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On This Page
  • Who Is Queen Elsa Voice in Frozen?
  • Quick Compare of Your Queen Elsa Voice Changers
  • The 5 Best AI Queen Elsa Voice Tools: Make AI Cover or Make You Sound Like Elsa
  • How to Clone Queen Elsa Voice Using the Best AI Voice Changer?

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Top 3 Queen Elsa Voice Changers - Make Your Elsa AI Cover Songs Easily

Lora Lopez

Updated on

Need a Queen Elsa voice changer? Read this article for the 5 Elsa voice changers that allow uploading/recording audio and inputting texts to make Elsa voice.

Though Frozen II is a 2019 film, the freezing magic of Queen Elsa has stretched out the screen and extended till now. Many fans, from carefree young kids, and lost teenagers, to run-down adults, all are still encouraged by the brave, courageous, firm Queen Elsa Voice, especially the catchy song Let It Go.

Queen Elsa Voice

After appreciating the charm of Let It Go, many of Elsa’s fans are not satisfied and are willing to listen to her sing more songs. What has been a great help in making it come true is the AI Elsa voice changers, which will be introduced in this article and help users make their Elsa voice.

On This Page
  • Who Is Queen Elsa Voice in Frozen?
  • Quick Compare of Your Queen Elsa Voice Changers
  • The 5 Best AI Queen Elsa Voice Tools: Make AI Cover or Make You Sound Like Elsa
  • How to Clone Queen Elsa Voice Using the Best AI Voice Changer?

Who Is Queen Elsa Voice in Frozen?

Prior to that, it is very natural and helpful for us to know who is behind Elsa. Who is the voice of Elsa in Frozen? How about other main characters?

Elsa of Arendelle is voiced by Idina Menzel in both Frozen and its sequel, Frozen II. She also released the famous song, Let It Go, which hit No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Elsa Frozen Voice Actor Idina Menzel

There are also many other voiceover artists who bring these roles to life, including Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell, Josh Gad as Olaf, etc. If you like Elsa and other characters’ voices, an AI Elsa voice changer is not to be missed.

Quick Compare of Your Queen Elsa Voice Changers

  Free Trial AI Text-to-Speech Upload Record YouTube Link
Vidnoz AI Voice Changer Yes Yes
Fineshare Yes Yes
FakeYou Yes Yes
Kits AI Yes Yes
Voicify AI No; No Free Trial Yes

The 5 Best AI Queen Elsa Voice Tools: Make AI Cover or Make You Sound Like Elsa

This article has tested and chosen and 5 of the voice generators/changers that have performed well in the test. To cater to more users’ needs, the chosen tools are outstanding in different aspects. Now keep reading and check out how they can help you make Elsa Frozen AI voice.

#1 Vidnoz AI Voice Changer - Free TTS/Upload/Record to Get Queen Elsa Voice

Vidnoz AI Voice Changer ranks first due to its high-level realistic Queen Elsa voice like natural intonation & pause, and quick generation, what’s more, it is free to use.

This Elsa Frozen AI voice changer uses cutting-edge AI voice cloning tech to analyze and mimic the source voice’s characteristics, pitch, tone, intonation, etc., and then the well-trained AI machine can generate speech according to your input texts or your audio.

If you are looking for a free online voice changer that allows you to record/upload audio to make your custom AI voice for Elsa, this tool from Vidnoz is an ideal choice.

Core Pros:

✍ Free Elsa Frozen AI Voice Generator: no need to pay and subscribe to paid plans, just sign up for an account, and you can make Elsa Frozen voice.

✍ Realistic & Natural Queen Elsa Voice: by analyzing, breaking down, and composing Elsa’s voice, this tool outputs natural and accurate cloned voice results as if she has said those words.

✍ Text-to-Speech, Upload, & Record: it supports text-to-speech voice generation; you can also record and upload Elsa’s voice to clone.

✍ Cross-platform & Compatible with All Devices: as a web-based AI voice changer, it requires no downloading or installing-you can directly use it on PC/Mac/iPhone/Android phone.

✍ Multiple Formats Support: you can upload recorded Elsa voice audio files in formats like wav, mp3, aac, ogg, as well as mp4.


  • Does not support converting YouTube links directly.

If you are looking for a free online realistic Elsa voice changer, this app from Vidnoz will be your firm helper.

#2 Fineshare - Upload Audio to Make Queen Elsa Voice

Fineshare is an AI voice changer with pre-made queen Elsa voice, allowing you to record and upload audio to convert into Elsa’s version.

Fineshare Upload Audio to Make Queen Elsa Voice

As an online Elsa Frozen AI voice generator, it also offers a PC version. If you need offline use, this app is your choice. What’s more, this app also ranks high because of its diverse voices: SpongeBob, Patrick Star, and other cartoon characters, as well as celebrities like Obama AI voice, etc. 

