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On This Page
  • Freddie Mercury: A Musical Maestro 
  • Top 3 Freddie Mercury AI Voice Generator Free 
  • How to Bring Freddie Back and Speak Like a Real Person 

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How to Get Freddie Mercury AI Voice for Song Covers and TTS | Tools and Guide

Clytze Byers

Updated on

Want to create song covers with Freddie Mercury’s voice? Check out the 3 best Freddie Mercury AI voice generators to create authentic voices.

30+ years after his passing, the lead singer of the Band Queen Freddie Mercury remains one of the most influential rock stars today. Unique vocals, excellent songwriting capabilities, and flamboyant stage persona, all make his stardom iconic and memorable. 

Best 3 Freddie Mercury AI Voice Generators

Today with the power of AI, Freddie Mercury’s voice is widely used for many reasons. For instance, recreating his voice for song covers, making voiceovers for social media, etc. So how to generate Freddie Mercury AI voice? This blog will recommend 3 best voice changers that can produce authentic voices. Just check them out. 

On This Page
  • Freddie Mercury: A Musical Maestro 
  • Top 3 Freddie Mercury AI Voice Generator Free 
  • How to Bring Freddie Back and Speak Like a Real Person 

Freddie Mercury: A Musical Maestro 

Undoubtedly, Freddie Mercury is a musical maestro and one of the greatest singers in the world. From We Will Rock You to Bohemian Rhapsody to We Are the Champions, he and his Band Queen have created multiple songs that are regarded as classic and influential in the last century. 

Freddie Mercury AI Voice Band Queen

Freddie Mercury’s voice ability is also considered unique. He can blend highs, lows, and mid-range notes seamlessly and cohesively. The musical prodigy can hit notes from booming low like F#2 to high pitch G5, which suggests his absolute voice control like no others. Want to recreate Freddie Mercury’s voice now? All you need is a Freddie Mercury AI voice generator. Just check out the next parts.

Top 3 Freddie Mercury AI Voice Generator Free 

It is challenging to achieve Freddie Mercury’s voice if you are not talented. But worry not, a Freddie Mercury AI voice generator can help you make it effortlessly, and here are the best 3 options. 

#1. TopMediai – Turn Your Voice into Freddie 

TopMediai is an online platform that provides a handful of AI tools such as text to speech, AI portrait generator, and more. With advanced AI algorithms, TopMediai perfectly captures Freddie Mercury’s iconic vocal characteristics. Whether you want to make song covers or convert text to speech with Freddie Mercury AI voice, TopMediai is a solid online AI voice generator you should never miss out on. 

Freddie Mercury AI Voice TopMediai

Main features:

  • Generate Freddie Mercury AI voice with voice cloning or text to speech features.
  • Support a singing version and a speaking version of Freddie Mercury’s voice.
  • Create Freddie Mercury's voice and the voices of many celebrities, including Donald Trump AI voice, Cardi B voice, and many more.
  • Adjust pitch, speed, emphasis, etc. to export audio files based on your preference.


  • 3,200+ voices and 70+ languages 
  • Customizations available 
  • High-quality AI voices


  • Not a Freddie Mercury AI voice generator free tool
  • Limited free AI voice options

#2. Vidnoz Voice Changer – Customize Realistic Freddie Voice 

Want to generate Freddie Mercury AI voice for free? Check out Vidnoz Voice Changer. Powered by AI, the web-based voice generator allows you to create free song covers with Freddie Mercury’s voice using text to speech or clone any voice by uploading audio files effortlessly. Moreover, you can share generated audio files to social media in one click. 

