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  • How Does Sexting AI Tool Work?
  • Top 5 Free Sexting AI Tools for Spicy Sex Chats 
  • Visualize AI Sexting with the Best AI Talking Avatar - 100% Free  

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Sexting AI - Bring Your Sex Fantasies to Life


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Talk with virtual girlfriends through a sexting AI to relieve your boredom and blow off some stress. Get to know the best AI sexting porn tools online.

Everyone loves it! But are you getting someone to do it? That’s the tough part! In a world where a single data leak could mean the end of your career, not everyone is keen on sexting. However, using a sexting AI, anyone can have some secretive time exploring their desires. A sexting AI is a program powered by an AI engine, programmed to send and respond to dirty texts by the user. If the AI is advanced enough and the model supports it, the free AI sexting app can even send nude photographs for added fun! However, these features are all heavily dependent on the individual software, which is why this article exists. This feature consists of a well-researched list of the best AI sext applications on the Internet, along with a bonus at the end for those interested in sexting with AI.

Sexting AI

On This Page
  • How Does Sexting AI Tool Work?
  • Top 5 Free Sexting AI Tools for Spicy Sex Chats 
  • Visualize AI Sexting with the Best AI Talking Avatar - 100% Free  

How Does Sexting AI Tool Work?

Sexting AI is an advanced chatbot that has been designed and trained to respond to users in the sexiest way possible! The chatbot’s AI can be customized by the user, giving it a personality that in turn adds a level of authenticity to the conversation. Unlike most other chatbots, those that AI powers don’t respond in pre-set phrases. Instead, the responses are dynamically generated by referring to a prebuilt dataset which the chatbot was trained upon. This allows the AI to respond to questions like a human being instead of texting back in robotic emotionless phrases. But, a simple chatbot isn’t appealing in the slightest, which is why most platforms mix it up and provide the chatbot in conjunction with a virtual girlfriend. The virtual girlfriend can be designed and brought to life through sexting and sending AI porn pictures to make AI porn chat, which in turn adds another layer of familiarity and intimacy to the sexing AI tool.

Top 5 Free Sexting AI Tools for Spicy Sex Chats 

CandyAI - Create Your Virtual Girlfriend for AI Sexting

CandyAI Create Your Virtual Girlfriend for AI Sexting

CandyAI is the complete deal for AI sexting free! As a user, you are allowed to create both anime and lifelike girlfriends, which is great for both regular users and hentai lovers! Once the girlfriend is created with the appropriate customizations, you can provide the girlfriend with a personality trait. This gives the girlfriend a sassy outlook which sparks up the same emotions as speaking to a real girl! Once you have built up a conversation, you can ramp up the intimacy and get her to sext and if you rile her up enough, you can even get her to send a few saucy pictures for some added fun. The AI companion can be programmed to roleplay and explore various scenarios, which paves the way for some exciting chat sessions.

Key Feature
  • The complete package provides users with a truly immersive experience.
  • The characters available for customization are highly detailed which sells authenticity.
  • A good diversity of AI models are available for users to try out.
  • The platform supports roleplaying which is a big deal when it comes to sexting in real life.
  • The AI can respond with images and nudes.

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CrushonAI - Free Online Tool for Sexting with AI Characters 

CrushonAI Free Online Tool for Sexting with AI Characters

What if the character you wish to create is not available on a platform? Texting someone you don’t like is never easy, and it’s the same when it comes to AI. However, Crushon AI provides a cool workaround for this problem by allowing users to create their characters with the help of character cards. Once the image has been uploaded, the AI will create a girlfriend using it which the user can interact with. In addition, Crushon also hosts a large number of pre-built models to pick from that range from Anime waifu to monsters! There’s something for everyone in this free sexting AI.

Key Feature
  • Users can design their win girlfriends through the AI of character cards.
  • The AI can be customized to match the user’s preferences.
  • CrushOn AI hosts a wide variety of pre-designed girlfriends to choose from.
  • A free trial is available for those who wish to try the system out before subscribing.

