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On This Page
  • How Do You Clone the Voice of a Dead Relatives?
  • The 4 Best Tools to Make the Dead Speak?
  • Making the Dead Speak with Their Own Faces
  • The Warmth Offered by Modern Advances in AI

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Making the Dead Speak: Cloning the Voice to Eternalize Memories

Andrew Garcia

Updated on

Discover how AI technology makes it possible to make the dead speak and speak to dead relatives, reestablishing a connection with our lost loved ones.

A new era is emerging, where technology seeks to make the dead speak!

Memories can be eternalized thanks to the emergence of voice cloning. By digitally recreating the voices of the deceased, this technological revolution transcends temporal limits. Tremendous advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing have almost magically restored familiar sounds, hearty laughter and comforting words.

Make the Dead Speak with AI

This practice raises important philosophical and ethical questions. On the one hand, it allows us to maintain the emotional connection with those who are absent, while it asks questions about the nature of identity, memory and the continuity of human existence.

Having the ability to speak to dead inspires both hope and caution. Thus, memory becomes an endless symphony, where each sound and each word resonates as a living testimony of the past.

As this technology advances, it is met with both admiration and concern. Beyond discussions, it offers a unique opportunity: that of preserving the richness of exchanges, the liveliness of conversations and the vocal heritage of the people who have marked our lives, thus giving those who have left us an immortal voice.

On This Page
  • How Do You Clone the Voice of a Dead Relatives?
  • The 4 Best Tools to Make the Dead Speak?
  • Making the Dead Speak with Their Own Faces
  • The Warmth Offered by Modern Advances in AI

How Do You Clone the Voice of a Dead Relatives?

Artificial intelligence is used to clone a voice of the dead by carefully analyzing existing audio samples. The sound patterns are studied by natural language processing and speech synthesis algorithms to digitally recreate the voice. The AI resurrected the dead voice similarly using recordings and advanced machine learning techniques. With this, we will know how to speak with the dead. However, this technology is sparking discussions about ethical issues, particularly privacy and consent, and how it can be used ethically in society.

The 4 Best Tools to Make the Dead Speak?

Here are 4 applications for talking to the decreased:

1. Vidnoz

Vidnoz is a platform that includes AI voice cloning technology based on artificial intelligence. Its main features include:

  • Precise Voice Cloning: It is capable of reproducing a voice with great fidelity.
  • Customizable Options: Customization allows you to change the tone, rate, and other voice characteristics.
  • Versatility: Can be used in a variety of contexts, such as storytelling, advertising, etc.
  • Simple to Use: An easy-to-use interface for creating and editing voices.

Usage steps:

1. Initial recording: Record a voice sample of the person to clone the voice.

2. Voice Customization: Change the voice settings to your liking.

3. Export cloned voice: Export cloned voice for various projects.

  • Save time: quickly create unique voices for different uses.
  • Creative ability: ability to adapt the voice to different circumstances.
  • Accessibility: Provides the voice of an absent person for various recordings.
  • Improved accessibility: makes communication easier for people with vocal disabilities.
  • Commercial Potential: Possibly used in advertisements and stories.
  • Network conditions can affect its generating speed.
  • Legal regulations may limit its use.


14 days free trial.

2. ETXStudio

ETXStudio Let You Speak to Dead

ETXstudio is a comprehensive software suite that includes comprehensive audiovisual content creation tools. She has skills in recording audio, advanced video editing, adding special effects, editing, sound mixing and publishing on various platforms.

Usage steps:

  1. After installing the software, launch ETXstudio to enter the main interface.
  2. Recording and editing: Select audio or video recording, edit, add effects, transitions and multimedia elements.
  3. Export and Publish: Export and publish your creation in various formats to talk to dead loved ones!
  • A variety of audio and video editing tools.
  • The ability to perform advanced editing and add special effects.
  • Great flexibility in export possibilities to different formats.
  • An easy-to-use interface for both novice and advanced users.
  • Frequent updates with new features.
  • A tough initial learning curve for beginners.
  • It requires sufficient hardware resources to be used smoothly.


ETXstudio offers paid plans that provide full access to all advanced features of the software and a free basic version with limited features. Prices differ depending on subscription options.

3. Voice AI

Make the Dead Speak Voice ai

Voice AI is an innovative platform that offers advanced audio processing and speech synthesis capabilities. It allows a text to become natural speech with a variety of voices and accents. Additionally, to improve sound quality, it offers voice recognition tools, audio transcription and advanced processing features.

Usage steps:

1. Create a new account: Access your personal dashboard by registering with Voice AI.

2. Convert text to audio file: Copy or enter text, select a voice, change settings and create an audio file.

3. Voice recognition and transcription: Import an audio file, let Voice AI transcribe it to text, and edit it as necessary to make the dead speak.

  • Make a speech synthesis with different voices and accents.
  • Accurate voice recognition instruments.
  • Easy ability to transcribe and edit audio files.
  • Advanced audio customization options.
  • Easy integration into applications and platforms.
  • The user interface can be difficult to understand for beginners.
  • A learning curve is required for some complex settings.

Subscription Plan :

In order to meet user needs, Voice AI offers different pricing plans, ranging from free subscriptions that offer basic features to premium plans that offer advanced features for a paid subscription.

