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  • What Is Lensa AI Avatar?
  • Lensa AI Avatar Overview
  • Best Online AI Avatar Website No Download - Vidnoz
  • Potential Issues with Lensa AI Avatars

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Lensa AI Avatar Best Free Alternative in 2024

Kevin Hart

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Check this article to see a comprehensive guide on Lensa AI magic avatars’ quality, price & tutorials. And learn about another online free AI avatar generator.

Lensa AI is a magic AI photo generator that turns your selfies into aesthetic and artistic anime/abstract/funny avatars. Lensa AI avatars can be created on mobile operating system and this app has so far received love and trust from all over the world considering the convenience for generating social media platform avatars, or just experience the trend for filtering your selfie with AI, and share on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. 

Lensa AI avatar app is super easy to access, you can regard it as a photo editor on your mobile phones. Yet it also has some disadvantages that many users complain about. Please read on and see 

 Cover of Lensa AI Avatar

On This Page
  • What Is Lensa AI Avatar?
  • Lensa AI Avatar Overview
  • Best Online AI Avatar Website No Download - Vidnoz
  • Potential Issues with Lensa AI Avatars

What Is Lensa AI Avatar?

As the intro already mentioned, Lensa AI Avatar basically is a magic tool for art profile pictures. You can regard it as a solid image editor. Lensa AI avatar freely offers every new user a 7-day free trial version to freely get the hang of it. However, if you wish for an escalation of resolution (from HD to 4K) or wish more options on the filters, you can upgrade your license, just $50+ per year. After the purchase, you can generate AI images in sifi, anime, romantic, and cyberpunk styles for yourself or your dogs.

Please read on to know more metrics, features of this AI avatar generator

Create AI Images for Human or Animal

Lensa AI Avatar Overview

In the first part of this overview, we will firstly discuss the core features of Lensa AI app. 

Oil-painting, Sci-fi, anime styles and dozens of variations of filters are offered for users. Yet the limitations lie in the pro features just as image quality, extra function, and more generation times, etc. 

Another thing that users complain is that the generation speed is quite slow - it takes 14 or more minutes to obtain their AI images. 

Select Styles in Lensa


Lensa AI magic avatar designed for human or for animal

Hundreds of different style filters for you to choose from

Batch upload pictures to the app and process them

Different results in each generation

Edit the results for free

Adjust the hair color, backdrop, light of your images


$3.99 for 56 avatars, 8 variations of 7 styles

$5.99 for 105 avatars, 15 variations of 7 styles

$7.99 for 203 avatars, 29 variations of 7 styles

How do customers think about this app:

The free trial version of this app is pretty handy to get around this app. Yet the 7-days free trial shall not satisfy users’ appetite. Yet the limitations shut a lot of users out including: the watermark, the slow speed for generation, the resolution limit, the free times for image creation, etc. And the quality for the final result is skeptical - AI seems don’t really understand human’s aesthetics, but the images AI generated are ‘unique’ enough though.

What users like:

50% off on magic avatars

Exclusive avatars packs

4k resolution avatars

No limits to photo editing

What users don’t like:


Slow generation of images

The pricy expenses for each generation

How to use Lensa AI Avatar App to create art from your photos?

Step 1. Download this app from Apple Store or Google Play Station.

Step 2. Select generate images for ‘Humans.’

Step 3. Upload your photos.

Upload Photos in Lensa

Step 4. Decide plans to proceed. 

Finish the Purchase

Now your AI images will be generated in 14 minutes. Yet after the 7-days free trial, Lensa AI does not offer free services.

And as one of the best alternative, Vidnoz AI allows users to create AI images with anime filters for free. This app is based on websites, and it is 100% green, please read on to know how to make AI avatar for free.

Best Online AI Avatar Website No Download - Vidnoz

You need an alternative and here we get an ideal option for you. Vidnoz AI serves its users on browsers. No download, installation, register or redirect, just upload your photos and your AI images will be generated for free. Right now this site offers 3 solutions for you to create AI avatars - both static avatars and dynamic avatars. 

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

The AI avatars offered by Vidnoz are well known for their lip-synced performance, natural tone and pitch voices and decent instructional gestures. You can pick one AI avatar from 140+ quality options and apply it with an out-of-box template to create a quick video.


#1. Radom AI avatars based on prompts

#2. Cartoon AI avatars that transformed from your selfies

#3. Talking head avatars with video templates


Totally Free to Use

How do customers think about this app:

Free generation each day, generous website

Instant generation, evey result come out in 3 minutes

Resourceful materials to go during video generation

Quality AI anime avatar maker

How to use Vidnoz AI tools to turn photos into AI avatars?

Step 1. Hit the button below to login.

Step 2. Navigate to ‘Avatars’ > ‘Talking Photo’ > ‘Upload My Photo.’

Vidnoz AI Avatars List

Step 3. Now you can share one of your selfie and generate a talking head for the next process.

Remove AI Avatar Background

Step 4. Hit the ‘Generate this talking photo’ button and create a AI avatar video with templates.

Vidnoz AI Avatar Video

Wrap up:

Vidnoz AI offers you AI video avatar templates to instantly ctreate Ig reels, YouTube shorts, and of course TikToks WITH YOUR PROFILES. You can make marketing videos or tutorial videos with this Instagram avatar maker.

This online AI avatar website also allows you to add voiceovers to your videos to replace the original audio tracks in the video so you can leverage local dwellers’ accent to make authentic videos and share to video vendors on the Internet.

Potential Issues with Lensa AI Avatars

Does it sell your photos?

Lensa AI does ask for your permission to access your photo album, so it might scan and purchase your photos seemingly. But according to the privacy policy of Lensa, it is totally safe to allow it to gain access to your photo album.

Is it a Russian App?

Articles suggest that the startup of Lensa AI can trace back to a Russian magnate company. And this AI app to some degree is the derivative product of this company.

Does it steal art from artists?

There are no evident clues suggesting that Lensa AI refers to other artists’ works to generate AI images given that all art shares similarities from one to other. So it is common to get misunderstandings. 


This article is a 360 degree introduction of the prevailing AI image generator - Lensa AI avatar tool. This page analyzes its features and operations, along with the inform of plans, subscriptions and trial. As a verdict, this app provides splendid filters to convert your selfies. And the quality is satisfying, but if you want quicker results or want free tires everyday, Vidnoz provides a series of free AI tools for you, 100% green, and no cost at all, please feel free to try them! 


Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is an experienced editor for Vidnoz focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of video editing software on the market, specializes in composing posts about videos. All the topics he chooses are aimed at bringing more benefits to users.