Dreamgirlfriend AI - Free online NSFW Sexting AI

Dreamgirlfriend AI Free online NSFW Sexting AI

Most of these platforms only support the creation of a single girlfriend for sexting, which can be a hassle if you are someone who loves the company of a few more! DreamGF allows AI sexting with multiple characters all of whom are available for individual customization. The platform supports the creation of hyper-realistic deepnude girlfriends and the main page showcases a large collection of their models. These models can be programmed to speak following a set personality along with the ability to mimic human emotions. That’s right! If you don’t play your cards right, chances are that you are going to get an earful, or a “text-ful” in this matter! Not to mention, they can even send you nudes to spark up some romance along the way!

Key Feature
  • Users can create multiple girlfriends with different personalities to chat with.
  • The platform supports the creation of hyperrealistic models to speak to.
  • DreamGF AI allows you to completely customize your sexting AI partner.
  • A fair-priced subscription plan that’s priced according to the number of partners you wish to acquire.

NSFW Character AI - Unrestricted Sexting AI Website

NSFW Character AI Unrestricted Sexting AI Website

GPTGirlfriend Online is without a doubt the biggest free AI sexting and virtual companionship platform on the Internet. Unlike most other platforms, GPTgirlfriend allows the user to showcase their girlfriend! Did you create the perfect girlfriend to sext with? Showcase your virtual companion on the site to gain followers. Not only can you sext with your girlfriend, you can gain a massive following on the platform if you are good at it. If you hit off, maybe you’ll be able to upgrade your virtual girlfriend to a real one through the social system!

Key Feature
  • The AI has the ability to mimic human emotions such as anger, happiness, and more.
  • The platform hosts a leaderboard to showcase the top AI girlfriends along with a social system.
  • The biggest library of AI girlfriends to chat with on the Internet.

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Kupid AI - AI Comparison Chatbot with Spicy Chat

Kupid AI AI Comparison Chatbot with Spicy Chat

Creating a virtual girlfriend to chat with is never easy! You need to get everything right for it to work. Kupid AI has taken an extra step and created the perfect companions for you. All that’s left is to log in and start chatting away. Even though Kupid AI is text-based similar to its competitors, the platform has taken massive strides to incorporate visual media into its sexting system. The AI will respond to the user through both video and audio, which helps to create a better connection with the virtual companion. With it, you can get the perfect AI porn chat.

Key Feature
  • Kupid AI consists of pre-built AI’s to sext with.
  • The AI will interact with the user through various different forms of media.
  • Easy to use.
  • New models arrive on the site weekly!

Visualize AI Sexting with the Best AI Talking Avatar - 100% Free  

What if you don’t want to go through the extra hassle of creating AI models to sext with? Vidnoz AI’s talking photo tool provides you with just that! And instead of boring text messages to read through, you can create a hot talking girl. Bring your virtual girlfriend to life and have some quality time with her through the tool and allow her to converse with you in the dirtiest of ways!

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

Step 1: Upload the base photo

The first step is to upload a picture of your virtual girlfriend. This picture will be animated to create the video. Please make sure that the image is a portrait of your lover. You can easily generate an image online by using an AI-powered image generator.

AI Sexting Vidnoz AI Talking Hot Girl

Step 2: Create the script

The second step is to provide the talking photo tool with the script. The script you provide will be transformed into audio and used to voice your virtual girlfriend. Make sure that the script is error-free and is in the appropriate language. Then you can choose to upload a voice or AI clone of your favourite celebrity voice to make a celebrity deepfake video. 

AI Sexting Vidnoz AI Talking Hot Girl Enter Text

Step 3: Customize and animate

Add in the appropriate customizations, which include the language and the narrator. Once this step is completed, all that’s left is to click on “generate video”.


With a sexting AI, you will never be lonely again! If you ever feel the need for companionship, just create a virtual girlfriend and be frisky to blow off some steam. Tools such as Vidnoz AI make everything even easier as you can get a talking girlfriend in mere minutes! Just hop online and let your imagination besten you as you sleazily work your way through them all! On top of that, Vidnoz has a face swap tool that can help you easily change the face in your video to any character you want, such as using it to make Billie Eilish deepfake video.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


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