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On This Page
  • Who Voices Squidward & What’s the Characteristics of His Voice?
  • Best 3 Squidward AI Voice Generators
  • What to Do with the Generated Squidward AI Voice?
  • After Generated - Create Squidward Talking Video
  • FAQs About Squidward & Squidward AI Voices

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How to Get Squidward AI Voice & Have Fun in Role Play

Juli Cooper

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Want to have fun with Squidward’s voice? Check out the 3 best voice generators to get Squidward AI voices that sound 100% identical.

The long-lasting cartoon, SpongeBob Squarepants series is perhaps the most well-known cartoon in history as well as the fondest childhood memory for many people. Apart from SpongeBob, the cartoon just has so many beloved characters. Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton and Karen, all have their unique personalities that are well-received by fans across the world. 

Best Squidward AI Voice Generator Tools

Working as a cashier at the Krusty Krab, Squidward is one of the best-loved characters. The turquoise octopus is considered the representation of workers in the modern age. He has a sarcastic sense of humor and his voice is impressive enough. Want to have fun or fool around with Squidward’s voice? A Squidward AI voice generator can help you out. Just read on to find the 3 best Squidward voice generator options!

On This Page
  • Who Voices Squidward & What’s the Characteristics of His Voice?
  • Best 3 Squidward AI Voice Generators
  • What to Do with the Generated Squidward AI Voice?
  • After Generated - Create Squidward Talking Video
  • FAQs About Squidward & Squidward AI Voices

Who Voices Squidward & What’s the Characteristics of His Voice?

Created by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg, Squidward Tentacle is an anthropomorphic octopus. He is sour, arrogant, and solitary, and seems to be a pessimistic guy who is the opposite of SpongeBob. But this does not stop him from being a fascinating character. He loves fine arts yet he has to work as a cashier in a restaurant, a job he does not enjoy. 

Squidward AI Voice Actor

Squidward has a particular voice, which sounds nasally and monotone. One can easily distinguish Squidward’s sarcasm and frustration as well as a wide spectrum of emotions from the voice delivered by Rodger Bumpass, who has voiced Squidward since 1999. Bumpass’s vocal performance is absolutely outstanding and perfectly captures the personality of Squidward. 

Best 3 Squidward AI Voice Generators

Whether you want to prank your friends or make a funny social media clip, Squidward’s voice is a great choice. So how to get it? Try the 3 best Squidward AI voice generator options below.

1. FineShare: Get Squidward AI Voice & Make Squidward Song Covers

Want to make song covers with Squidward AI voice? FineShare Squidward voice changer is what you need. The voice generator provides a wide range of voice options such as Squidward AI voice, SpongeBob voice, celebrity voices, and more. What sets it apart is that it can even make AI song covers in any genre, from emotional folk songs to pop music to rock and roll. You can also fine-tune the pitch and improve with chorus to get better results. 

How to make Squidward song covers?

Step 1. Head to FineShare Squidward voice changer.

Step 2. You can change your voice to Squidward or create AI song covers with it.

Squidward AI Voice Generator Fineshare

Step 3. Choose your preferred option. Upload or record an audio to generate the Squidward AI voice. 

Squidward AI Voice Generator Fineshare Convert

Price: Free; $6.99/mo; $8.99/one-time

2. Voice.ai: Real-Time Squidward Voice Generator

For those who want to get the Squidward AI voice real time, Voice.ai Voice Changer is the right fit. With a huge voice universe, Voice.ai allows you to make your voice sound like not only Squidward but a lot of characters. You can also upload an audio clip to make AI voice cloning. Supporting platforms like Zoom, Discord, Minecraft, GTA5, Fortnite, and many more, Voice.ai is a solid choice for streamers and gamers to change their voices in real time. 

How to get Squidward’s voice in real time?

Step 1. Free download and launch Voice.ai. 

Step 2. Choose Squidward as the voice character. 

Squidward AI Voice Generator Voice

Step 3. Speak anything to change your voice to Squidward AI voice.

