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On This Page
  • What is a Meme Text Generator?
  • Most Common Meme Fonts in Making Meme Text
  • Top 7 Meme Text Generators & Meme Font Generators
  • Bonus: Make Funny Face Swap Meme Online with Vidnoz AI

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Best 7 Meme Text & Font Generators Picks Revealed

Tim Henderson

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Discover top meme text and font generators online. Learn how to create hilarious memes effortlessly. Explore and unleash your creativity now!

Bringing a smile or laugh to someone’s face is such a noble practice. Creating and sharing memes serves the same purpose. So, you may want to follow the trend but are unaware of how to create it.

A meme text generator or font generator is the right call. Learn here the top 7 text and font generators for memes, and give the world a reason to smile!

Best 7 Meme Text & Font Generators Picks Revealed

On This Page
  • What is a Meme Text Generator?
  • Most Common Meme Fonts in Making Meme Text
  • Top 7 Meme Text Generators & Meme Font Generators
  • Bonus: Make Funny Face Swap Meme Online with Vidnoz AI

What is a Meme Text Generator?

A meme text generator mostly uses a specific font, commonly known as Impact. The purpose was to increase the text readability on print mediums.

Today, it has become a norm for face swap memes because we want others to perceive memes as what they are. As a result, the modern meme generator uses font ‘Impact’ to superimpose the given text on the given images. But these generators also offer other fonts too.

Here, it is important to clarify that a meme text generator is slightly different from a meme font generator. The former applies given text on the images in various fonts to create memes. In contrast, the latter only creates fonts that will look good and be readable on your memes.

Hence, the former has more dynamic usage while the latter is specified for a certain task. Anyway, you can easily use them to create your next hilarious and amusingly fabulous meme.

Most Common Meme Fonts in Making Meme Text

After you know the working principle of a meme text generator, let’s take a dive into the fonts these generators use:

1. Impact: This El-Classico of meme fonts is among the pioneers of image macros. Geoffrey Lee designed the font in 1965 to make the texts on posters, billboards, or other public mediums easily readable. Now, it is a standard meme font.

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2. Comic Sans MS: This one has some controversial history, as some people think their typeface well-suit the memes (as the whole point is). However, many designers find it disturbing as it is bad for eye reading.

3. Arial: The above two, being the first-used fonts, give memes an early 2000s image macros appearance. In this situation, Arial serves to give your memes a modern look, without disturbing its hilariousness.

Most Common Meme Fonts in Making Meme Text

4. Montserrat: But if you want to give your memes a real modern look, Montserrat is your partner. Its simple yet equally playful typeface is a favorite of modern memers, increasing its versatility for high-volume usage.

5. Helvetica: This font is the best friend of various graphic designers due to its simple sans-serif face type. Hence, you can also use it to your advantage by giving your memes a playful and clean appearance that is easily readable.

Top 7 Meme Text Generators & Meme Font Generators

Now, let’s cut to the chase. Here, we’ve gathered the top meme text and font generators, which can produce high-quality laughable materials for your social media accounts. But, below is a quick overview of each platform (in case you want swift answers).


Top Features


  1. Imgflip

  • High Customization

  • AI-Driven Memes

  • Instant Sharing


  1. Kapwing

  • Great for Experts

  • Several Downloading Options

  • Animation Support


  1. TextStudio

  • Font Templates

  • Wide Customization

  • Easy to Use

  • Free

  • Premium $9.99/month

  1. Make a Meme

  • Low Learning Curve

  • 500+ Templates Collection


  1. FreeMonogram

  • Diversified Library

  • Multiple Formats Download


  1. iloveIMG

  • Simple Interface

  • Easy Download


  1. Simplified

  • AI-Generative Memes

  • 5 Editable Templates

  • Direct Sharing Link


1. Imgflip Meme Text Generator

Imgflip Meme Text Generator

Imgflip meme text generator is a popular online tool that allows users to create memes by adding custom text to popular meme templates. Users can choose from a wide range of meme templates including talking head memes, add their own text to the top and bottom of the image, and customize the font style, size, and color. It's a fun and easy way to create custom memes to share on social media or with friends.

Special Features:

  • AI-Driven: Due to their recent collab with ChatGPT, you can use their AI feature to create hilarious memes for your social media account. Just give the prompt and Voila!
  • Utter Customization: Imgflip allows you to edit and redesign your meme as you want. You can change the text location, color, background, size, font, alignment, opacity, and even add effects for aesthetics.
  • Instant Share: The platform also enables you to share your memes on your social media channels, like Facebook, X, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Reddit, etc.

Pricing: Free

2. Kapwing Meme Generator

Kapwing Meme Generator

Kapwing is also a free random meme text generator that is suitable for pro memers. The platform is technically an online photo editor which can be a good alternative to Canva. But due to its collection of hundreds of meme templates, many memers use it for creating funny content.

