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On This Page
  • Part 1. What Types of Posters can AI Generate?
  • Part 2. Best 6 Free AI Poster Generators from Text
  • Part 3. For Generating AI Poster from Text, the Template Matters So Much!
  • Part 4. FAQs About AI Poster Generator from Text

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6 Best AI Poster Generator from Text You Need to Know in 2024

Gary Henderson

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Learn how to create high-quality posters using 6 AI poster makers from both text and image. Find exquisite Disney posters and other templates in this article!

Remember when you struggled all night to create a poster for your project at work or university? Back then, creating a poster meant a whole lot of work! You had to find or create a template, search images for it, and even find a proper font to match the theme. However, times have changed, and creating your own poster from scratch is easier than ever! You can easily create your poster using an AI poster generator from text. In this article, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the best options on the market for you to use with an awesome bonus at the end!

Cover of AI Poster Generator Online

On This Page
  • Part 1. What Types of Posters can AI Generate?
  • Part 2. Best 6 Free AI Poster Generators from Text
  • Part 3. For Generating AI Poster from Text, the Template Matters So Much!
  • Part 4. FAQs About AI Poster Generator from Text

Part 1. What Types of Posters can AI Generate?

There really is no limit when it comes down to the different types of posters that can be generated using AI. The decisive factor isn’t the type of poster, but the scenario at hand. What will the poster represent and why are you creating this poster? These are the two questions that you must ask yourself and answer before attempting to create a poster. 

Here is a list of the possible scenarios in which a poster might be the best form of presentation.

  • Movie
  • Advertisement
  • Sales Promotion
  • Conference
  • Invitation

If the following scenarios do fall in line with your own, a poster might be the best choice for you. If that’s true, then it's important that you pick the correct template for your poster. Luckily, using an AI poster generator from text solves this immediately. These have hundreds of prebuilt templates that match all of the scenarios listed above! By quickly shifting through the template selections, you will be able to create multiple versions of the same poster or generate batches of posters with ease.

Part 2. Best 6 Free AI Poster Generators from Text

Looking to create your own set of posters? We carefully curated this list of the best AI poster generator from text. These have the best pricing, features, and customer reviews out there. We personally tested these tools before recommending them to provide a complete outlook of the product.

#1. Vidnoz AI Poster Generator with Free Templates

Vidnoz AI is our first choice and is without a doubt the cream of the crop. Vidnoz is not just a simple AI poster generator from text free but a complete AI generation masterpiece. The pre-built templates within the poster maker make quick work of the most tedious aspect of the process. There are over a hundred different vibrant and creative templates to choose from to match every scenario in the book. Best of all, if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can use the AI poster template to create a moving poster to blow your audience away! 

More Poster Examples Offered by Vidnoz AI

Key features

100+ poster templates to fit every scenario.

AI-assisted generation makes the entire process a breeze.

The ability to create a moving poster for added flare.

Avatars can be generated to provide a custom voiceover for your poster. 

Your poster is free to download and share.

The editor's verdict on this site:

Vidnoz is a complete AI-assisted media creation tool. Creating posters using Vidnoz is as easy as it gets. The entire process took just a few simple steps and I had a poster ready within a couple of minutes. The hardest yet the most enjoyable part of creating a poster using Vidnoz was picking a template. There were just so many to choose from! You can’t go wrong using this Ai poster maker free tool. The pricing of the tool is extremely modest and it's completely free to use in the beginning unless you really want the premium features.

Extra: Here is a mini tutorial on how you can create your own poster using Vidnoz AI.

Step 1:

Visit the Vidnoz website and head on over to the AI tool.

Step 2:

Select the proper template to match your topic

Template for AI Posters

Step 3:

Add in the adjustments, text, and images.

AI Poster Generator by Vidnoz AI

Step 4:

Hit generate the create your poster.

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

#2. Fotor Poster Generator Online

Fotor is a web-based media creation application and AI image upscaler that uses AI to boost its image and video features. This service provider has a page dedicated to poster creation. Even though Fotor boasts over 150+ templates, most are just variations of others. The templates are all printable friendly which makes them great for traditional poster use, however, they aren’t that great for internet-based content or digital presentations. The templates can be customized to a certain extent and the AI engine can be used to generate and add media to the posters.

Fotoer AI Poster Maker

Key Features

150+ image templates for users to try out.

Available on all popular platforms.

There is a free version for users to try out.

Commendable AI integration with the poster creation tool.

The editor's verdict on this site:

Fotor is great for those who want to create generic posters for traditional use. However, we don’t recommend it for those who are looking to use their end product in digital media. The free plan is not the greatest but it’s definitely enough for someone who is simply trying out the product. The only major complaint with the service is that the templates are extremely similar to one another.

#3. AI Poster Generator Disney Style

This free AI poster generator is a web-based tool and the mechanism of this generator is filtering your images into Disney-style posters. The only thing that may bother you a little bit is you need to add extra prompts to let AI better understand your requirements. So in this sense, disneyaiposter.com is a text-and-image AI poster generator. Yet some users are complaining that this site has some distracting ads and redirects that influence users' experiences.

