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On This Page
  • Why Merge Two Images Using AI?
  • Best Tools AI That Merge Two Images Online
  • How to AI Merge Two Images Online?
  • AI Merge Two Images - FAQs

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Top 4 Online AI Image Combiners That Merge Two Images Free in Secs


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Here! Find the best AI image combiner free to merge two images automatically. No skills required, free of cost, free download and limitless sharing.

Whether you want to merge the photos of your pets, kids, friends, or family, AI tools have made it all easier for you. Therefore, now, you don't have to be an expert at photo editing to merge two images as AI merge two images for you free of charge in seconds, and as a result, you get a virtually striking single image. 

If you want to learn more about the amazing image-combining tools, you have reached the right place. So, continue to read and find here the top tools that can help you AI merge images!

AI Merge Two Images

On This Page
  • Why Merge Two Images Using AI?
  • Best Tools AI That Merge Two Images Online
  • How to AI Merge Two Images Online?
  • AI Merge Two Images - FAQs

Why Merge Two Images Using AI?

Whether used in photography, graphic designing, or creative fields, AI image cambiner tools let you create unique, compelling, and unified images by combining two images. Why people prefer to merge images using AI? Here are the reasons:

  • With their advanced features, AI that merges two images offers you a professional-level editing experience.
  • AI merging tools save time and efforts.
  • Merging images can create a thematic composition, evoke emotions, or tell a compelling visual story. 

>> Free AI Face Swap Tool to Seamlessly Merge two Portraits

What AI-merged images are used for? 

  • You can merge two images using AI tools and create a cohesive composition.
  • Most people use AI to merge two images to enhance the overall aesthetics of the visuals. 
  • Individuals create engaging content with AI for different social media platforms.  
  • E-commerce businesses use AI to merge two images online to show the products from different angles or mix up different shots to highlight the specific features of the products. 
  • Photographers merge different images to give a wide view of the landscape.

Best Tools AI That Merge Two Images Online

The tools identify the unique features of different images with the help of artificial intelligence and then combine them to create a blend of the two. Resultantly, you get a completely different image from the precursor images. 

If you also want to AI merge two images free, below are the tools you can benefit from: 

1. Vidnoz AI Image Combiner Free

Vidnoz offers one of the most popular AI photo merger tools on the market nowadays, as it blends exceptionally well. All you need to do is upload all the images you want to merge together, and the AI will automatically analyze and merge the uploaded images to generate a new image with the elements of the original images. 

Vidnoz AI Image Combiner Free

Key Features:

  • No limit to the number of images fo combining
  • You can adjust the percentage of each image you uploaded
  • Perfect image-combining results
  • Totally free to use

2. Image Mixer: AI Merge up to 5 Images at Once

Huggingface is one of the most popular AI-powered image combiner tools. The tool is a way ahead due to its Model Hub. It is free to use, and everyone can use it to merge two images for free. 

AI Merge Two Images with Image Mixer

Key Features: 

  • Huggingface offers you the strength meter with every image. Therefore, you can customize the final image and decide how much impact each source image will have on the final picture.  
  • You can add the text commands, but if you want the best results, including at least one image would be best. 
  • You can add up to five source images with this tool. You can use the URL address, an image, or both as the input source. 
  • The tool offers several security features to keep your data and codes secure

  • Offer better accuracy on the prediction tasks 

  • It provides you access to several models which are useful for NLP usecase 

  • The tool has multiple algorithms for all the prediction problems 

  • Models are big and difficult to work with 

3. Midjourney: Seamlessly Blend Images Together

Midjourney has launched a new feature recently, with the help of which now you can AI merge two images easily. So, now, the users can use this AI Image merger to combine different images and create a unique work of art. 

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AI Merge Two Images with Midjourney

Key Features: 

  • The AI image combiner of Midjourney works efficiently and within seconds. The tool intelligently picks the best of the provided pictures and creates a unique piece. Therefore, you always find the resultant image better than the sourced pictures. 
  • The tool works on Discord, and all you need to do is give this tool a command to mix up two images together and leave the rest on it.
  • The user gets enough credits to create unique pieces of art free of cost.  
  • The tool is extremely easy to use 

  • A great tool for marketers, designers, and content creators 

  • Provides visually stunning images 

  • Blends multiple images but preserves the required features 

  • To use the Midjourney, you should have accurate prompts 

  • Inability to create imaginative images

4. Vidnoz AI Face Swap: Automatically Merge Two Portraits with AI

With the help of this AI-powered image merging tool, you can now change the face in any video or picture. The tool supports cloud hosting for all the creations, and you can also further edit the face-change videos or pictures. 

AI Merge Two Images with Vidnoz

Key Features: 

  • Its quick response ensure that you can easily merge two portraits within 1 minutes.
  • This AI tool provides seamless image merging results.
  • You can share the videos or images (after changing the face) on your social media platforms with just one click.
  • The tool is 100% free to use 

  • There is no compression and no quality loss 

  • There is no additional limit, and ads 

  • You can get the video or photo samples, which you can use with just one click 

  • Attach the watermark 

  • The tool supports only WEBP, PNG, and JPG image formats

How to AI Merge Two Images Online?

If you want to merge two images AI, create incredible effects, and level up your images, below is how:

Case 1: Automatically Merge Two Images With AI (Picture Mixing)

Combine Images with Vidnoz AI Photo Merger

Below are the steps that you will follow to mix up two images by using the Vidnoz AI Image Combiner: 

Step 1: First, go to the Vidnoz AI Image Combiner.

Step 2: Then upload all the images you want to merge. You can use more than two images.

Step 3: Click "Combine Image Now" and wait a few seconds. The new or resultant image will appear on your screen, which will be a blend of all the images but unique and compelling. 

Case 2: If you need to create a scene (image) by combining the person (image 1) and background (image 2) into a new image, here is the solution.

Here are the steps you will be following: 

Step 1: First, remove the background of the image. You can use the Vidnoz AI Background Remover for this purpose. After uploading the image on the website, wait till the tool removes the background (the tool will remove the background automatically). Once the background is removed, download the image and save it.  

Vidnoz AI Background Remover for Image Merging

Step 2: Now, combine the person and background with the help of a photo editor like Canva. For this purpose, first, open Canva and start the photo collage project. Here, you can select the premade template or make the one from scratch. Next, choose the photo combiner layout and add the images. Customize the design by adding other visual elements or text.

Step 3: Finally, your image is ready, and you can download this AI-merged image. 

AI Merge Two Images - FAQs

1. Can AI Merge Two Images?

Yes, there are several AI-powered tools that you can use to merge the features of two different images to create a new composite image. The AI image merging tools are available online, and the best part is that these tools are easy and free to use.  

2. Can I Merge Two Photos Using Ilustrator?

The tool lets you blend two distinct images into one picture. Thus, in this way, you can create the multi-layered transformation effect and grab the audience's attention easily. It takes only three steps to merge the photos. 

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3. How To Merge Photos Into College?

First, choose the collage-style template in Adobe Express to make the collage. Then, drag and drop the images into the template. Finally, you can download the photo collage as a PNG file and share it. Besides Adobe Express, certain tools like Canva, Fotor, PicCollage, and BeFunky let you merge the photos into a collage. 


AI image combiners have revolutionized visual creativity and benefit individuals in multiple ways. The tools do not overlay two different images, but in actuality, they understand the elements of the images first and mix them accordingly. So, now you can AI merge two images with these tools within seconds without any difficulty. Image Mixer, Midjourney, and Vidnoz AI Face Swap are the top image blenders you can use.



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