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On This Page
  • Leon Kennedy Voice Actors
  • How to Generate Leon Kennedy AI Voice with Voicify AI
  • How to Clone AI Leon Kennedy Voice Free with Vidnoz AI Voice Changer
  • Voicify AI vs. Vidnoz AI Voice Changer - Which One is Better
  • Bonus | How to Make a Leon Kennedy Photo Speak with His Voice

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Leon S. Kennedy AI Voice | How to Generate and Clone Leon Kennedy Voice AI

Eleven Wednesday

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It's a reality to get Leon Kennedy AI voice online free with an AI voice generator. Learn how to generate & clone Leon Kennedy voice AI easily and quickly.

Leon Kennedy (Leon Scott Kennedy, Leon S. Kennedy) debuted as a rookie police officer in Resident Evil 2 and returned to be a well-trained government agent in Resident Evil 4. Leon portrayed a remarkable human hero in the survival horror video game series. He is also the most loved and influential character in the franchise till now.

Leon Kennedy voice is often praised by fans besides his cool appearance. He has a deep, confident and sexy voice with a slight Italian accent. His voice undoubtedly can make a fan-made video more attractive and engaging. How to generate Leon Kennedy AI voice to bring the character to life? Here, we would like to show you the best way to create and clone realistic Leon S. Kennedy AI voice online free.

Leon Kennedy AI Voice

On This Page
  • Leon Kennedy Voice Actors
  • How to Generate Leon Kennedy AI Voice with Voicify AI
  • How to Clone AI Leon Kennedy Voice Free with Vidnoz AI Voice Changer
  • Voicify AI vs. Vidnoz AI Voice Changer - Which One is Better
  • Bonus | How to Make a Leon Kennedy Photo Speak with His Voice

Leon Kennedy Voice Actors

Leon Kennedy was voiced by several actors in game and film series. In Japanese version, Toshiyuki Morikawa portrays protagonist as as a hero with the unwavering sense of justice and the strength of convictions. In English version, multiple actors took over the role, all of who use voices to drive gamers and audiences to understand Leon better.

Let’s take a look at the English voice actors of Leon Kennedy.



Paul Haddad

Resident Evil 2 (1998 Video Game)

Pual Mercier

Resident Evil 4 (2005 Video Game)

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2009 Video Game)

Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008 Movie)

Christian Lanz

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (2012 Video Game)

Matthew Mercer

Resident Evil 6 (2012 Video Game)

Resident Evil: Damnation (2012 Movie)

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (2015 Video Game)

Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017 Movie)

Resident Evil: Death Island (2023 Movie)

Nick Apostolides

Resident Evil 2 (remake) (2019 Video Game)

Resident Evil 4 (remake) (2023 Video Game)

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (2021 TV Show)

 All voice actors perform well and urge fans to create a custom voice for their creations from game-related videos to voice overs. Leon Kennedy AI voice generator turns the need into a reality. It can be a text to speech tool offering Leon Kennedy AI voice models or an AI voice changer available to clone Leon’s voice flawlessly.

In the following, let’s get how to create Leon S. Kennedy AI voice using different tools.

How to Generate Leon Kennedy AI Voice with Voicify AI

Voicify AI is a versatile online AI voice platform. It collects tons of voice models of popular artists like Taylor Swift, Drake etc., allowing anyone to create speeches, voice overs and music covers. It also supports customizing the AI-generated voice file from language, expression to speed.

Voicify AI has an user-friendly interface. You can easily generate Leon AI voice over and music cover in different language.

Step 1. Visit voicify.ai in your browsers and select AI models under Features.

Step 2. Input Leon into the search box. There are two models, AI Leon Scott Kennedy of RE4 Remake and AI Matthew Mercer model. Choose a favorite one.

Leon Kennedy AI Voice Models

Step 3. Select Text-to-Speech and write your script. Select language, expression and speech.

Step 4. Click Convert Text to generate Leon Scott Kennedy AI voice.

Generate AI Leon Kennedy Voice with Voicify AI


"Create Conversion" is the choice to create an AI song cover and voice over. Copy and paste a YouTube link or drop an audio file and change voice with ease.