AI Poster Generator Disney Style

Key features:

Easy operation, 3 seconds workflow to upload and generate

Offer text-to-image and image-to-image functions to generate AI Disney posters 

Free tries are offered for new users

The editor's verdict on this site:

This site is obviously targeting those who are eager to make cute posters featuring Disney style. Yet the image-to-image feature is paid-only and the text-to-image poster generator might not be accurate sometimes. Users don't have many chances to freely generate posters given that this site charges $5.9 every month for 30 times generations. 

#4. Canva the Renowned Board for Posters

Canva is a great tool for those who aren’t versed in the field of graphic design. Even though it's made for everyone, those who already have an eye for creativity can make better use of its facilities. Canva can be used to create everything from logos, posters, and videos to entire websites! The service comes with both a free and a paid plan which provides massive upgrades that are otherwise locked behind a paywall. Templates for the AI poster generator are quite limited as most of the better templates require a premium subscription.

Canva AI Image Generator from Text

Key Features

Wide variety of templates to choose from.

The AI engine is limited to just image generation.

Premium features can be tried out with a watermark placed on the poster.

Easy to use and requires no designing experience whatsoever.

The editor's verdict on this site:

We really liked how there were dedicated poster templates within the site. However, the better-looking Ai poster template options were all locked behind a premium plan. Therefore, if you’re serious about creating a good poster using Canva, you’re forced to join their subscription. The AI’s potential within Canva is quite limited as it can only be used as an AI image generator from image. 

#5. Wepik.ai Text to Image Poster Generator

If you’re on the hunt for a completely free AI poster generator from text, then Wepik AI is a great place to start. The AI image website has been around for a while and this has allowed the Wepik team to hone its AI to near perfection. While it’s not a complete media creation tool, the fully developed ai image generator does make up for it. 

Wepik AI Poster Generator

Key Features

Fully developed image generation engine.

40 free credits to generate images.

A monthly subscription plan is available.

Wepik.ai includes a photo editor.

The editor's verdict on this site:

The image generation is prompt-based which does add a certain level of difficulty to it. Writing the perfect prompt to bring your idea to life can be challenging at times but it's a skill that you develop with time. There weren’t any templates or even a dedicated media creation tool to create a poster, which did make things a bit more complicated.

#6. Appypie AI Poster Generator with Thousands of Templates

This site digs deep and manages to offer users thousands of useful poster templates for recreation. You can see that on its interface, the templates are ranging from Business, Social Media, Cards, Ads, Paphlets, and Flyers. You can easily get inspired to make something formal for printing, designing, or just inputting your texts to generate a quick poster in seconds. 

Appypie AI Poster Generator Free

Key features:

Generate more than posters - create logo, animation, music thumbnail, etc. 

4000+ templates for you to use

Edit your posters online

The editor's verdict on this site:

This site charges 80% of its features. So if you plan to find a loyal AI poster tool instead of seeking for fun and have a fresh try, this site is there for you. And the subscription is cost-effective too, just $8 a month, and you can enjoy its splendid toolkit covering video/audio generator, editor, and background remover, etc.

Part 3. For Generating AI Poster from Text, the Template Matters So Much!

When you’re creating a poster using an AI poster generator from text, it’s important that you pick the correct template. If your template doesn’t match the topic, then the poster might feel completely out of sync. Luckily, Vidnoz has its fair share of templates to fit nearly every topic out there. This makes it easy for users to pick out a template from the selections provided.

There are template selections available for everything from social media to business posters. We have listed a few examples for you to use as a reference. 

  • Academic

Poster for Pre School Education

  • Advertisement

Poster for Product Introduction

  • Sales Promotion

Poster for Gym Niche

  • Conference

Poster for Webinar

  • Invitation

Invitation Poster from Vidnoz AI

  • Social media

Website Poster from Vidnoz AI

Part 4. FAQs About AI Poster Generator from Text

1. How to generate AI poster from image?

Make sure to go through our mini guide provided above. But here is a simplified rundown of the process.

Pick the proper template from the given selections and then add in the text and the images. The images and text will replace what is present within the template. Once everything is up to your satisfaction and all the scenes are adjusted, hit generate.

2. Is the text to poster AI generator accurate?

The Ai academic poster generator is accurate to a good degree. The avatar will always lip-sync the words correctly, tricking the viewer into thinking it's an actual person. However, the most important step to accuracy is ensuring that the template is edited correctly. Also if there is a prompt required within the AI art generator from text free, then make sure that the prompt is clear and concise.

3. Which is the best AI poster generator from text that has the most templates?

We prefer Vidnoz AI as it has the most number of practical templates. This means that these templates can be used for the purpose it's listed under. There’s no point in having thousands of templates if they cannot be used.

Part 5. Conclusion 

We found out that Canva and VIdnoz AI are the best tools to be used as an AI poster generator from text. However, we preferred Vidnoz AI over Canva as it’s better suited to be used as both physical and digital media. The poster created using Vidnoz AI can be easily converted to a video to be shared and the AI avatars used within the software are just perfect! If you’re looking to create posters without the hassle of designing your own templates to fit the topic, we highly recommend Vidnoz AI to be your first choice.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

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