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On This Page
  • AI-Generated Nudes Vs. Regular Nudes - What are the Differences?
  • Top AI Nude Generators - NSFW Warning
  • How to Make AI-Generated Nudes Safely & Effortlessly
  • Relive AI-Generated Nudes in Seconds - 100% Free

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Top Selected AI Nude Generators 2024 - Get Hot Digital Nude GF with Ease


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Generate hot nudes of any style in seconds with top AI nude generators.

Stop daydreaming and turn your fantasies into a reality! Use the power of AI and your imagination to create realistic AI generated nudes. You can now create your virtual girlfriend instead of scrolling through pages and pages of adult content. Since the nudes are created through the user’s prompts, they can essentially recreate anything and everything! This article focuses on the different AI nude generator software out there and how you can use them to create ultra-realistic nudes. To make this accessible to everyone, the options listed out don’t require any special skills or tools. If you make it to the end of this tutorial, there’s a bonus waiting for you that’ll blow your mind!

AI Generated Nude

On This Page
  • AI-Generated Nudes Vs. Regular Nudes - What are the Differences?
  • Top AI Nude Generators - NSFW Warning
  • How to Make AI-Generated Nudes Safely & Effortlessly
  • Relive AI-Generated Nudes in Seconds - 100% Free

AI-Generated Nudes Vs. Regular Nudes - What are the Differences?

As the name suggests, AI-generated nudes are computer generated images that are created through an AI. The AI models are trained on copious volumes of data to be able to accurately generate images to match the users' prompts. Since the elements in the computer generated image aren’t from a single source, someone can't copyright strike your content. 

Real nudes on the other hand are images of actual human beings. These can either be taken by themselves as a product or could be images that are leaked onto the Internet without their consent. Regardless of the intent, actual nudes follow through with massive amounts of social backlash. This is why it’s always better to artificially generate a nude than participate in creating one by yourself through traditional means.

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Top AI Nude Generators - NSFW Warning


AI Nude Generator PornXAI

PornX.AI is a new NSFW image generator that has quickly gained traction on Rule 34. The platform allows users to create their AI deepnudes using a selection panel, where they can customize the nudes by adding in their choices. The nude AI generator also allows users to customize the face of the nude by uploading an image for reference. This feature makes PornX.AI the perfect platform to obtain AI-generated celebrity nudes. However, unless you subscribe to their premium plans, the massive queue times are definitely going to be a heavy hit.

Key Feature
  • Extremely easy to work with as customization is done using selection panels and not complex text prompts.
  • A free trial is available for users to try out the platform.
  • Image generations up to 4K in image resolution.
  • Ability to customize the face using an image of choice.
  • Users can choose different poses, races, and ethnicity.

Here are some examples from PornX.AI

PornX AI Examples


AI Nude Generator Pleasuresai

PleasureAI is the best choice for those who are interested in hyperrealistic AI generated nudes. Even though the service doesn’t offer a free plan, it’s still the most realistic generator out there, which makes it a fantastic investment. Since the basic plan allows users to generate an unlimited amount of images, there’s nothing holding you back. However, the gold plan only allows images that are of medium quality. For the best quality, users are required to purchase the platinum plan, which supports images up to 4K resolution and the highest computational power.

Key Feature
  • Hyperrealistic images.
  • Unlimited image generations per month. 
  • PleasureAI offers presets which makes it easy to customise your nudes.
  • The platform supports up to 4K in resolution.
  • Completely uncensored and raw adult image generations.

Here are some examples from Pleasure AI

PleasureAI Example

Soulgen AI 

AI Nude Generator SoulGenAI

Soulgen AI is perfect for those who wish to generate both realistic and anime-centered nudes. Whilst the images created are still realistic, they do lack that extra bit of realism provided by PleasureAI. However, being one of the few AI generators that can successfully generate both realistic and anime-style nudes is a massive plus. The latest update even allows users to use AI that undresses girls, which works well with those interested in recreating NSFW versions of their favorite celebrities and characters.