Voicify AI Functionality:
  • Creates high-quality AI voices quickly.
  • Embraces 3000+ models in community.
  • Updates voice models regularly.
  • Trains custom models in your own database.

How to Clone AI Leon Kennedy Voice Free with Vidnoz AI Voice Changer

Vidnoz AI Voice Changer gives users a chance to clone voice from anyone with no hassle. It empowers you to generate celebrity voices and create custom voices from a recording or audio file easily and quickly. It leverages cutting-edge algorithm to make AI-generated voices natural and realistic.

It is a totally free online AI voice changer. You can generate, play and download AI voice for further production at no cost. So, how to generate Leon Kennedy AI voice using it? Follow the steps.

Step 1. Visit Vindoz AI Voice Changer in your browser.

Step 2. Sign up and log in your account.

Step 3. Go to Custom AI Voice. Upload a Leon Kennedy audio file. Otherwise, record Leon Kennedy voice from game or YouTube. 

Upload Leon Kennedy Voice File

Step 4. Input your script into the text box. Select a language and adjust the speed.

Step 5. Click Clone Voice Now to clone Leon’s voice.

Step 6. Soon, a player appears on the page. Click Play to preview the AI Leon Kennedy voice and click Download to save it to your hard drive. 

Clone Leon Kennedy Voice

Vidnoz AI Voice Changer Functionality:
  • Includes a set of celebrity AI voices, from presidents, starts to anime character, like Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Mickey Mouse and more.
  • Supports 100+ languages in various accents.
  • Clones voices from an audio/video samples.
  • Builds in a voice recorder to record and clone your own voice.

Voicify AI vs. Vidnoz AI Voice Changer - Which One is Better

Both two AI voice generators boast the ability to create high-quality Leon Kennedy AI voice but with the difference of special emphasis.

Voice Generator

Key Features





Voicify AI

AI Song Cover

AI Voice Cloning




Started at $7.99/month

Vidnoz AI Voice Changer

AI Celebrity Voices

AI Voice Cloning




100% Free

In words, Voicify AI offers the matched models for creating Leon Kennedy AI voice more conveniently with a subscription, no free trial. While, Vidnoz AI Voice Changer is a cost-efficient solution to perfectly clone Leon voice with AI online free. Pick the most appropriate one depending on your needs.

Bonus | How to Make a Leon Kennedy Photo Speak with His Voice

More than using Leon Kennedy AI voice as a voice over, it can spice up your video with a talking photo of the hero. Vidnoz AI is an available online tool to create and customize talking photo videos in minutes.

Step 1. Visit vidnoz.com in your browser.

Step 2. Sign up and log in your account.

Step 3. After you get access to the app, go to Avatars > Talking Photo.

Step 4. Click + to upload Leon’s photo > Generate this talking photo.

Upload Leon Kennedy Photo

Step 5. Now, you’re redirected to the editor page. Customize the video.

  • Write your script into the Speech Text box.
  • Click Upload Voice to upload the AI Leon Kennedy voice file.
  • Click the language box to customize the voice, from language to gender, age, emotion.
  • Add text/subtitle, image, background music and other objects into the video if needed.

Step 6. Click Generate. The generated AI talking photo is saved to My Creations, from where, you can share and download the video at will.

Generate Leon Kennedy Talking Photo

WHAT IS MORE: As an intuitive AI video generator, Vidnoz AI greatly saves you time and energy to create various videos for business, training, education, invitation etc., from 300+ template. It also presets 300+ realistic AI avatars, 470+ natural voices, 140+ languages as well as a set of editing tools to make stunning videos quickly.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Final Thoughts

It is not a hard task to generate Leon Kennedy AI voice with right tools. You can create a high quality voice of popular protagonist in Resident Evil video game series with AI Leon Kennedy voice models provided by Voicify AI. Also, to clone Leon Kennedy voice with Vidnoz AI Voice Changer, the best free AI voice changer, can drive you to get realistic voice at no cost. You can clone all Leon actors' voices, both English and Japanese. If you want a free Leon Kennedy AI voice generator, Vidnoz AI Voice Changer is your best choice.


Eleven Wednesday

Eleven Wednesday is a content writing specialist in Vidnoz. She excels in the knowledge of video making and processing. She follows AI technology closely and is willing to share all her learnings with people.