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On This Page
  • Top Online Tools to Make Lisa Deepfake
  • How to Make Lisa Deepfake Photos & Videos - 100% Free
  • Lisa Deepfake - FAQs
  • Bonus: Generate Lisa’s Deepfake Voice with Ease

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How to Make Lisa Deepfake Photos & Videos - Blackpink in Your Area


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Learn to Create the hottest Lisa deepfake videos using free AI-powered tools that are available online for both mobiles and PC’s.

With over 101 million followers on Instagram, Lisa is one of the most popular artists in the world. With such massive popularity, seeing the web teeming with Lisa deepfake videos is not surprising. The community cannot get enough of this young, energetic star performer! Have you ever wondered how those realistic Blackpink Lisa deepfake videos were created? This article is all about it! Learn how to utilize various AI-powered tools to create your own deepfake Lisa content along with a well-researched list of the top 5 tools for it! Using these tools, anyone can easily create their own Lisa deepfake porn without needing a drop of knowledge on video editing or photo manipulation. There’s a bonus at the end!

Lisa Deepfake

On This Page
  • Top Online Tools to Make Lisa Deepfake
  • How to Make Lisa Deepfake Photos & Videos - 100% Free
  • Lisa Deepfake - FAQs
  • Bonus: Generate Lisa’s Deepfake Voice with Ease

Top Online Tools to Make Lisa Deepfake

Vidnoz Face Swap - Best Free Lisa Deepfake Photo & Video Generator

Vidnoz Face Swap Best Free Lisa Deepfake Photo & Video Generator

Vidnoz AI has always been a pioneer in the world of AI-centric content creation. Amongst their vast plethora of useful tools lies one with extreme potential. Vidnoz AI Face Swap tool is much more than a simple face swap tool as it’s flawless during execution. The tool supports both photos and videos which makes it the best free Lisa deepfake tool on this list. Its highly trained AI makes quick work of face swaps, as it accurately lifts and replaces facial features on both photographs and videos in mere minutes. The best part about this Lisa Blackpink deepfake generator is that it's completely free to use and requires no complex signups or installations! Simply visit the site and start making your very own Lisa deepfake videos and photos with ease.

Key Feature
  • Extremely simplified.
  • High-quality face swaps with minimal loss in quality.
  • Fast processing times, with a single face swap taking just under a minute to complete on average.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

Deepfakes Web - Online Lisa Deepfake Porn Maker

Deepfakes Web Online Lisa Deepfake Porn Maker

If you ever felt that celebrity deep fake porns are getting more and more realistic by the day, Deepfakes Web has decided to make a soft stand against it. While their deep fake video generator is top-notch, it has been designed to contain imperfections and visible cues that signify its content is AI-made! This means that all the Lisa Deepfake porn created through Deepfakes Web will be realistic but with imperfections that allow the viewers to identify its authenticity. We believe this has both a positive side and a negative side. While the tool does generate hyper-realistic Lisa deepfake porn, these videos are also easily distinguishable to be fake, which in turn does ruin the fun.

Key Feature
  • Hyper-realistic videos.
  • The content generated with have imperfections and watermarks to show that its AI generated.
  • Supports side-views which is not commonly available as most tools focus on portraits.

MioCreate AI Face Swap - Free Deepfake Lisa Video Generator

MioCreate AI Face Swap Free Deepfake Lisa Video Generator

Miocreate is another free face swap tool that allows users to run accurate face swaps free of cost. However, we will rank Vidnoz AI to be slightly better in terms of quality retention. But when it comes down to raw speed, Miocreate does manage to sprint ahead. Therefore if you are interested in creating Lisa deepfake videos in bulk, Miocreate will fare better in the long run. Similar to Vidnoz, it’s completely free to use and supports both photographs and videos. Miocreate also hosts a separate AI undress tool which can be used to generate some saucy pictures as well.

Key Feature
  • Free to use.
  • Extremely easy to use as the entire process takes just a few clicks to complete.
  • Fast processing speeds that rivals and bests most other tools.
  • Supports both videos and photos.

DeepSwap - Deepfake Lisa Face Edit Tool

DeepSwap - Deepfake Lisa Face Edit Tool

It’s expensive and follows a monthly credit system, but DeepSwap has been gaining noticeable fame as a competitive face edit tool. Deepswap has a massive following within certain Reddit groups focused on generating AI art of celebrities. The reason for its massive popularity is the tool’s ability to generate AI videos and provide a manual editing tool for the user to correct visible imperfections. In other words, Deepswap is a face swap tool, photo editor, and enhancer, all combined to create a single powerful product.

