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  • What is an AI Facebook Post Generator?
  • Explore the Top AI Facebook Post Generators 
  • How to Use AI Facebook Generator for Content 100% Free
  • FAQs about AI Facebook Generator

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Top AI Facebook Post Generators for Engaging Social Content


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Learn how to create engaging content using an AI Facebook post generator. Create publish-ready posts within minutes through the power of artificial intelligence.

Facebook is the world’s largest and most prominent social media platform catering its services to over 3 billion users worldwide. Naturally, such a massive collaboration of users creates a highly lucrative market for all niches! However, creating engaging content to promote your products, services or business can be a cumbersome task at times. Your content needs to be creative, catchy, and informative enough, all at the same time! This article focuses on AI Facebook post generators to create engaging posts that can be immediately posted on your social media platforms. Even though the options listed out are generalised social media content creation tools they can be exclusively used as an AI Facebook post generator when needed. There is a bonus at the end of the article that can give your Facebook reach a hearty boost!

AI Facebook Post Generators

On This Page
  • What is an AI Facebook Post Generator?
  • Explore the Top AI Facebook Post Generators 
  • How to Use AI Facebook Generator for Content 100% Free
  • FAQs about AI Facebook Generator

What is an AI Facebook Post Generator?

An AI Facebook generator is an application that is powered by artificial intelligence capable of creating unique content that can be posted on social media. The Facebook post generator will generate content that suits the algorithm within the platform to ensure that the content ranks well and is showcased to the appropriate users.

To create the posts, the AI Facebook generator will use existing written information within its database. But instead of plagiarising the material, the AI will recreate the content through its text model to ensure that it's unique. The AI social media post generator can also create images to be added to your Facebook post, however, these features are product-specific, and it's the user’s responsibility to pick one that has appropriate features.

To create images, the AI Facebook post generator will use an image model such as Dall-E, Midjourney, or Firefly. However, the creation of these images will require additional inputs such as prompts which aid the AI in generating the required images. 

Similarly, the AI Facebook Post generator can also generate videos to be added to your Facebook posts. Likewise, these additional elements will require user inputs to generate media. A few models that can be used to generate videos are Dall-E, Vidnoz, and DeepBrain.

The combination of what’s mentioned will create the perfect Facebook post that’ll get users flocking to your page or profile! Therefore, the most important step in this process is to pick the correct AI Facebook post generator that matches your requirements.

Explore the Top AI Facebook Post Generators 

SocialBee - Free AI Facebook Content Generator

SocialBee Free AI Facebook Content Generator

SocialBee is not exclusively an AI Facebook content generator but is an AI tool for social media marketing. Suppose you are an individual who frequently interacts with social media. In that case, SocialBee is a fantastic option to work with as it allows the user to manage multiple profiles across all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. The application inherently supports content creation platforms such as Canva and Unsplash, which allows the user to create elements for posts. The social media content tool within SocialBee also creates engaging hashtags which can be added into Facebook posts to better rank and place your posts within the algorithm. Since SociaBee is a social media management tool, it can be used to randomize your Facebook posting schedule to decrease the repetitiveness of your posting, which boosts the follower's confidence on the Facebook page or individual as it doesn’t look to be spam.

Key Feature
  • SocialBee is a complete social media management tool.
  • Intelligently manages and schedules posts for maximum effectiveness.
  • SocialBee curates Hashtags to be added to posts for better visibility.
  • Supports integrations with other content creation tools such as Canva and Unsplash.
  • Automatically schedule or randomize your posting schedule.

Vidnoz - Free AI Video Generator for Facebook

Vidnoz Free AI Video Generator for Facebook

Humans are easily captivated by colour and beauty. This is why engaging media such as photos and videos always perform better than written content on social media. If you are creating a Facebook post, it’s your goal to gain the maximum reach and viewership for your content. Therefore, it's always better to stick to what’s popular. Vidnoz AI is a content creation platform that is run entirely on an AI engine. This tool can be used to create engaging videos that can enhance your Facebook post or be a post of its own! The AI tool is completely cloud-based and extremely simple to use, with editable video templates that only require editing. In addition, Vidnoz AI also offers users talking avatars that can be used to present and narrate videos for better interactivity and retention.