Price: Free; $4.99/month

3. TopMediai: Get Squidward Voice Text to Speech

Where else to get Squidward AI voice online? TopMediai is a useful Squidward voice text to speech tool to check out. Packed with 3,200+ voice options, TopMediai can not only generate Squidward AI voice but also celebrity voices such as Obama AI voice, Morgan Freeman’s voice, and more. Just input the text and adjust pitch, pause, pitch, etc., and you can export high-quality Squidward AI voice in just a few minutes.

How to get Squidward voice text to speech?

Step 1. Head to TopMediai. Go to AI Tools > AI Text to Speech. 

Step 2.  Search for the voice for Squidward to locate the Squidward voice text to speech option.

Squidward AI Voice Generator Topmediai Choose Voice

Step 3. Input the text on the right. Adjust speed, pause, pitch, etc. Click the Convert button to convert text to speech with Squidward’s voice. 

Squidward AI Voice Generator Topmediai

Price: Free; Basic: $12.99/mo; Premium: $19.99/mo; Plus: $39.99/mo

What to Do with the Generated Squidward AI Voice?

With the Squidward realistic text to speech tool and voice generators above, you can generate Squidward AI voice easily. So where can you apply the generated voice? Here are a few cases to consider:

Make Song Covers: Create a song cover with Squidward’s voice or merge the voice with any tune for fun. 

Game Pranking: Want to prank your friends online? Just change your voice to Squidward’s with a real-time voice changer. 

Content Recreation: For content creators, using Squidward AI voice can help you create social media clips and creative content. But Squidward’s voice is not the only way to engage your audience, today you can easily make a Squidward talking head video that is 100% scroll-stopping. Just check out the next part to learn more.

After Generated - Create Squidward Talking Video

A Squidward video is so much more eye-catching than the Squidward AI voice. So how to make a Squidward talking head video?  Vidnoz AI video generator is here to help. Equipped with a suite of highly sophisticated features, the AI video generator can make Squidward talk realistically with a photo only! Just have a look at its main features here

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Bring Squidward’s photo to video: Vidnoz AI can help you get Squidward to talk just like in the cartoon at 0 cost. Simply upload a photo and the smart video generator can generate an AI talking head free!

Ask Squidward to say whatever you want: With the most advanced text to speech AI algorithm, Vidnoz AI can make Squidward say anything you want. Just input the text to convert it to realistic speech with natural lip sync guaranteed.

Numerous AI video templates: Developed with 200+ professionally designed video templates, Vidnoz AI is the most powerful AI video generator, which can help you make engaging Squidward videos without design skills!

How to Make Squidward AI video

Step 1. Head to Vidnoz AI. Sign up with an email address(Gmail, Microsoft, LinkedIn).

Step 2. In the library, go to Avatars > Talking Photo to upload your photo. Select the voice and speed, and click on the Generate this talking photo button.

Upload Squidward Photo to Make Squidward AI Video

Step 3. Input the text that needs to be converted to audio. Click on the Generate button to generate a Squidward talking head video.

Squidward AI Voice Generator Vidnoz AI Create Video


Want to switch the face of Squidward before creating the video? Try the Vidnoz Face Swap free tool!

FAQs About Squidward & Squidward AI Voices

1. What are the classic quotes from Squidward?

Squidward has plenty of quotes that can show his wisdom and here are some memorable ones:

- “I’m sorry I’m not as successful as you want me to be, but I’m happy with who I am and what I have.” 

- “I order the food, you cook the food. The customer gets the food. We do that for 40 years, and then we die.”

- “Happiness is a myth, like unicorns or healthy fast food.”

2. Does SpongeBob have a crush on Squidward?

According to most viewers’ opinions, SpongeBob might have a creepy obsession with Squidward but it shouldn’t be a crush. 

3. Does Squidward have a best friend?

It’s no secret that SpongeBob is the best friend of Squidward and probably the only friend because he is always nice to Squidward. 

Final Thoughts

How to get Squidward’s voice? This blog has introduced the 3 best Squidward AI voice generators that work. You can easily generate Squidward song covers, change your voice in real time, and convert text to Squidward’s voice with high-quality output. Meanwhile, Vidnoz AI is the best video generator that can help you make eye-catching Squidward videos easily. Just upload an image of Squidward and you can generate a Squidward talking head video fast and free. No video editing skill is needed, the video can be created within just a few clicks. Just sign up and try it for free now!

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