Key Feature
  • DeepSwap is a combination of a face swap tool, photo editor, and enhancer.
  • The platform follows a monthly credit system.
  • Allows manual editing.
  • Better suited for users that expect their Lisa Deepfake porn to be of the highest quality.

Reface AI - Lisa Deepfake App for iOS and Android Users

Reface AI Lisa Deepfake App for iOS and Android Users

A list will not be complete without an option catered towards mobile users! Reface AI is our choice from the hundreds of applications that litter the Playstore and Appstore. It’s free to try, well-tested, and available on both major platforms. However, most of Reface AI’s major features are blocked behind paywalls that require a purchase of its subscription, which can be off-putting for some. But if you are impressed by its free version, a subscription might be worth the money. The tool allows the user to create an impressive face swap along with the ability to add new elements to the pictures generated. However, it's important to note that the tool only supports images and lacks video support.

Key Feature
  • Reface AI is available for both IOS and Android devices.
  • The tool provides a trial version for users to try out its features.
  • Users can add new elements to photos.
  • Cloud-based storage to save space on the user’s device.

How to Make Lisa Deepfake Photos & Videos - 100% Free

Step 1 Upload video

The first step in creating a Blackpink Lisa deepfake is to upload the base porn video onto the Vidnoz platform. Since the tool is free to use, you aren’t required to create an account on the platform. However, we highly recommend that you do this as it allows you to better utilize all the other complementary tools within Vidnoz.

Free Lisa Deepfake Maker Vidnoz Upload Video

Step 2 Upload Lisa’s front face 

The second step is to upload a portrait image of Lisa’s face. When creating the Lisa Blackpink deepfake, the facial features will be lifted off this image. Therefore, ensure that this image is of the highest quality. As the AI has been trained to analyze portrait-style images, avoid uploading anything else.

Free Lisa Deepfake Maker Vidnoz Upload Target Face

Step 3 Make a deepfake Lisa video

The final step is to run the tool and create your Lisa Blackpink deepfake video. Depending on the length of your base porn video, the time taken will vary, so be patient. If you are interested in creating a Lisa Blackpink deepfake image instead of a video, please switch over to the photo face swap instead!

Free Lisa Deepfake Maker Vidnoz Generate Result

Lisa Deepfake - FAQs

Is it legal to make Lisa deepfake?

Yes, creating deepfakes is completely legal as long as you don’t intend to cause harm to the person featured.

Where can I find Lisa's deepfake porn?

You can find Lisa deepfake porn on all major pornographic sites as she is highly popular. Check out Mr Deepfake for the newest content.

What are the legal implications of creating and sharing deepfake content?

Creating deepfake content doesn’t have any legal implications but sharing your work online with others with the intention to cause damage to Lisa’s reputation can result in a lawsuit!

What is the best tool to make Lisa deepfake?

We recommend using either the Vidnoz AI Face Swap tool or Miocreate. All other tools pale in comparison to what’s provided by these two products when taking pricing, speed, and quality into account.

Bonus: Generate Lisa’s Deepfake Voice with Ease

Generate Lisa’s Deepfake Voice with Ease Vidnoz Voice Changer

Ever wondered what it would be like to hear Lisa speak to you? Celebrity voice generator, allows you to experience their sweet melodies without restriction is now a possibility due to AI! For this bonus feature, we recommend you to try out a fantastic tool hosted by Vidnoz called Voice Clone. This tool’s specialty lies in its ability to analyze celebrity voice clips and recreate them according to the user’s criteria. 

Using the tool is simple and takes just a few easy steps to complete! Upload a voice track of Lisa to the voice clone tool and provide a script for narration. Afterward, click on the “clone” button to generate an MP3 narration!

How to Create Lisa Deepfake Voice 

Step 1 Upload Lisa's voice clip

Vidnoz supports wav, maps, and even mp4 to analyze and clone the voice.

Vidnoz Voice Changer Upload Voice

Step 2 Enter the text

Then you can copy and paste or enter the words you want Lisa to speak out.

Vidnoz Voice Changer Enter Text

Step 3 Clone voice now

Then click the button below, wait a few seconds you can get your one and only Lisa voice message.

Vidnoz Voice Changer Voice Clone Now


Creating your very own Lisa deepfake porn is easier than ever! By sticking to the tools specified within this guide, you will be able to bring your fantasies to life! For the best results, we recommend sticking to Vidnoz AI and Miocreate, but if you wish for a more complete experience Deepswap works just fine. For mobile users, Reface AI is the obvious pick.



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