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  • AI Album Cover Generator Advantages
  • Best 5 AI Album Cover Generators You Must Try in 2023
  • Bonus Tip: Introduce Your Album with AI Videos

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Generate Album Cover Online with Top 5 Album Cover Generators

Gary Henderson

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Want to generate unique and innovative album cover photos? Here are the top 5 album cover generators in the market with the detailed instructions featured.

People love listening to music but that’s not all that they look for in a music album. A creative and unique album cover is as important as the music as it lets you draw people to listen to your music. However, creating a unique and appealing album cover is not easy. It requires exquisite designing skills and is a lot costly too.

AI Album Cover Generators Guidance

Thanks to AI album cover generator tools, creating a parental advisory album cover is not a problem anymore as you can transform your ordinary pictures into an album cover in seconds. Here is everything you need to know about parental advisory album cover template generators to create album-style images yourself.

On This Page
  • AI Album Cover Generator Advantages
  • Best 5 AI Album Cover Generators You Must Try in 2023
  • Bonus Tip: Introduce Your Album with AI Videos

AI Album Cover Generator Advantages

Artificial Intelligence has introduced extraordinary tools such as an AI image generator to make your imagination come true. If you want to create a parental advisory album cover, an album cover generator can certainly help you find relative filters and elements.

Here are the advantages of using an album cover generator from a photo.

●Making parental advisory album cover

An album cover generator can easily create parental advisory album covers. Such a tool offers you enough templates to make parental advisory album covers very convenient. You can also create albums with warnings printed on them.

●Provide album cover templates

Many AI album cover generators come with templates that you can use to create album covers. These tools categorize the templates to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Using these templates, you can quickly generate perfect album cover images that you can download and use instantly.

●Text to image in seconds

An AI image website or tool can also help you transform your thoughts into album covers. With their text-to-image features, you can type what you are thinking of regarding your album cover and the tool will present you with different artistic images that you can use. This feature is especially helpful when you can’t find any template or material that you like for your album cover.

●Image to album cover filters

An AI image generator also offers album cover filters that you can use on images from your device. It can be any image from your phone’s gallery that you can use. Apply any filter that you like from its library of filters and your ordinary image will be given a new album-style outlook that you can use anywhere.

Best 5 AI Album Cover Generators You Must Try in 2023

Here are the top 5 AI album cover generators that you must to create album covers in 2023.

#1. Album Cover AI Filter - Fotor

Fotor is one of the most advanced album cover generators in the market. The platform was first introduced as an image editor back in 2009 and with the advancement of AI technology, the tool launched its free album cover maker in 2022. Fotor offers diverse AI album cover templates that you can use to create impressive and unique album covers. Depending on the music genres you are looking for i.e. moody, still life, close-up portraits, and others, Fotor offers filters for every purpose. 

Link: https://www.fotor.com/design/album-cover

Fotor Online Album Cover Maker

Here are the pros and cons of Fotor.

  • Customizable album cover templates for Jazz, Blues, Indies, and Electronics, etc.
  • Different styles provided i.e. digital, paintings, and 3D
  • Up to 5 free AI album cover photos with a free plan
  • Requires registration
  • Need to subscribe to one of its paid plans to access all features 

#2. Text to image generator - Artguru.ai

This is one of the most recently released art generators in the market and it comes with advanced features for creating album covers. Artguru AI comes with a unique and interactive user interface, just enter the description of your dreamed cover and the images will be generated. This online tool suits for all groups of people no matter are you an artist, musician, or simply a user looking to create artistic images, visit this tool and give a text command. The tool will analyze your text command and will quickly generate your album cover photos.

Link: https://www.artguru.ai/

Artguru Album Generator from Descriptions

Here are the pros and cons of Artguru AI.

  • Supports negative text commands
  • Offers 5 free credits every day 
  • Doesn’t require registration
  • Very few options for image customisation 

#3. Topmedia - abstract and illustration-style album

TopMediaAI is primarily a song cover generator and text to speech tool but it also offers an art generator with which you can generate intriguing album cover photos. This tool is also an AI image upscaler that helps you improve the quality of your photos. With TopMediaAI, you can create abstract and illustration style album covers in seconds. It provides examples that you can try and if you find one that you like, you can use it to create album covers.

Link: https://www.topmediai.com/ai-art-generator/

Topmedia Makes AI Cover Album Parental

Here are the pros and cons of TopMediaAI.

  • Supports both text to image and image to image illustrations
  • Provides High-quality album covers 
  • Requires credits to use album cover generator AI
  • No free credits

#4. Midjourney – Unique album cover maker 

Midjourney is a Discord-based album cover generator that lets you create unique album cover photos with text commands. This AI tool is the best option for those who already use Discord. You can also upload your images for customization and convert your images into album covers. No two artworks created by this album cover generator are similar. This way, you are guaranteed to get unique and innovative album covers.

Link: https://www.midjourney.com/

Midjourney Generates Album Covers with AI

Here are the pros and cons of Midjourney.

  • Supports image-to-album generation
  • Offers high-quality album covers
  • It has a learning curve to it
  • A Discord account is required 

#5. Dream AI – Personalized Album Covers 

Dream AI is a product of WOMBO, a Canadian company specializing in high-end AI solutions. Dream AI is one of its latest tools that lets you create album cover photos with unique characteristics. With its advanced machine learning capabilities, Dream AI lets you create album covers that match your vision style.

Link: https://dream.ai/create

Dream.ai Makes AI Album Covers

Here are the pros and cons of Dream AI.

  • Supports text and photo commands
  • Available for every device including Android and iOS 
  • Free account features ads
  • Offers limited customisation options 

Bonus Tip: Introduce Your Album with AI Videos

For those looking for an intuitive way to introduce their albums, there is a better way which is using Vidnoz AI to create a video with a Talking Avatar of themselves. Vidnoz AI is an AI image to video tool that allows you to create a talking avatar from your photo and then you can add a transcript which you can present in different languages and voice tones.

In addition to that, you can choose from a massive library of templates and create album videos that you can share on different platforms directly from Vidnoz AI. Here is how you can use Vidnoz AI to create an album cover video.

Step 1. Visit the official Vidnoz website, click on Vidnoz AI from the menu and sign up and log in for the tool.

Step 2. Now, choose a template that fits with your dream music genres. 

Template for Album Covers

Step 3. Next, add the transcript for your video, choose a language, avatar and select a voice tone as the perfect voiceover. 

Album Cover Generator by Vidnoz

Step 4. When you are done, click on the “Generate” button and your album cover video will be created. Now, you can download the video for free or if you want, you can share the video on any platform.

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So, in a nutshell, AI has advanced a lot this past year, and using the tools offered by it, you can do everything that seemed impossible before. One of the tools powered by AI is an album cover generator that can help you create professional album cover photos in seconds. The top 5 platforms to generate album covers are listed above. Vidnoz AI is another AI-powered platform that lets you create AI album cover videos using your own photos and words. So, sign up for Vidnoz for free now.

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