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On This Page
  • What is a Historical AI Generator?
  • Top Historical AI Generator - AI Time Machine 
  • Make an AI Historical Image of Yourself via Face Swapping - 100% Free
  • Bonus: Make AI Historical Shorts with Ease 

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Historical AI Generator to Make Your Photo in Different Times


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Explore historical AI generators and free alternatives. Discover hyper-realistic historical images and easy face swaps.

Transversing into the universe where you resonate the most is inevitably the most satisfying feeling. As it is not possible yet, the closest people can do is to imagine themselves in those periods and relish their ideations. Here comes the historical AI generators that created the buzz on social media. Everyone is hopping on the historical selfie trend on TikTok, watching how they would look in a particular historical period. This article will explain the history AI generators, how they work and what the replacements are. Let's get into the details!!

Historical AI Generator

On This Page
  • What is a Historical AI Generator?
  • Top Historical AI Generator - AI Time Machine 
  • Make an AI Historical Image of Yourself via Face Swapping - 100% Free
  • Bonus: Make AI Historical Shorts with Ease 

What is a Historical AI Generator?

A historical AI generator is an AI tool that creates pictures of people portraying them in different historical eras. It collects the data and produces the stimulations related to historical events, people or even situations. Moreover, AI historical generator uses machine learning algorithms to adapt and improve its ability to generate historically accurate representations over time.

To create your historical selfie or picture, you need to provide the generators with your pictures covering different angles of your face and body to produce realistic results. You can choose any time period throughout history and see yourself in those times in the AI-generated images. As technology advances, AI becomes more efficient and generates images that look close to the actual person. It surely is remarkable! 

Check this free AI face swap tool to get historical images>>

Top Historical AI Generator - AI Time Machine 

Users can virtually travel through time with the MyHeritage feature by submitting their pictures from 10 to 25. The pictures should be clear and of the same age to avoid complicating things for the AI machine. Remember, the more vivid the pictures are with different body and eye angles and expressions, the more realistic results they will generate. This AI historical image generator uses text-to-image Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce High-fidelity images. 

Historical AI Generator MyHeritage

  • The avatars provided by this AI historical image generator are super realistic. They dotted intricate details to every expression, angle and quality. Different avatars, from pharaohs to Saxons of the Dark Ages, are remarkably detailed and accurate. 
  • It has a diverse range of themes constituting multiple eras. For example, the Egyptians, Romans, Vikings, the modern space-oriented era and many more.
  • MyHeritage has a very easy-to-understand interface. Users can easily navigate from signing up on the platform to uploading pictures and generating results.
  • The quality of the Images is superb. 
  • MyHeritage offers a few customization options and additional features to make pictures more personalized. 
  • The second and most significant drawback of MyHeritage’s AI historical generator is that it takes a longer time to generate results. The time spans from 30 minutes to 2 hours.



Themes (Images)


Time Travel

60 (480)



40 (320)



100 (800)


AI Historical Image Examples for Inspiration

Here are some MyHeritage generated AI Historical images for potential ideas.

Ancient Egyptian era:

Historical AI Egyptian

19th Century Victorian Period

Historical AI 19th Century Victorian Period

Hippie Culture (1960s & 1970s)

Historical AI Hippie Culture (1960s & 1970s)

How to Turn Selfie into Historical Image with a Historical AI Generator

You can easily use MyHeritage’s AI time machine by following simple guidelines. As you already know, you have to upload up to 25 images on it. But make sure the image you are provided should have a single subject pictured. Avoid wearing sunglasses and any other accessories for a clear view. Provide pictures of you with different angles and eye expressions under natural light to fully replace face in photo.

Now that you have followed all the instructions, Here is how you can turn your selfie into a historical image.

Step 1

Head to MyHeritage’s website and look for “Photos” in the navigation bar. Hover over it and click on the AI Time machine. Tap “Try it now,” and you will be taken to the screen where you will upload photos by following the Guidelines that are written there.

Historical AI MyHeritage Upload Photos

Step 2 

After uploading the photos, click on the “Continue.” Now, you will be asked the gender and description of the person.You must sign up for the MyHeritage if you haven't already. Google account, email address and Facebook account can be used.

Historical AI MyHeritage Continue

Step 3

Now that you have completed the entire process wait for this AI historical generator to show its skills. You don't have to wait on the page; once your images are prepared, you will get an email from MyHeritage. Click on the view image link and use the right and left arrows on the card view to check the pictures. 

Historical AI MyHeritage Result

Make an AI Historical Image of Yourself via Face Swapping - 100% Free

Even though MyHeritage AI's historical images are fun, they are time-consuming and not free. There are more accessible and free websites that can be used as a substitute for MyHeritage, such as Vidnoz, one of its exceptional features is face swap, which is a great alternative to MyHeritage. Through this feature, users can face swap themselves into a historical person. Just upload your preferred historical person’s picture and then yours. 

Historical AI Image Face Swapper Vidnoz AI

Key Features:

  • Vidnoz offers hyper-realistic face swap photos and videos

  • It supports different formats, such as JPG, PNG and WEBP

  • Video can be uploaded up to 100 MB

  • It provides image and video samples for use and inspiration.

  • Vidnoz provides an ad-free experience with no extra limitations.

  • It is free to use.

How to Make Historical Images via Online Face Swappin Free

Step 1 Upload the target historical image

The first step is to find and upload a historical image. 

Historical AI Image Vidnoz AI Upload Base Image

Step 2 Upload a front face selfie

Then you can upload your selfie or anyone else’s image.

Historical AI Image Vidnoz AI Upload Target Face

Step 3 Generate AI historical image 

Click face swap now, wait few seconds then you can download the image.

Historical AI Image Vidnoz AI Result

Bonus: Make AI Historical Shorts with Ease 

The other phenomenal and beneficial feature is talking photos, which can be used to create Historical shorts. Fun, accessible and easy to use, this feature will prove a great substitute for MyHeritage. You can follow these steps to make your own create AI historical short videos.

Upload the historical individual picture, or you can create it through AI by providing the description. There are also samples available to choose from. 

Historical AI Talking Shorts

Now, enter the script in the text section. You can choose the accent and voices, too.

Historical AI Talking Shorts Enter Text

]Before finalizing the short, preview it for better judgment. If satisfied, click on the “Generate video”. It will take a couple of minutes to generate the video. 


Historical AI generators have surely taken social media by storm. People love the results; some are heartfelt to find cunning resemblance to their ancestors, while some can relate to the specific era so much. MyHeritage has given endless imagination options through its new feature. For a cheaper yet effective replacement, Vidnoz stands on top. It aligns with social media trends and demand and produces remarkable features. Don't believe us? Try it out for yourself.



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