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  • How to Add Voice Over to Google Slides? Voice Recording First
  • How to Add Voice Recording to Google Slides?
  • How to Add Voice to Google Slides with a Screen Recorder?

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How to Add Voice to Google Slides? 2 Simple & Effective Ways


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How do I add a voiceover to a Google Slide? Is it possible to do this without having to record your own voice? There is! Click here to find out how!

You know the feeling. You've spent hours carefully crafting each slide for your big presentation. The information is solid, and your visuals are sleek. But when it comes time to actually present, you notice those glazed eyes and drooping heads in the audience.

Even the most well-designed slides can feel flat without the power of the human voice to bring them alive. That's where adding narration comes in. But how to add voice to Google Slides?

In this short guide, we'll explore two easy methods for recording and syncing voiceover audio right within Google Slides. Just imagine how much more engaging your presentation will be when your slides are paired with your own personalized narration.

How to Add Voice to Google Slides

On This Page
  • How to Add Voice Over to Google Slides? Voice Recording First
  • How to Add Voice Recording to Google Slides?
  • How to Add Voice to Google Slides with a Screen Recorder?

How to Add Voice Over to Google Slides? Voice Recording First

If you're wondering how to add voiceover to Google Slides directly within the platform, unfortunately, it is not possible. Unlike some other presentation software that offers built-in voice recording options, Google Slides does not have a native feature for adding voiceovers.

However, there are workarounds that allow you to incorporate your recorded voice into your presentations on Google Slides seamlessly. Here are the two ways about how to add voice to google slides.

#Way 1: Generate Voice Over with a TTS Tool: No Need to Record by Yourself

If you don't want to go through the hassle of recording your voiceover for Google Slides, there is a convenient alternative. You can use a Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool like Vidnoz to generate voiceovers automatically without having to record by yourself.

Vidnoz offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to convert your text into high-quality voice recordings in just a few simple steps.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Vidnoz Text to Speech to make voiceover for your Google Slides:

Step 1: Write script for the Google Slides.

Step 2: Go to the Vidnoz Text to Speech website and sign up.

Step 3: Choose the language and voice type you want.

Choose Language and Voice

Step 4: Copy and paste the prepared script, select the appropriate speed for the voice, and click the Play button to listen to the generated voice.

Listen to the Generated Voice for Google Slides

Step 5: If everything is OK, click “Download Audio”. You can find the generated audio in your mailbox and you can download it there. It’s totally free.

Download the Audio for Google Slides

#Way 2: Record Voice Over Using an Online Voice Recorder

If you prefer to record your voice for Google Slides using an online voice recorder, there are several options available. One such example is the REV Online Voice Recorder. Here's how to add voice on google slides using online voice recorder:

Step 1. Visit the REV Online Voice Recorder website and click on the "Record" button to start recording.

Go to REV Voice Recorder

Step 2. Speak into your device's microphone while the animation shows that audio is being captured.

Voice Recording on REV


If they are unable to record sound, Vidnoz Mic Test can help them test the microphone to see if there is a problem.

Step 3. Click "Pause" when you want to stop recording.

Step 4. Use the "Preview" option to listen back and make any necessary edits or trims.

Step 5. Choose whether you want to transcribe the recording or download it as an MP3 file:

  • To transcribe, click "Transcribe."

  • To download as an MP3, click the "Download" icon.

How to Add Voice Recording to Google Slides?

Once you have recorded your voice for your Google Slides presentation using either a TTS software or an online voice recorder, the next step is to add the audio to your slides. Here's a detailed guide on how to add voice to google slides:

Step 1. Upload your mp3 downloaded file to Google Drive because you can only insert audio into Google Slides from your Google Drive.

Step 2. After uploading your audio file to Google Drive, go to your presentation, click on the “insert” tab.

Step 3. select the audio from your Google Drive.

Step 4. You can also adjust the position of your audio in Google Slides.

How to Add Voice to Google Slides with a Screen Recorder?

In addition to using TTS tools or online voice recorders, another effective way to add voice to your Google Slides presentation is by utilizing a screen recorder.

With a screen recorder, you can capture both the visuals of your presentation and your voice narration simultaneously. One highly recommended screen recorder for this purpose is Vidnoz Flex.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

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Vidnoz Flex offers various features that make it an excellent choice for adding voice to Google Slides:

★ Simultaneous recording: Vidnoz Flex allows you to record both your screen and webcam at the same time. This means you can showcase your slides while also adding a personal touch through face-to-camera interaction.

★ Teleprompter functionality: The built-in teleprompter in Vidnoz Flex provides prompts for your scripts as you record. This feature helps ensure smoother delivery and increased confidence during narration.

★ Full-featured video editing tools: With Vidnoz Flex, you have access to comprehensive video editing tools that enable easy integration of narrations into your Google Slides presentation. You can trim clips, adjust audio settings, and add transitions or effects seamlessly.

★ Link-sharing capability: Once recorded, Vidnoz Flex lets you conveniently share your presentation without requiring recipients to download the entire video file separately.

To use Vidnoz Flex screen recorder for adding voiceover to Google Slides with ease, follow these steps:

Step 1. Visit Vidnoz Flex's official website and create an account.

Step 2. Open your Google Slides presentation and click on the Vidnoz Flex icon in your browser. Select "Start Recording" to begin recording the voiceover on top of your Google Slides presentation. Customize any desired features as needed.

Start Recording on Vidnoz Flex

Step 3. After completing the recording, click on the "Edit" button in Vidnoz Flex to make some adjustment.

Step 4. Once done editing, export the recorded video file in your preferred format and easily share it with others.

In addition to adding voice to Google Slides, Vidnoz AI gives you a simpler all-in-one tool to make slideshow videos with voice and AI talking avatar. It provides you with 100+ slide templates without having to edit them yourself. You can choose different languages and voice narration for your slides. The generated videos are also able to be downloaded immediately and shared with others easily.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

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Adding voice to Google Slides can greatly enhance your presentations and engage your audience. Although Google Slides itself doesn't have a native voice recording feature, there are effective methods to incorporate voiceovers.

You can utilize a Vidnoz Text-to-Speech for generating automated voice recordings or use a screen recorder such as Vidnoz Flex Screen Recorder for capturing your own narration. Experiment with these options and choose the method that best suits your needs.

With tools like Vidnoz at your disposal, you can easily add compelling voices to your Google Slides presentations and create impactful experiences for your viewers.



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