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On This Page
  • Top 6 Free Korean Text to Speech Tools 
  • How to Make Korean Text to Speech
  • Text to Speech Korean Talking Avatars - 100% Free
  • Korean Text to Speech - FAQs 

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Free Text to Speech Online with realistic voices

Top AI Korean Text to Speech Tools for Language Enthusiasts


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Get to know the best Korean text to speech tools out there to create realistic voiceovers in Korean for your videos and audio projects.

K-dramas and K-pop have risen to the top of the charts following a massive increase in their popularity. This spontaneous spike in popularity has resulted in fans taking a major liking to the Korean language. If you’re a fan looking to connect with your idols on a cultural level, learning or associating the Korean language is the first major step! Content creators have also shifted their narratives in certain genres to please their Korean audience. This article focuses on how you too can use Korean text to speech tools to learn and create content along with a list of the top 6 tools on the Internet. If you stick till the end, there’s a bonus at the end which is a dream come true for most!

Korean Text to Speech Tools

On This Page
  • Top 6 Free Korean Text to Speech Tools 
  • How to Make Korean Text to Speech
  • Text to Speech Korean Talking Avatars - 100% Free
  • Korean Text to Speech - FAQs 

Top 6 Free Korean Text to Speech Tools 


Korean Text to Speech Micmonstar

Micmonster is currently the best text to speech Korean tool out there in terms of reliability and consistency. The AI voiceover tool does a fantastic job of imitating the classic Korean accents which many tools fail to do. The algorithm used by Micmonster has been perfected through a massive volume of data tests. The resulting AI model can therefore pick and generate accurate voiceovers that match the accents, variations, and regional tones associated with different languages. All of Micmoster’s packages come with a commercial use license, which makes it perfect for content creators who are looking to use the narrations for their videos and audio.

Key Feature
  • A free trial that has a word limit of 800.
  • Ability to personalize the AI voice through customizations.
  • Over 140+ languages and over 600 voice variants.
  • Background music library.
  • A commercial license is included in every package.

Narakeet Text to Speech 

Korean Text to Speech Narakeet

Are you looking for a Korean text to speech tool that has the ability to breathe life into your scripts? Narakeet is a fantastic Korean speech to text tool that provides its users the ability to pick an emotion. While most popular text to speech tools have ascended from the mediocre robotic voices, they still lack that emotional touch present within human voices. Narakeet addresses this issue by providing emotions as an option. This allows you to create narrations that fit a wider variety of scenarios. Wave a hearty goodbye to those monotone droning voiceovers that ruin your content’s aesthetic appeal.

Key Feature
  • Users have the ability to add emotions to the narrations.
  • Naturalistic voices.
  • Completely cloud-based.
  • Script customization allows users to customize different areas of the script to change up the tone and emotion where necessary.


Korean Text to Speech TTSMP3

TTSMP3 is a free text to speech tool that supports over 28 different languages including Korean. Currently, the online Korean text to speech tool only supports English scripts and doesn’t natively support other languages. This means that if you have a Korean script, you will have to rewrite it using the English alphabet for it to work. This can be done through Google Translate, and it’s just a minor hindrance. Users can customize the script using Amazon SSML tags to add variety to the narration.

Key Feature
  • TTSMP3 is completely free to use.
  • The online tool supports 28 different languages.
  • An input limit of 3000 characters.
  • Ability to use SSML tags to add effects and customizations to the narration.

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Korean Text to Speech Speechify

Did you ever imagine you’d hear Snoop Dogg or Barrack Obama speaking fluent Korean? This is now possible through Speechify which specialises in recreating the voices of celebrities to narrate their audios. Speechify has a massive collection of voice packs for celebrities of all nationalities. Speechify currently supports over 50 different languages and is available as a desktop and mobile application that has garnered over 150,000 positive reviews.

