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On This Page
  • Benefits of Creating Caricature from Photo
  • 6 Best Photo to Caricature Online Free Generator in 2024
  • How to Create Caricature from Photo with Online Caricature Maker
  • Bonus Tip: How to Create Caricature AI Video with Talking Avatar 
  • FAQs About Photo to Caricature AI 

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6 Best Photo to Caricature Maker: Turn Photo to Cartoon Free

Beling Luara

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Want to create caricature from photo for free? Check out the 6 best photo to caricature online free tools to convert photo to caricature in seconds.

Showing the feature of the subject in a distorted way, caricatures are so stylish and interesting to use on social media. Today, many people use photo to caricature tools to cartoonize themselves or make funny images. These tools are often AI-powered, which can make excellent caricatures just like professionals.

Best 6 Photo to Caricature Tools

Want to make your own caricature but don’t know which tool to use? Don’t worry, this blog has got you covered. Just keep reading to find the 6 best photo to caricature online tools that can help you turn photo to caricature, plus the best AI video generator to make the caricature talk!

On This Page
  • Benefits of Creating Caricature from Photo
  • 6 Best Photo to Caricature Online Free Generator in 2024
  • How to Create Caricature from Photo with Online Caricature Maker
  • Bonus Tip: How to Create Caricature AI Video with Talking Avatar 
  • FAQs About Photo to Caricature AI 

Benefits of Creating Caricature from Photo

Why is caricature so popular and why do you want to turn a photo into caricature? Just check out the benefits in the following.

Compared to a plain photo, a caricature is simply more eye-catching. It’s the most popular type of avatar, which can better showcase your personality on social media.

Whether you want to promote your social media profile or boost sales online, caricature is a useful method. It can successfully draw the attention of your audience, enhance your brand recognition, and make conversions.

Turning photos to caricature is a brand new way of producing visual art. You can also work as an NFT creator to make unique caricature artwork, which can be traded as NFT collectibles.

6 Best Photo to Caricature Online Free Generator in 2024

Are you tempted to make your own caricature now? In this part, you can find the 6 best photo to caricature online tools that are widely recommended. Don’t miss out.

1. PhotoCartoon

PhotoCartoon is a great photo to caricature online free tool that can help you turn photos to caricatures, paintings, drawings, cartoons, etc. You can apply multiple cartoon filters such as vintage, pencil drawing, sketch, etc., or add special effects like frames, customized backgrounds, and clusters. The AI cartoon generator also allows you to edit the image, adjust brightness, and add text after the caricature is generated.

Photo to Caricature - PhotoCartoon


  • photo to caricature maker online free
  • Software for Windows available
  • Simple image editing features
  • Multiple effects and filters


  • Photo to caricature with watermarks
  • Basic output quality
  • No advanced customizations

2. Fotor Online Caricature Maker

Fotor online caricature maker is a very practical online photo editor, ask AI to draw and get stunning caricatures in seconds. You can use it to create caricature AI from pictures or text. Just upload your portrait photo and you can get several face changes, including face morphing, facial animation, and more. Moreover, realistic emotions can be applied to the face, from flirty winks to sad faces to surprised expressions. You can easily make caricature effects, turning an ordinary face into a unique one to reflect the personality.

Fotor Online Caricature Maker


  • Make a caricature online free from text or image
  • Various funny and dramatic animation styles
  • Vivid caricature AI effect based on original photos 
  • No watermark


  • Slow processing
  • Sometimes glitches
  • Free trial time is limited

3. ToonApp AI Cartoon Picture App

ToonApp is a powerful photo editor as well as a photo to caricature AI app compatible with Android and iOS. This AI cartoon generator app can cartoonize your selfie, add AI manga filters, and turn any photo into a caricature with just a few taps. In addition, the app allows you to create face animations, add remarkable backgrounds, and export images with funny caricature layouts.

Photo to Caricature - Toonapp


  • Free selfie/photo to caricature app
  • Animation effects available
  • Built-in image editor
  • Easy to use


  • In-app ads
  • Limited free features
  • Works better for selfies

4. Face Caricature

Face Caricature is an app that can turn a photo to caricature on iOS. The caricature maker allows you to take photos directly from the camera or create a caricature from the Photo Album. The caricature it generated is highly stylish. You can create professional quality caricatures and instantly share the output images to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and email.

Photo to Caricature - Face Caricature


  • Creative photo to caricature generator
  • Save and share to social media
  • High-resolution caricature output
  • Simple & easy to use


  • No customization features
  • No image editing features
  • Frequent glitches

5. Befunky

Befunky is a useful online editor that allows you to apply photo effects and create photo collages. Just head to the Artsy section and you can create caricatures easily. Befunky offers a plethora of filters for caricatures and you can adjust the effect details to your liking. Whether you want to cartoonize yourself, your pet, or a landscape, Befunky is a handy photo to caricature free online tool to check out.