4. Podcastle.ai

Talk to Death Podcastle ai

Hosted and broadcast on Podcastle.ai, a user-friendly platform. Features like live recording, episode management, basic audio editing, and voice cloning.

Usage steps:

1. Create an account: Log in to your dashboard after registering.

2. Upload or record audio, and include metadata to talk to death.

3. And then launch the cloned voice.

  • An easy to use user interface.
  • All the features for creating podcasts.
  • Monetization opportunities for creators.
  • Effective use of social networks.
  • Responsive user support.
  • A limited audio edition.
  • The possibility of improving the management of analysis and listening statistics.


Podcastle.ai prices vary depending on the subscription plans, ranging from the Basic subscription which is free, the Storyteller subscription at 11.99 euros, the Pro subscription at 23.99 euros up to the Business subscription offering options tailored to your needs.

Making the Dead Speak with Their Own Faces

Using Vidnoz to make the dead speak with their own faces is an innovative approach that combines visual avatar technology with the ability to synthesize voice. Here are the steps needed to use this technology:

Using Vidnoz's talking avatar, you can make the dead speak with their own faces

Step 1: Collect visual data

First gather as much visual data as possible about the deceased person. A complete template can be created using photos, videos, or other visual materials that can capture various angles and facial expressions.

Step 2: Create an avatar model

Next, import the visual data collected with the avatar creation tool

Vidnoz AI, this tool analyzes and creates a 3D avatar from the deceased person's face. To achieve accurate rendering, this process typically involves reconstructing detailed facial features.

Create Dead Relatives Model with Vidnoz AI

Step 3: Voice Recording

At the same time, record the voice of the deceased person. For more realistic reproduction, also select representative snippets of various vocal intonations and expressions for out-of-this-world AI voice cloning!

Step 4: Add voice to avatar

Synchronizing voice recordings with the avatar's mouth movements makes it appear as if the avatar is speaking in the deceased person's voice.

Upload Voice to Make the AI Avatar Real

Step 5: Configuration and customization

Fine-tune settings to improve synchronization between the avatar's voice and facial movements. Fine adjustments may be necessary to best accommodate facial movements and spoken words. With this, you could make a photo speak without worry!

Step 6: Verification and control

Test the avatar before using in specific contexts to ensure the visual representation and voice timing are as accurate as possible. To achieve the desired result, it may take several tries. And then finally, generate your AI.

Customized All the Parameter and Generate

Step 7: Use an avatar.

The avatar can be used in many contexts, such as creating memorial videos, personalized messages or even interactive conversations once it is ready, so, finally you could make the dead speak but, please use this tool with compassion and consideration for those involved.

In summary, using Vidnoz's talking avatar to make the dead speak with their own faces involves collecting visual and voice data, creating a 3D avatar model, and integrating voice to create a realistic representation of the deceased person. This method offers a unique way of preserving memories and developing deep interactions with loved ones who have passed away and being able to communicate with the dead in quotes of course!

The Warmth Offered by Modern Advances in AI

The emotional bonds between people and the deceased are particularly strengthened by voice cloning and photo-animation techniques developed thanks to modern advances in AI. These advances allow for unprecedented preservation of memories and communication with people who have passed away, such as the famous Johnny Hallyday. This technology even makes it possible to clone and have the voice of Johnny Hallyday! Incredible right?

This process allows the voice of a deceased person to be digitally reproduced from existing sound recording samples to make the dead speak. A powerful way to revive shared moments is this reproduction of voice, allowing those left behind to relive those precious moments through the familiar words of the deceased. You could learn more about how to clone a voice here! This vocal resemblance brings comfort and a feeling of emotional closeness, creating emotional continuity.

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

In contrast, complex algorithms can be used to bring static photographs to life by transforming the faces of the deceased into moving images. This technology makes it possible to see these missing people smile, blink and express emotions, bringing to life the memories frozen in the images. By strengthening connections with memories and shared experiences, this method offers a feeling of visual and emotional connection.

By preserving the unique characteristics and intimate aspects of deceased people, these modern AI advances transcend the boundaries of mortality. They extend the emotional connection between people and the deceased, providing a way to speak to dead, maintain their presence, share their emotional legacy, and comfort those who continue to cherish their memory.


Thanks to technological advances such as voice cloning, talking avatars and photo-animation made possible by artificial intelligence, the preservation of memories and emotional connections with the deceased has undergone a revolution. These tools add exceptional warmth to our relationship with memories and offer innovative ways to make the dead speak, extending and preserving emotional interactions with those who have left us. These technologies transform frozen images into living moments by creating avatars with animated faces from visual data and bringing static photos to life. By visually reactivating memories that were once immobile, they strengthen the emotional connection with the deceased.

Advances in AI do not replace the reality of lost loved ones, but offer an innovative and respectful way to preserve their emotional legacy. Through tools like Vidnoz, they are redefining the way we relate to memories, providing comfort and continuity in the grieving process while providing a source of comfort and reminiscence for those who continue to cherish the memories of those who have left us. These technologies can change the way we maintain and nurture emotional connections with the people who have touched our lives.

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Andrew Garcia

Andrew Garcia is a writer who focuses on the field of technology. He is committed to producing high-quality articles to help users solve their problems. He is working hard to discover and introduce the latest AI tools so that users can experience the joys of emerging technologies. Hope his articles can give you some aid.