However, if you prefer text-to-speech conversion, this tool may fail to satisfy you. Keep reading and check the following one.

  • Trained Elsa Frozen voice.
  • Quick conversion.
  • Support audio formats: mp3, wav, and m4a.
  • It only allows recording 15 seconds of audio/upload a 3 MB audio file.
  • Lack of support for TTS.

#3 FakeYou - Fanmade Elsa Voice Changer

FakeYou is a cartoon and celebrity text-to-speech voice changer. There are many fanmade voices of anime/cartoons/celebrities, including Frozen Elsa.

FakeYou Elsa Voice Changer

If you are interested in anime AI voices, FakeYou will be your place since it collects thousands of fanmade voices.

Using this TTS tool, you can turn text into your favorite Elsa’s speaking voice, letting her say whatever you want. As a tool that offers a free trial, you can download the generated audio if you like. Please note that the audio you made will be visible and accessible to all visitors in the community.

  • Diverse fanmade voices including Elsa Frozen voice.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • No preview of the voices - you can only view your result after generation.

#4 Kits AI Elsa Frozen Voice Brazil Version

Kits AI is absolutely a good online AI voice generator due to its high-quality processing of the audio uploaded. It collected Elsa Frozen AI voice trained from Elsa’s Brazil voiceover artist. Moreover, apart from Disney roles, it also provides Darth Vader AI voice and the voices of other films.

Kits AI Elsa Frozen AI Voice Brazil Version

Using this tool, you can either upload/record your audio file, use free demo audio, or enter YouTube link to convert the song into Queen Elsa songs in a few clicks. It generates a natural singing voice while keeping Elsa’s voice pitch, accent, etc.

Another point you need to pay attention to is that Kits AI now no longer supports community voices, but you can still access them for personal use. Besides, it only offers a voice from Brazil Elsa Frozen voice actor.

  • High-quality Elsa Frozen singing voice.
  • Support insert a YouTube link to convert in 1 click.
  • Offer free demo audio.
  • Only Elsa Frozen voice from her Brazil voice over actor.

#5 Voicify. AI - Paid Queen Elsa Voice Changer

Voicify. AI is another choice for Elsa Frozen AI voice. This paid AI voice generator supports users to convert YouTube song links and text to Elsa singing.

Voicify AI Queen Elsa Voice

What makes it special is that this app allows users to create duets with multiple voices now as a new feature. If you like, you can add Elsa and Anna voices, as well as the voice of Olaf and other roles to make a beautiful duet.

If you are a fan of Queen Elsa songs, this AI voice changer will be a good one.

  • Support generating duets with several voices.
  • Automatically extract acapella from your uploaded audio.
  • Paid tool with no free trial.

How to Clone Queen Elsa Voice Using the Best AI Voice Changer?

Have you decided which to choose as your Elsa voice changer? With features designed for different scenarios and needs, they can help you make Queen Elsa voice in different situations. And you can choose as you prefer.

But comprehensively speaking, Vidnoz AI Voice Changer will be the most recommended one since it is free, high-quality, realistic, quick, and easy to use. Now, learn how to make Elsa Frozen voice effortlessly.

Step 1. Click the button below to sign up for an account so that you can use and download better > then go to the Vidnoz AI Voice Changer site.

Step 2. Choose Custom AI Voice > Upload an audio > upload your recorded audio file of Elsa’s voice. The audio should be over 10 seconds for the AI tool to analyze Elsa’s voice.

Upload Queen Elsa Voice

Step 3. Then upload your prepared audio file as a script > click Clone Voice Now. Also, you can directly record the audio, or input text to let Elsa say your lines.

Upload Audio or Input Text Record to Clone Elsa Frozen Voice Now

Step 4. After generating, play the converted Elsa Frozen singing voice and download as you like.

Play and Download Queen Elsa Voice AI Cover

As a versatile AI tool, Vidnoz offers not only a voice changer, but also useful features like face swap that allows you to change your face with Elsa’s face, a free AI avatar generator to generate Elsa PFP for you, an AI cartoon generator to make AI portraits free, etc.

The Bottom Line

The 5 best Queen Elsa Voice Changers have been introduced with their features, edges, and shortcomings. According to different interests and needs, you can turn to your preferred ones.

Among them, the voice generator from Vidnoz AI won’t let you down due to its diverse celebrity/cartoon voices; this app allows you to make not only Elsa Frozen AI voice, but also celebrities’ voices like Donald Trump AI voice.


Lora Lopez

Lora Lopez, an IT- centric SEO writer, delivers concise tutorials and software reviews to solve common IT challenges. With a focus on user-friendly content about AI tools, she offers practical solutions and insights to help readers effortlessly navigate the dynamic world of information technology.