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Key Feature
  • Speechify supports over 50 different languages.
  • The Korean text to speech tool offers licensed celebrity voices for use.
  • It’s available on all major platforms.
  • Free trial available with limitations on the selections.


Korean Text to Speech Playht

PlayHT is the most popular text to speech tool used by audiobook creators and those that run AI-generated podcasts. The Korean speech to text translator does recreate realistic text to speech but there are certain discrepancies when pronouncing words. This is why it's heavily favored by those who create audiobooks, as this requires minimal expressiveness compared to other forms of content creation. The lack of intonation is also a slight drawback, but the software will eventually smoothen it out if you regenerate the sentence.

Key Feature
  • Natural sounding voices.
  • Fantastic tones and pacing for those creating audiobooks and podcasts.
  • Multiple plans are available for purchase along with a free trial.
  • Customize your narrations through accents, emphasis, and more.


Korean Text to Speech FreeTTS

TTS is a text to speech generator that has been created through the combined efforts of both Google Machine Learning and the TTS algorithm. The platform is completely free to use and supports over 50 different languages including Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish. For those looking for a free Korean text to speech generator, FreeTTS is a fantastic option to follow through with. However, the platform uses Google’s voicing packs which often sound robotic. Users can customize their scripts and narrations using SSML tags.

Key Feature
  • The platform utilizes Google’s machine learning as the base of its narration program.
  • Supports over 50 different languages.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Customize the narrations through SSML tags.
  • Completely online and requires no downloads.

How to Make Korean Text to Speech

Step 1

Visit the TTS MP3 website.

Step 2

Paste in your script and make sure to customize the text using SSML tags. A complete list of the tags can be found on the page listed within the main website. It’s important to note that TTS MP3 only supports 3000 characters per generation. 

Therefore, if your script is longer than 3000 characters, you might need to carry out multiple generations to completely narrate the script.

Korean Text to Speech FreeTTS Step

As of writing, TTS MP3 only supports English text. Therefore, if your script is in Korean, it's important to convert the Korean characters into English as the platform doesn’t natively support it. This conversion can be done by pasting the script on Google Translate and copying the grey English version.

Step 3

Select the voice as Korean/ Seoyeon and click on “read”. If you are satisfied with the result, click on “download as Mp3”.

Text to Speech Korean Talking Avatars - 100% Free

Bring your favorite K-pop idols and K-drama stars to life through Vidnoz AI. Vidnoz AI is a revolutionary tool that breathes life into photos, animating them and allowing them to speak. It’s everyone Korean fan’s dream to see their Oppa speak with them, and Vidnoz Talking Avatar does just that. Vidnoz AI uses cutting-edge animations and tracking to animate and add voiceovers, all for free! Users are required to upload a photo of the person being animated along with a script for the narration and Vidnoz will handle the rest. Since Vidnoz AI supports Korean speech, your animated Korean idol or star will both look and sound natural with accurate lip-syncs.

Korean Text to Speech Vidnoz Free Talking Avatar

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  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

Korean Text to Speech - FAQs 

Q1: Can I convert Korean speech to text?

Yes! There are online tools that support the generation of Korean audio using text. This article features 6 of such online tools.

Q2: Are there different accents in Korean Text-to-Speech tools?

Not all tools support accents. 

Q3: What should I consider when choosing a Korean TTS tool?

It’s important to check the pricing, the languages supported, and the limitations of the Korean text to speech tool.

Q4: Are these tools free to use?

Some of these tools are completely free to use, but others require a subscription. Please try out their trial version before purchasing!

Q5: Do these voices sound natural?

Yes! AI voices have drastically improved in quality to the point where it's eerily similar to human voices.


Now you can bring your favorite Korean characters and stars to life through Vidnoz AI! Use a Korean text to speech tool to recreate the voice and combine it with the animated portrait of your idol to create the perfect video of your star or oppa. Students can use these tools to learn how to speak Korean with proper accents and pacing. Overall, it’s a fantastic tool for all Korean fans!



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