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  • What Is Stable Diffusion AI Video Generator?
  • How to Make a Video with Stable Diffusion Video Generator
  • Free Stable Diffusion Video Generator  Alternative
  • Stable Diffusion Videos - FAQs

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Mastering Stable Diffusion Video Generator: A Comprehensive Guide


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Step into the exciting world of AI video generation with Stable Diffusion video generator. Our guide makes mastering video AI simple and fun.

Are you a content creator, artist, or videographer looking for the latest developments in video creation to amp up the quality of your work? Stable Diffusion video is the latest addition to the growing family of AI tools currently rocking the world. The Stable Diffusion video generator uses an algorithm and a massive library of assets to bring ideas to life by creating mesmerizing videos. Regardless of your occupation, Stable Diffusion video provides a brand new platform to create your content! It's simplistic yet powerful enough to bring anyone’s artistic thoughts to life! This article will guide you through creating videos using the Stable Diffusion AI video generator with a bonus at the end.

Stable Diffusion Video

On This Page
  • What Is Stable Diffusion AI Video Generator?
  • How to Make a Video with Stable Diffusion Video Generator
  • Free Stable Diffusion Video Generator  Alternative
  • Stable Diffusion Videos - FAQs

What Is Stable Diffusion AI Video Generator?

Stable Diffusion video generator is an AI-based content creator that uses artificial intelligence to create videos. The AI engine uses images created by Stable Diffusion as the base for the animation. The entire project and platform is open-sourced and encourages everyone to help and contribute towards the success of the project. Just like Stable Diffusion, the AI video generator uses text prompts as the initial output which will be used to create the images for the animations and transitions.

  • Easily create video samples through text prompts.
  • The videos generator have higher resolutions than most other AI-based content generators.
  • Completely open sourced.
  • Runs on almost all consumer grade GPUs and doesn’t need a powerful computer.
  • The images and videos generated will continuously get better as the AI engine is trained over time.
  • The AI can only create short videos that don’t include complex or dynamic scenes.
  • If the base images aren’t of higher quality, you might need to upscale them, which is an extensive time-consuming process.


Since the entire project is open-sourced, it's generally free for everyone. However, you might need some extra tools such as Davinci Resolve and ChaiNNer. Even though these tools are free at the moment, they can change their plans.


The project can be executed on all major operating systems. But we highly recommend users run this on a Windows or Mac device that has internet access.

How to Make a Video with Stable Diffusion Video Generator

This section will guide you through the process of creating your first video using the Stable Diffusion video generator. The setup will run a localized generator on your own PC, there is another version of the Deforum Stable Diffusion AI that’s completely online, but that’s for another day.

Step 1- Install Deforum on your PC

Open your command prompt application and change the current directory to Stable-Diffusion-WebUI by running the command below

cd %userprofile%\stable-diffusion-webui

After changing the directory, you can install the Deforum extension by running the following command on the command line interface.

git clone https://github.com/deforum-art/deforum-for-automatic1111-webui extensions/deforum

Step 2- Time to start

Open up Automatic1111 GUI to start generating your first video through the Stable Diffusion video generator free version. Navigate to the Deforum tab in the window to begin.

Stable Diffusion Starting Process

Step 3- Settings

In the Deforum tab, there are several tabs present that represent different elements of the generator. The Key Frames tab determines which frames are executed and how long the video will be. 

You can change the length of the video through the motions tab.

For your first video, keep the settings on default as it's best to not mess around!

Stable Diffusion Settings

Step 4- Prompt time

Click on the prompt tab to begin creating the prompt.

The prompt has two different sections, namely, positive and negative. The positive prompts determine which elements should be generated and the negative prompts determine which elements should be avoided.

For the best results, try to minimize the complexity of the prompt.

Stable Diffusion Prompt Time

Step 5- Generate 

Now it's time to generate.

Unlike the Stable Diffusion video generation online tool, this one runs locally on your machine. Therefore, the generation speed depends on your PC. Be patient.

Stable Diffusion Video Generate

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Free Stable Diffusion Video Generator  Alternative

Even though the Stable Diffusion video tool looks simple, running and executing it requires countless hours of testing and fiddling around with various parameters. The software is also a massive device hog as it will render your entire PC useless as it generates your video utilizing all your cores. This section introduces you to an alternative to the Stable Diffusion video generator named Vidnoz AI.

Vidnoz AI  text to video is an online AI-based video dgeneration  tool that is extremely simple to use. Unlike Stable Diffusion, there are no limitations to the length of the video! And it is completely free to use. Since the Vidnoz platform uses its own computational power to generate your video from text, users are not required to have tremendous processing power! Anyone can now create a video through Vidnoz AI with ease.

Vidnoz AI Text to Video Generator

Key Features:

The Vidnoz platform is completely online and doesn’t require complex installations. Users can manage everything through their proprietary web application.

The Vidnoz text to video is free to use and perfect for beginners who aren’t tech-savvy. Upgrades are available but aren’t necessary.

Generate video from text with ease.

How to Generate Engaging AI Videos from Text Only

Step 1

Head on over to the homepage of Vidnoz AI Text to video generator.

Step 2

Enter the prompt. Then adjust basic video information like background music and subtitles.

Vidnoz AI Text to Video Generator  Enter Text

Step 3 

Generate full video. Click on generate video, wait few seconds you can get the AI video at no cost.

Stable Diffusion Videos - FAQs

Is Stable Diffusion only for images?

Yes! The Deforum tool is an extension of the original Stable Diffusion platform. Currently, it’s only capable of generating images which are then stitched together by Deforum through frames.

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Can Stable Diffusion be used for animation?

It can be used for animations, but there is a limitation on the length of the videos. Stable Diffusion can only create short videos from AI animation photos which aren’t really “complete” enough on their own.

Does Stable Diffusion generate NSFW art?

No! The developers of Stable Diffusion have banned the generation of NSFW content from their base AI model. However, users can generate NSFW through Google Collab Pro.

Does Stable Diffusion violate copyright?

This is still a grey area! Since most of the content used for the generation of images is taken from existing content on the Internet, it isn't original. But the source material is always heavily altered and the elements are completely unrecognizable which does prevent copyright issues.

What are the limitations of Stable Diffusion video generator?

The complexity of the videos and the length are the two biggest limitations! There are a few variations to the base model such as the Stable Diffusion video face swap and the Stable Diffusion video2video tool, which can act as workarounds. But these tools are still in need of more training.


If you’re someone who isn’t versed in animation or video creation then tools such as Vidnoz AI and Stable Diffusion video are perfect for you! You can use these AI-based tools to create your own videos with minimal experience. With better AI models being developed every day, and the current AI engines being trained through users, the potential for AI is rocketing through the roof! For beginners, we highly recommend the Vidnoz platform as it has everything you would need.



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