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On This Page
  • What is a Fake Headshot?
  • Create Fake Headshot Effortlessly - Best Online AI Headshot Generator
  • How to Make High-Quality Fake Headshots with Ease: Step-by-Step
  • Fake Headshot - FAQs

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Convert Selfies to Professional Headshots

How to Make Professional Fake Headshot in Minutes


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Utilise the power of AI to generate mindblowing fake headshot photographs through online fake headshot generator software.

Having your own set of headshot photographs is essential as a professional in the industry. Your headshot serves a special purpose rather than being just another portrait image. Your headshot is your professional brand image as it conveys your spirit, boldness, and self-esteem all through one picture. However, creating a proper fake headshot is never easy or cheap and this article teaches you how to fake a professional headshot by using a fake headshot generator.

Fake Headshot

On This Page
  • What is a Fake Headshot?
  • Create Fake Headshot Effortlessly - Best Online AI Headshot Generator
  • How to Make High-Quality Fake Headshots with Ease: Step-by-Step
  • Fake Headshot - FAQs

What is a Fake Headshot?

Traditionally a headshot is snapped by a professional photographer in a studio. Afterward, the raw photograph is cropped and resized to create a headshot of the person featured. However, this process is always expensive and takes quite a while to complete. A fake headshot is a computer-generated image of a person that resembles that of an authentic headshot. The user will provide an image of themselves to the AI, and the software will use that image to create headshots from photos.

Create Fake Headshot Effortlessly - Best Online AI Headshot Generator

The professional world is as competitive as ever and with the industry teeming with fresh graduates, every bit of extra effort counts. This has made headshots a necessity for everyone who wishes to stand out amongst the crowd by showcasing their bold outlook to their future employers and audience.

However, this increased demand coupled with the rising costs of inflations and pricings has made professional photographs a costly venture. Hiring a professional photographer, a studio and a photo editor will never come in cheap. This massive investment is a major deterrent for those who are looking to pump up their LinkedIn profiles and CVs with a brand now headshot. The solution for this comes in the form of an AI headshot generator

Vidnoz Fake Headshot Generator

Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator is without a doubt one of the best online headshot generators out there. It’s easy to use, and bills in at a minor fraction of the price of hiring a professional photographer. Users will have to provide a sequence of clear portrait images, and the AI will analyze these images and create a professional grade headshot within minutes. This allows everyone to create their own headshots through their own PCs in the comfort of their own homes.

Key Feature
  • Users can create fake headshot images in multiple styles.
  • Transform your casual selfie portraits into professional headshots in mere minutes.
  • Vidnoz supports over 40 backdrops and clothing at an extremely reasonable price.
  • The entire process is completely beginner friendly and doesn’t require any knowledge on editing or photographs.
  • High resolution images that can be customized to match your preferences.

How to Make High-Quality Fake Headshots with Ease: Step-by-Step

In this section, let’s go through the steps required when using Vidnoz to learn how to make headshot at home. Please note that creating an account on the Vidnoz platform is completely free of charge, but using certain services may come at a cost.

Step 1 Open up Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator and sign up

Head on over to the Vidnoz AI headshot generator page and sign up on the platform. You can either create an account using your email, or log in through an existing Google account. The entire process can be completed within a minute!

Step 2 Choose a suitable package 

This is the most important step! It’s time to choose a suitable package to match your needs. Currently, Vidnoz AI headshot generator supports three packages that all provide varying numbers of styles and photographs. 

Fake Headshot Vidnoz Choose Package

If this is a personal project of yours, then the first package or second is most suitable as they both provide a moderate number of styles along with a good number of headshots to work with. However, if you are creating these headshots to increase your reach, brand, and professionalism across multiple platforms, the third option is your best bet as it offers the most number of styles and images.

Step 3 Choose headshot styles

This step decides the aesthetics of your photographs as you will now get to choose the different styles that will be incorporated into your headshots. Pick wisely and choose colors that best convey your message and personality through the photograph.

Step 4 Photo guidelines and upload photos

Now it’s time to upload a portrait image of yourself. This can be an old image of yourself and as long as it accurately showcases your build, the generator can effectively utilize the proportions. When uploading the frontal portrait image, please make sure to follow the guidelines provided by Vidnoz.

Fake Headshot Upload Photo

Step 5 Upload more photos

Now that you have uploaded the main frontal portrait of yourself, the generator will request a few more photographs of the same nature. Users can upload between 9 to 14 extra photographs and these images will be used to fine-tune the image generation to preserve as much accuracy as possible. The higher the quality of the photographs you provide, the better the headshot will be!

Fake Headshot More Photos

Step 6 Generate fully customized fake headshots

The final step is to add in the customizations and this includes your gender, eye color, and a few more variables. Once this step is complete, all that’s left is to run the fake headshot generator and wait till the AI renders your headshot through its algorithm.

Fake Headshot Customize Options

Admittedly, an online fake headshot generator is a very convenient way. However, if you use your phone more and favor a mobile app, then you can click to download Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator app for iOS so that you can easily create fake headshots on your iPhone.

Fake Headshot - FAQs

Can I make a fake headshot all by myself?

As long as you have frontal portraits of yourself, you can easily generate headshots by yourself using Vidnoz

Can I make an acting fake headshot?

Yes, you can!

However, this requires an extra step which can also be done through Vidnoz itself. Once you generate your headshot through the AI, upload that image into the talking photo tool within the Vidnoz platform. This tool will then animate your image which can in turn act out and speak from the script that you provide.

What should I prepare for a fake headshot creation?

Users are required to have at least 10 different frontal portraits that are of decent quality. 

How often should I update my digital headshot?

It’s always a good choice to periodically upload your headshots within different platforms to prove that you are active within the industry.

Can I make fake headshot from a selfie?

A selfie can be used as long as the quality of the selfie is sustainable enough for the AI to grab details and elements from the photograph.

What background is best for a fake headshot?

A neutral pale background works best!


Creating your own fake headshot is easier than ever! Say no to expensive money grabs and professional photographers and generate your own headshots with ease. We picked Vidnoz as it's the most cost-effective solution for high-quality fake headshots and the platform gets better with every update and upgrade it receives. Try it out today!



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