santa Claus’s body to make fun of them.

3. Celebrity face swap photos.

You can be another Emma Stone, Tom Holland if you change your face to their bodies. But do bear the profile policy in mind or you may be caught in a lawsuit.

4. Age Swap

You can also put your young face onto the recent photos, to make yourself look younger.

Face Swap in Films

Multiple face swap:

1. Family photo

Make funny pranks to your families by adding a stranger’s face to your family photo. 

2. Fake travel photo

Especially practical when some of your best friends fail to travel with you, no need to use Photoshop, just swap the face and it looks as if he/she is just there with you!

Video face swap:

1. NSFW content

Vidnoz AI does not restrict its users to generate certain types of content. You can create short steamy videos base on your demands. A thing worth noticing is that the generation of long videos is paid service.

2. Celebrity video 

Create funny meme videos by changing the words and expressions in the videos. You can generate hilarious Donald Trump videos with new scripts and produce lip-syncing videos.

3. Film replacement - you are the main character

Stem the faces of actors and actresses with your own face. You can be in a film with AI’s help. 


This article introduces the overall status of the website - Remaker AI Face Swap. And according to the practical experience after leading serval face swaps. This website is actually perfect regardless of its credit system. Many are seeking an APK version of the Remaker AI app, but that's no use. They still have to pay for credits, around $2.99 for 150 credits (which equals 40 times generations). And Vidnoz AI Face Swap, as a 100% free product for AI face swap, text to speech, and AI video generator, is a optimum alternative of Remaker AI. Please try it and you will know what I am talking about.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!


Gary Henderson

Gary Henderson once was the most-viewed writer under Quora's 'screen recorder' catagory. You can still find him professionally solving people's puzzles that related to videos, screenshots and gaming.