Freddie Mercury AI Voice Vidnoz Voice Changer

Main features:

  • Vidnoz Voice changer lets you create Freddie Mercury AI voice with the latest text to speech AI algorithm fast and free. You can convert text to Freddie’s voice with a handful of language options. 
  • Apart from Freddie Mercury, Vidnoz Voice Changer offers numerous celebrities AI voices, including Donald Trump, Jay-Z, SpongeBob, and many more. 
  • With advanced AI algorithms, the  AI voice cloning free tool lets you clone Freddie Mercury’s voice and export high-quality audio that highly resembles the original voice.  
  • Just record or upload Freddie Mercury’s voice or any voice and you can clone and customize your own AI voices with a few clicks.
  • After audio generation, you can download Freddie Mercury AI voice or share it to multiple social media platforms in one click. 

#3. Voicify AI – Text to Speech with Freddie Mercury AI Voice 

Want to create a Freddie Mercury AI my heart will go on song cover? Check out Voicify AI. The web-based AI voice changer provides an extensive collection of AI voices, including Freddie Mercury AI voice model, Billie Eilish AI voice, and many voices of celebrities, singers, and politicians. It is one of the best places to create high-quality AI voices for various creative purposes. 

Freddie Mercury AI Voice Voicify AI

Main features:

  • 3,000+ AI voice models for celebrities, singers, anime characters, and many more. 
  • Generate high-quality Freddie Mercury AI voice with text to speech, or upload/record audio files to make voice cloning.
  • Advanced customizations for speeds, emotions, and languages. 


  • A huge library of AI voice models
  • Sleek interface 
  • Safe and secure 
  • Create AI covers online


  • Expensive subscriptions
  • No free trials 

How to Bring Freddie Back and Speak Like a Real Person 

With the 3 recommended Freddie Mercury AI voice generator options, it is super easy to bring Freddie back by recreating his voice online. But that’s not the only thing you can do, with the power of AI, today you can even easily make Freddie Mercury speak vividly in a video. 

Specifically, just use a video generator, for instance, Vidnoz AI, and you can make a realistic Freddie Mercury talking head video with a photo only. Want to learn more? Just have a look at the prominent features of Vidnoz AI. 

  • 100% Free to Create Freddie Talking Head: Vidnoz AI is 100% free to use. Simply sign up with an email address and you can generate an AI talking head free
  • Make Freddie Text to Speech with 100+ Voices: Just upload a photo of Freddie and input the text and you can hear it being read out aloud by Freddie Mercury with 100+ voice options in many languages. 
  • Advanced Technology for Lip-syncing Like a Real Person: Adopting advanced technology, Vidnoz AI generates talking head videos with natural lip sync just like a 100% real person speaking!
  • Edit Freddie Mercury AI Video as You Like: You can edit the Freddie Mercury video with the built-in editor, including adding text, images, background music, animation, and more. 
  • High-resolution Video Output and One-click Sharing: Vidnoz guarantees high-quality video output. You can generate AI videos in HD resolution and share them on social media in one click.

How to Make Freddie Mercury Talking Avatar and Video with Vidnoz AI:

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz AI and sign up with an email address (Gmail, Microsoft, LinkedIn).

Step 2. Select Avatars from the menu on the left. Go to Photos > Talking Photo to upload an avatar of Freddie Mercury. Click on the Generate this talking photo button to proceed. 

Freddie Mercury AI Voice Vidnoz AI Upload Avatar

Step 3. Input the text for speech conversion. Choose your preferred language, speed, and voice. Click on the Generate button to generate a Freddie Mercury talking head video instantly for free.

Freddie Mercury AI Voice Vidnoz AI Generate Video


Freddie Mercury is one of the most influential rock stars of the last century and he will forever be. While he has gone for decades, today you can easily recreate his voice with AI. Just pick any AI voice changer above to generate Freddie Mercury AI voice online effortlessly. Here Vidnoz Voice Changer is your go-to choice to create Freddie Mercury’s voice fast and free! 

Meanwhile, don’t forget to try Vidnoz AI, a powerful AI video generator that can bring Freddie Mercury to life with a photo only. And it also allows you to face swap with many other celebrities. Just head to Vidnoz and sign up to generate creative Freddie Mercury videos/audio now!


Clytze Byers

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