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  • What is Microsoft Sam?
  • 3 Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator - Free, Easy, Quick
  • Better Sam Software Automatic Mouth Alternative – Vidnoz AI 

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Top 3 Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator to Recreate the Classic Voice

Clytze Byers

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Want to reveal the Microsoft Sam voice? This article will walk you through exploring 3 online Microsoft Sam TTS generators to get the classic Sam voice back.

In the digital age, technology for text to speech has evolved significantly. Early text to speech Sam Software Automatic Mouth impressed people a lot. Microsoft Sam features a robotic, slightly monotone voice that represents the nostalgic element of the TTS realm. How to recreate the classic Sam text-to-speech voice? This article will recommend 3 online Microsoft Sam TTS generators with good performance. As today's text to speech technology continues to mature, you will have access to the best TTS tool. Please don't miss it!

Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator

On This Page
  • What is Microsoft Sam?
  • 3 Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator - Free, Easy, Quick
  • Better Sam Software Automatic Mouth Alternative – Vidnoz AI 

What is Microsoft Sam?

Sam Software Automatic Mouth is a very small text-to-speech (TTS) program written in JavaScript. It is part of the Speech API (SAPI), which is a collection of tools and interfaces developed by Microsoft for speech recognition and synthesis. Microsoft Sam is used in many Microsoft products, such as the “Narrator” in Windows OS and other applications that require text-to-speech functionality. Meanwhile, Microsoft Sam is the default text-to-speech male voice in Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP, used to perform various tasks such as administrative tasks, reading, and entertainment.

3 Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator - Free, Easy, Quick

Option 1. FakeYou – Realistic Sam Voice Generator

As the best Sam voice generator, FakeYou is popular for its ability to generate extremely realistic Microsoft Sam Software Automatic Mouth TTS. It offers an extensive library of voices, including the classic Microsoft Sam voice. 

FakeYou Sam Voice Generator

FakeYou’s main features include:

  • High realism: FakeYou excels at creating TTS audio that closely resembles the real Microsoft Sam voice, making it ideal for users looking for a lifelike experience.
  • Advanced customization: It provides advanced customization options, allowing users to adjust Microsoft Sam audio pitch, speed, and even add certain emotional elements to the generated audio.
  • Multi-format support: It supports multiple file formats, giving users the flexibility to export and use the generated Microsoft Sam TTS audio.


  • The interface of FakeYou is a bit complicated.
  • The process of text to speech takes slightly longer.

Option 2. TETYYS - Easiest Microsoft Sam Voice Generator

If you are looking for a simple and fast online Microsoft Sam TTS generator, then TETYYS is your best choice. It is known for its intuitive interface and quick generated results. It not only provides you with the classic Sam TTS, but also reproduces the sound of Bonzi Buddy.

TETYYS Microsoft Sam Voice Generator

Key aspects of TETYYS include:

  • User-friendly interface: The homepage of TETYYS is simple and intuitive, making it an ideal choice for those who want to generate Sam software automatic mouth quickly and without hassle.
  • Basic customization: While not as feature-rich as FakeYou, it offers basic customization options that allow users to make subtle adjustments to pitch and speed.
  • Fast generation results: It has the ability to generate Sam audio quickly, ensuring you can generate Microsoft Sam TTS without unnecessary delays. 


  • Lacks extensive text-to-speech customization options.
  • The generated voice has less authenticity than the real Sam voice.
  • Free download of generated audio is not supported.

Option 3. Text to Voice Robot – Customizable Online Microsoft TTS Generator

Text to Voice Robot is another online Microsoft Sam TTS generator that you can try. It excels at simulating the unique Microsoft Sam voice to provide users with a realistic and recognizable TTS experience. Similar to other leading TTS generators, Text-to-Speech Bot prioritizes user-friendliness, providing an easy-to-use interface. 

Text to Voice Robot

What this tool can bring to you:

  • Multi-language: It goes beyond the limitations of a single language. The popular languages are all selectable. 
  • Adjust Sam voice at will: You can choose the voice you like and customize the pitch, speed, mouth, and throat. It offers the Microsoft Sam voice parameters for you shown as in the picture. 


  • Users who need to generate Sam TTS quickly may experience occasional delays.
  • Authenticity needs to be improved.

Better Sam Software Automatic Mouth Alternative – Vidnoz AI 

While the original Microsoft Sam was a step forward in speech, it sounded a bit robotic or unnatural compared to other mature technologies, lacking the expressiveness of human speech. For a more natural and voice-rich text-to-speech tool, Vidnoz AI is worth a try. 

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

It's unanimously considered the most realistic and fastest-generating text-to-speech tool. It provides you with a large number of voice libraries, not limited to Microsoft Sam, you can use this AI voice changer to create the president's voice, SpongeBob’s voice, and singer's voice to generate speech from text. Let's take a look at its wonders.

Highlights you can benefit from Vidnoz:

  • Rich text to speech voice library: Vidnoz AI provides numerous voices, providing a variety of options for the text-to-speech, from Obama AI voice, to Joker AI voice, etc.
  • Create free and fast text-to-speech: This text to speech AI generates speech results quickly and without delay, free of charge.
  • Create TTS with AI talking head: You can create text to speech with AI talking head free, making your speech result more engaging and attractive. 
  • Advanced technology produces realistic speech: It uses advanced algorithms and technology to create realistic and natural text-to-speech, with emotional intonations without being stiff.
  • Multiple language voices to choose from: Vidnoz AI allows text-to-speech in most languages, making it suitable for people from different language backgrounds.
  • Free to download and share freely: Text-to-speech results generated using Vidnoz AI can be downloaded for free and shared on any platform.

In addition to the text to speech tool you need most, Vidnoz also has many free AI tools for your entertainment. Such as face swap, AI talking head, AI headshots free, etc., helping you create more interesting images and sounds.

How to use Vidnoz to create human-like text to speech:

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz AI website and sign up with your account.

Step 2. Navigate to AI Voice Changer, choose a celebrity voice to do the TTS work, and input the text into the box.  

Sam Voice Generator Vidnoz AI

Step 3. Change the language and speed you want, and then click Change Voice Now to generate realistic text to speech. And then share it with your friends and family. 


There are two tools that can create text to speech. Go to Free AI Tools > AI Text to Speech or AI Voice Changer. The difference is that Voice Changer allows you to pick up a celebrity voice to do the speech from text, while Text to Speech lets you convert more text to speech at once.

Final Words 

To conclude, if you desire the best online Microsoft Sam TTS generator, in this tutorial, you can find the most suitable choice. Whether it is FakeYou, TETYYS, or Text to Voice Robot, each has its own advantages, choose the one that suits you best. In addition, if you are looking for a text-to-speech tool that is more human-like and has rich intonation, the authenticity of Vidnoz will shock you. Come and try it!


Clytze Byers

Clytze is an experienced and professional SEO content writer at Vidnoz. She has used her experience and technology to help many users deal with their tech problems.