Photo to Caricature - Befunky


  • Artistic photo to caricature online tool
  • Intuitive to use
  • Powerful photo editor for face swap online free
  • Mobile apps available


  • Limited free features
  • Poor customer support
  • Crashes very frequently

6. Media.io

Media.io is an AI-powered platform for image, video, and audio editing. It has a free photo to caricature online tool that allows you to turn photos into hilarious caricatures with just one click. With the power of AI, Media.io can quickly analyze facial features and transform photos into multiple cartoon variations. You can turn your photos into works of caricature art with different exaggerated effects.

Photo to Caricature - Mediaio



  • Fewer customization effects
  • Photo to caricature with watermarks
  • No animated effects

How to Create Caricature from Photo with Online Caricature Maker

With the 6 best photo to caricature AI tools recommended above, the process of converting your portrait into caricature becomes an easy thing. You just need to choose the best online caricature maker from the list above according to your needs, upload your own photos, and let AI do the rest. The following example will demonstrate the use of Fotor to create caricature from photo.

Step 1. Go to Fotor website, sign in with your Google account, no sign up needed.

Step 2. You can create caricature from text or from image. Click Upload Image to select the photo you want to cartoonize. 

Create Caricature from Photo Fotor 

Step 3. Fotor offers you a lot of photo styles to choose. You can choose to cartoonize yourself. Click Generate and you can get dramatic caricature AI of yourself. 

Upload Image to Create Caricature from Photo

While Fotor does a great job of converting photo to caricature AI, its credit is limited. When the trial runs out, you need to subscribe for more Credits. Fortunately, their prices are within a reasonable range.

Bonus Tip: How to Create Caricature AI Video with Talking Avatar 

Now you know the 6 best online caricature makers to create caricature from photo. There’s also one more useful tool you definitely need to check out - Vidnoz AI, the best AI video generator that can make your caricature talk like real humans. You can make interesting talking head videos with your caricature speaking realistic speech. Just have a look at the main features as follows.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 900+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Multiple Benefits of Vidnoz AI as a free caricature maker online 

  • Make Videos with Caricature Talking Photo

With Vidnoz AI, you can make your caricature talk in one click. Just upload the image to the platform to get started. With 470+ AI lip sync voices, Vidnoz AI is the most intelligent video creation tool that can make your caricature speak vividly and lively!  

  • 50+ AI Talking Avatar

Vidnoz AI is the best AI avatar generator, which offers 50+ AI talking avatars with the capabilities of voiceovers and gestures. Whether you are looking for a realistic human avatar or an artistic face caricature, the platform has got you covered.

  • Customize Talking Caricature Avatar

Vidnoz AI can not only generate talking photo online free but also allows you to customize your talking caricature avatar with the built-in editor. You can convert text to speech, add text, images, background music, etc., and make dynamic videos with your caricature avatar.

  • 600+ Video Templates to Start Easily

Don’t know where to begin with video creation? Don’t worry, Vidnoz AI has 200+ video templates to help you get started. No video editing skills are needed, just select a template and you can easily export talking head videos with a few clicks.

How to Use Vidnoz to Make Caricature AI Talking Video

Step 1. Head to Vidnoz AI. Sign up with an email address(Gmail, Microsoft, LinkedIn).

Step 2. In the library, go to Avatars > Upload your photo to upload your caricature.

Photo to Caricature Vidnoz AI Upload Caricature

Step 3. Select the voice and speed, and click on the Generate this talking photo button.

Photo to Caricature Vidnoz AI Generate Talking Photo

Step 4. Input the text that needs to be converted to audio. Click on the Generate button to generate an AI talking head free.

Photo to Caricature Vidnoz AI Edit Video

FAQs About Photo to Caricature AI 

Q1. What is the best free caricature maker online?

A: By testing the 6 caricature makers recommended above, each of them has its unique features. Choose one according to your needs, and you can turn a portrait or face into a distorted caricature right from your browser.

Q2. How do I turn a photo into a caricature for free?

A: Just use the photo to caricature online tools and apps introduced above and you can turn a picture into a caricature for free.

Q3. Can I create caricature from photo of myself?

A: Yes you can. All you need to do is upload a selfie to a caricature maker, for instance, the 6 recommended options in this blog. Then you can make a caricature of yourself easily.

Final Words

With the 6 best options of photo to caricature online free tools, generating a caricature is as easy as breathing. Meanwhile, don’t forget to try Vidnoz. Just upload the caricature and input the text, and the intelligent video platform can help you make your caricature speak in natural-sounding AI voices in one click. It’s the best tool to make your caricature even more dynamic. Just try it for free now!

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 800+ realistic AI avatars of different races
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  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

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