Special Features:

  • Pro Usage: Memes may be something non-serious for many people. But for pros, it is the real business. Kapwing understands it and offers a full-fledged customization platform with various tools.
  • Multiple Saving Formats: After you finish your perfect meme, you can download the file in several formats, such as JIF, PNG, GIF, or even MP4.
  • Text Animations: Unlike many other meme text generator tools, Kapwing allows you to add animations, like fading, bouncing, sliding, or revealing. So, you can increase the “seriousness” of your content.

Pricing: Free

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

3. TextStudio Meme Font Generator

TextStudio Meme Font Generator

Looking for a font generator, that can create 3D text for meme generator tools? TextStudio has got your back. Since many meme generators don’t have 3D texts in their templates, this platform provides you with this very solution.

Special Features:

  • Pre-Created Fonts: Besides creating your own new font, TextStudio offers several pre-created font styles, ranging from witty typefaces to animated ones.
  • Easy to Use: Its easy layout and minimal interface allow beginners to use the platform without difficulties. Moreover, since each aspect is categorized into different sections, they can easily navigate to the right stage of font creation.
  • Insanely Customizable: Even though the platform is good for beginners, it doesn’t lack anywhere in customization. Users can modify the text and its style, or add icons, background, or animations.

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Pricing: Freemium (Premium $9.99/month)

4. Make a Meme Maker

Make a Meme Maker

Make a Meme text generator is for those users who don’t want to use a template. Instead, they have a personal image that they want to turn into a meme.

Special Features:

  • Child’s Play Usage: Due to its minimal interface, anyone (even a 13-year-old child) can convert an image into a meme.
  • Broad Template Collection: If you don’t have a personal image, Make a Meme already has 500+ templates that you can use for your next (potentially) viral meme.

Pricing: Free

5. FreeMonogram Meme Font Maker

FreeMonogram Meme Font Maker

FreeMonogram is another AI meme font generator on our list, allowing you to create amazing fonts for your memes. Besides meme creation, Monogram also offers other services, such as texts for binder covers, stickers, stationery, gift tags, etc.

Special Features:

  • Wide Library: The platform has several font styles and size options to choose the layout. Plus, their collaboration with Pixabay allows you to insert over 1.6 million aesthetic images into memes or for other uses.
  • Multiple Saving Formats: At Monogram, you can save your final meme in standard formats, including JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG. Moreover, you can also print your meme (which is unavailable on various meme text generators).

Pricing: Free

6. iloveIMG Meme Text Maker

iloveIMG Meme Text Maker

iloveIMG is another meme text generator for font and images that offers numerous meme templates pre-loaded.

Special Features:

  • Simple Use: The minimalistic interface enables everyone to use the platform on the go. Also, since iloveIMG takes you directly to the section where you upload your image or select a template, you will never lost while navigating the site.
  • Easy Download & Sharing: After you finish your fantastic meme, you can download the file in high resolution instantly. You can also share the download link with others and spread joy.

Pricing: Free

7. Simplified AI Random Meme Text Generator

Simplified AI Random Meme Text Generator

Lastly, how can we forget the emerging trend of AI? The Simplified meme text generator brings in AI assistance to give you the most comical memes for your social media accounts or group sharing.

Special Features:

  • Quick AI Generation: Give your wildest ideas or topics to the AI as a prompt or command, and it will generate the meme in no time. You can further set its tone and style, with color combinations for accurate results.
  • Editable 5 Results: After working on your prompts, the AI will produce 5 different memes on your topic. Furthermore, you can edit the one you like and finetune it to make it more amusing.
  • Direct Publishing: Once completed, of course, you can download the file in many formats. Additionally, you can share and publish the meme on our social media accounts directly from the Simplified profile.

Pricing: Free

Bonus: Make Funny Face Swap Meme Online with Vidnoz AI

Make Funny Face Swap Meme Online with Vidnoz AI

Creating memes with popular templates or a meme text generator is no big deal. However, if you want to create them by superimposing one face over the other, Vidnoz AI Face Swap is here. It offers seamless face swaps to give you realistic yet funny material for memes.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

It is not just confined to the photos. Vidnoz allows you to face-swap in videos too. The process is also simple and requires three steps (for both photos and videos):

  1. Go to the Vidnoz AI Face Swap page and create your account.

  1. Upload the photo or video you want as your base file.

  2. Upload the photo or video that will be superimposed on the base file.

  3. Click ‘Face Swap Now’, and wait for a few minutes.

  4. Download the result file on your device.

Besides face swapping, you can also create a meme video in the form of a talking head. Hilariously create a mimicking avatar with the help of Vidnoz AI talking head, and make your friends and followers laugh hard.


Creating memes is not as easy as it sounds, but finding the right platform is even trickier. However, you know the top 7 meme text generator and font generator tools that allow you to use top meme templates according to your sense of humor and creativity.

You can also use Vidnoz AI Face Swap or Talking Head for more interactive meme content. So, pick any one of the platforms and share joyful images and videos with the world.


Tim Henderson

Tim is an SEO content writer and an IT researcher with over 10 years of professional experience. Specialized in software reviewing and IT content writing, he has helped tens of thousand readers solve tech-related problems.