Key Feature
  • Pre-designed templates to create videos for Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Completely cloud based and requires no complex installations.
  • Users can create personalized avatars that can present and narrate within videos.
  • Multi-lingual with different voice options to match your audience.
  • Completely free to use with additional subscriptions available for upgrades.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Mention - Easy to Use Facebook Post Generator 

Mention Easy to Use Facebook Post Generator

Mention is a free-to-use Facebook post generator that will create a text-based Facebook post based on the user's requirements. The requirement is presented to the AI tool in the form of a phrase which Mention will analyze to generate the post. Users can switch between different writing tones that will adjust the language present within the post. The tool is completely free to use and has no significant limitations. However, Mention is better suited towards creating captions for media which is a defining trait within a Facebook post. Since the entire post is generated through a single prompt, there is a high chance that the generated post will require a lot of editing to be ready for publishing. However, if you are on the lookout for a Facebook post generator free, Mention is a viable option to go with.

Key Feature
  • Generate an entire post through a single prompt.
  • Users can select different tones for the AI to work with.
  • The tool is web-based and completely free to use.
  • The text model used within the tool uses GPT 3 for its generations.

PostGenius - AI Facebook Post Generator Powered by ChatGPT

PostGenius AI Facebook Post Generator Powered by ChatGPT

ChatGPT is without a doubt the most influential AI tool released within the past few years. Its ability to create cohesive texts that are accurate and human-like is uncanny. However, creating the perfect generation requires extensive knowledge of prompts and the user's ability to describe what they want to the AI. PostGenius is a Facebook post generator AI that provides the initial framework necessary for the user to create their Facebook post through ChatGPT. PostGenius allows the user to better describe their requirements by requesting source materials for reference, vibes for the tone, and the preferred format. Users can even request emojis to be added to the text which increases the attractiveness of the text.

Key Feature
  • Powered by GPT 3.5.
  • Users can generate better content using GPT through PostGenius.
  • Emojis and hashtags can be added into the post for better visibility and attractiveness.
  • Source materials can be added in during generation for reference which results in better accuracy.

Fotor -Online AI Photo Editor for Facebook Post 

Fotor Online AI Photo Editor for Facebook Post

What if you already have the text needed for your Facebook post, but lack a proper photo? Fotor is an online AI photo editor that can be used to quickly edit photographs. The online tool has a plethora of useful features that are necessary when creating content for social media. The features include but aren’t limited to, AI-based image generation, image upscaling, background removal, and unblurring of photographs. In addition to these AI-powered features, Fotor also provides basic photo editing essentials required to be present within a photo editor.

Key Feature
  • A massive plethora of AI-powered editing tools.
  • Completely online.
  • Fotor includes basic image editing features.
  • The application has an inbuilt image generation tool powered by AI.

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How to Use AI Facebook Generator for Content 100% Free

Step 1  Choose a Facebook prompt template 

For this tutorial, let’s focus on SocialBee as an example. From the list of templates provided by the Facebook post generator AI, pick Facebook. This will ensure that the content is customized to be posted on the platform.

SocialBee Choose Template

Step 2  Customize the prompt 

Add in the prompt which will be used to generate the Facebook post. Make sure that the prompt is descriptive enough for the AI to analyze and gain information.

SocialBee Customize Prompt

Step 3 Generate the new post 

Generate the post.

SocialBee Generate

How to Use Vidnoz For Facebook Video Creation

Step 1 Choose the video template 

From the selection of video templates provided, pick one that best suits your purpose. For the best results pick a template from those listed under social media.

Vidnoz Free AI Video Generator for Facebook Choose Template

Step 2 Edit scenes

Once the template is selected, edit the template. Add in talking avatars, text, images, videos, and music.

Vidnoz Free AI Video Generator for Facebook Edit

Step 3  Generate and share

Generate the video and share it on your profile.

FAQs about AI Facebook Generator

Q: Is it safe to use an AI Facebook post generator for my business page?

Yes, using an AI-powered post generator or a Facebook AI video generator is completely legal and safe.

Q: Can an AI Facebook post generator personalize content for my audience?

All personalization is done through the prompt and the tone selection available within the AI tool.

Q: Can an AI Facebook post generator integrate with scheduling tools for automated posting?

For this purpose, it’s best to pick an AI tool that supports this feature. A good recommendation is to use SocialBee!


Utilize the power of artificial intelligence to easily create content for your Facebook pages using an AI Facebook post generator. The times of laboring through designs and hiring expensive social media content creators are long gone! Using tools such as Vidnoz AI and SocialBee, you are able to create all your Facebook content by yourself without the need for a massive team or hands-on experience!




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