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On This Page
  • What is Undress AI & How Does it Work?
  • Top 5 AI Undress Tools that Undress Girls in the Way You Like
  • Bonus: Make the Undressed Girl Talk Dirty 
  • Undress AI - FAQs

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Undress AI Free Tools - Create Erotic Images with Ease


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Create mind-blowingly attractive images using an AI that undresses girls. Bonus tips and tricks are included!

Remember that time you saw a sexy Instagram model and wished you saw them in their most intimate moments? Well, we are all human and these are all natural thoughts! A few years ago, you might have had to spend your time imagining things, but now thanks to the developments in AI, you can manifest your thoughts to reality. This blog will focus on the top 5 AI that undresses girls and how you can use them. If you make it to the end of the blog, we also have a special bonus for you at the end!

AI that Undresses Girls


The feature allows newer brands to hop on existing trends for better.

On This Page
  • What is Undress AI & How Does it Work?
  • Top 5 AI Undress Tools that Undress Girls in the Way You Like
  • Bonus: Make the Undressed Girl Talk Dirty 
  • Undress AI - FAQs

What is Undress AI & How Does it Work?

Undress AI is a new form of deepfake imagery that creates erotic content of individuals in images through image detection and manipulation. The AIs used within these services will detect any and all clothes worn by a person, removing them in the process to create a nude image. Undress AI works through machine learning, where the AI used is trained over a period of time to visually recognize clothing material. Once the AI is able to recognize clothing, they are programmed to be able to remove or snip away the clothing from the image. Afterward, the AI will generate the body to fill up the gaps created within the image from the removal process. This will in turn create a fully deepnude individual. However, the success rate of creating such an image vastly depends on the source material, as the AI is trained to detect clothing within limited parameters. If the image is not clear, or if there is too much extra material to be detected and removed, there is a chance for the AI to malfunction as it's past the scope of what it has been trained for. 

>> Use this free face swapper to change face to anyone in undressed pictures.

Top 5 AI Undress Tools that Undress Girls in the Way You Like

Miocreate Undress AI - 100% FREE Undress Online

miocreate undress ai

Miocreate Undress AI is a free undress AI tool that uses an image-trained AI to detect clothing on people within photographs. It is quite different from other erotic AI as users are able to customize the image that will be generated. Using Miocreate Undress AI, the body of the person being nudified can be changed to match your preferences. The services give you multiple options for customization that is usually not seen on other AI that undresses girls. Miocreate Undress AI also has a secure anonymous login portal for both Google and Discord users. This anonymous portal can be used to access their services without the need for excessive documentation, which is wonderful for those looking to avoid embarrassing moments. 

Key Feature
  • The only free undress AI for those who are looking for free service.
  • Users are able to choose the body type of those being nudified.
  • The images being deepfaked aren’t permanently stored within their database.
  • Undress AI works on mobile devices as long as your browser supports it.

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Promtchan AI 

Promtchan AI

While most AI that undresses girls focuses on real humans that are life-like, Promptchan AI works on both humans and anime figurines. If you are an anime fan looking to create some erotic images for your favorite anime featuring your most desired characters, Promptchan AI is a good tool for you. As the name suggests, users are able to guide the AI to create their nude image using prompts, which can create more accurate results when compared to those that work on autopilot. If you decide to upgrade to their more exquisite plans, you are able to select the pose and the style of the image, which greatly helps in creating a favorable output. It is also possible to make your undressed girl talk dirty with AI talking avatar.

Key Feature
  • The NSFW image creator works on both anime and life-like humans.
  • Users are able to select the style and pose of the individuals being featured.
  • Text prompts are available to guide the AI to create the image you want.
  • There are several filters available for a preset look.
  • Promptchan AI strictly advises users to not use real humans for nudifcation, and instead to use those that are AI-generated.

Nudify. Online 

Nudify Online

Nudify.online boasts some of the highest accuracy when generating AI porn pictures. The AI undress is able to completely strip a person of their clothes through their AI, or reduce their clothing to just a bikini. By checking out their website, you are able to view samples of the content that can be generated using their AI. These samples include hyper-realistic images of celebrities who were nudified using their service. You can log in to their platform from either Google or Discord, but the most secure login is through an anonymous mail service.

Key Feature
  • Create hyper-realistic nude images of humans.
  • Ability to completely strip those featured of their clothing.
  • Users are also able to add bikinis to their images if they prefer it over fully nude AI images.
  • Mulitple login options.
  • Completely web-based without a standalone desktop app.

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Vidnoz Face Swap

Vidnoz Face Swap

While most of the other AI services strip a person of their clothes, Vidnoz AI works a bit differently. Although it's not dedicated to creating erotic content, its powerful AI can be utilized for it. Vidnoz Face Swap is an online AI tool that can be used to switch the faces of those in photographs. This allows you to create NSFW content by swapping the face of your targetted individual to the body of an erotic pornstar. Since Vidnoz is able to seamlessly merge the face with the body, users are able to obtain realistic images with minimal glitches in the end result.

Key Feature
  • Swap the faces of those in the images you provide.
  • Seamlessly merge faces and bodies together.
  • Accurately detect the face no matter the image or the pose of the individual within the photograph.
  • Minimal glitches.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

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DreamGF.AI is an AI platform that allows its users to create a virtual girlfriend for them to interact with. Now, while this doesn’t initially create a nudified image of anyone, you are able to create one if you work your way through their system. DreamGF provides an image builder within its platform that can be used to create your nude person. The best part is that once you create your nude girlfriend through their platform, you can even interact with her!

Key Feature
  • Talk and interact with your virtual girlfriend.
  • Build your own virtual girlfriend using the platform.
  • Create NSFW images using regular photographs.
  • Free trial is available for users to test out their platform.
  • AI driven language model for conversations.

Bonus: Make the Undressed Girl Talk Dirty 

Why stick to just undressing girls, when you can make them talk dirty as well? Once you generate your nudified image, upload it to Vidnoz AI, and make her talk dirty to you for some extra fun along the way. Vidnoz AI is a machine-trained AI platform that specializes in creating AI content by animating static photographs, creating talking avatars, and generating AI videos. In this section, we’ll guide you through the process of animating your nudified girl, making them talk dirty to you.

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

Step 1

Head on over to the Talking Head page featured within the Vidnoz platform.

Step 2

Upload your image to their database by clicking on the “Upload” link. Make sure that your image satisfies their requirements.

Vidnoz Talking Avatar

Step 3

Add in the dirty text into the script box. The script box is the white empty text box shown.

Step 4

Make the necessary customizations, such as the language and speed.

Step 5

Generate your video!

Undress AI - FAQs

Is Undress AI safe to use?

Yes AI undress is safe to use as long as you stick to the guidelines shown.

Are there free AI undress apps available?

All the AI undress applications featured in this article have trial versions for you to try out. However, some of their more advanced features are locked behind a purchase paywall.

How can I stay safe from undress AI tools?

There is no sure way to be safe from them as anyone who gains a photograph of yourself can create an erotic image of yourself. However, to reduce the likelihood of such a situation, avoid sharing your photographs on social media.

How can I remove blur from AI undressed girls' photos?

This is a limitation in most applications and can only be removed by upgrading to their paid plan.


It's quite scary yet exhilarating to see how advanced AI has become over the past few years. You’re now able to use AI that undress girls with just a few clicks! However, we highly advise readers to stick to the guidelines and avoid any and all defamation as the legal pursuit maybe lengthy and costly!



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