Key Feature
  • Users can generate both realistic and anime-style nudes.
  • The faces of the AI-generated nudes can be customized through images.
  • Prompt-based image generation.
  • Supports image resolutions up to 2k.
  • There is a free trial for users to try out the software, along with a massive discount for the first purchase.

Here are some examples from Soulgen AI

Soulgen AI Example

Pornpen AI

AI Nude Generator PornPenAI

Pornpen AI is extremely similar to Soulgen AI and the only distinguishing feature is its ability to create gifs of the nudes. Pornpen AI’s algorithm and engine have been trained through a massive database of almost 50 million images. This really does show up in the AI nudes as they contain immense amounts of visual clarity and accurate body proportions. Once the nude is generated, users can edit certain aspects of the nude to further customize it. They can even save the nude as a template for future generations, which allows you to keep generating images in bulk! If you don’t get it right the first, it’s sure to come through on the 50th. The Pornpen developers consistently add new features to their platform, their latest being the doodle. Users can guide the AI by drawing a doodle of the image, which helps to perfect the poses and body proportions required.

Key Feature
  • Highly trained AI engine and image generation algorithm.
  • Perfect for bulk generations as users can use previous nudes as presets.
  • Doodle to guide the AI.
  • Supports up to 2K in image resolution.

Here are some examples from Pornpen AI

Pornpen AI Example

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OnlyWaifus AI 

AI Nude Generator OnlyWaifus

Onlywaifus AI is a dream come true for anime lovers! The platform is dedicated to creating hentai images of the most popular waifu in existence. Create mindblowing images of your favorite characters that rival professional studios. There isn’t a free plan to try it out, but OnlyWaifus’s reputation makes the purchase an easy choice to make. The platform supports image generation up to 4K, and users can reuse existing images to create new AI nudes.

Key Feature
  • Exclusively generates hentai waifu.
  • Supports up to 4k in image resolution.
  • Reuse existing nudes to create new ones.
  • Unlimited generations per month!

Here are some examples from OnlyWaifus AI

OnlyWaifus AI Example

How to Make AI-Generated Nudes Safely & Effortlessly

For this tutorial, we’ll take PornX.AI as the platform of our choice. It’s free to use and users can upgrade their plan to match their requirements.

Step 1

Create a free account on the platform by visiting the home page. 

AI Nude Generator PornXAI

Step 2

Click on Create to begin the AI generation process.

Step 3

Customize your AI nude by selecting your choices from the options provided. You can choose the gender and body types. There are many customized features, like body type, breasts, face, hair color, etc. Choose what you like and don’t forget to customize the angle you what the nude to perform. 

AI Generated Nude PornX Options

Step 4

Hit generate and wait a few minutes for the system to create your nude. You can also try the prompt feature to go on further editing, but it requires you to purchase the membership. 

AI Generated Nude PornX Result

Relive AI-Generated Nudes in Seconds - 100% Free

While nudes are great, a video is better! This is a bonus tutorial on how you can bring your photos to life through a revolutionary program known as Vidnoz AI Talking Avatar. Use the Vidnoz AI engine to create vivid animations and videos of your dream girlfriend. Users can even use the text to speech feature to make her speak out thoughts! And all of this can be done completely free! Bringing your AI-generated nude to life can be done in mere seconds and the complete tutorial on the matter is given below!

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

How to Make the Nude Image Talk Step-by-step

Step 1

Visit Vidnoz AI and create an account on the platform. Under the free AI tools bar, you can find the talking avatar.

Step 2

Upload the AI-generated nude image.

Talking AI Generated Nudes Vidnoz AI

Step 3

Add in the text which will be used to create the speech and the animations for lip syncs.

Step 4

Choose the language and hit generate.


Stop reliving your fantasies in your mind and make them a reality through the various AI generators listed within the article. If you wish to go that extra step, you can even bring your AI generated nudes to life through Vidnoz for some extra fun. All that’s left is for you to pick the platform and collect your thoughts to create a sensual image of your dream girlfriend.



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