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On This Page
  • How to Do French Accent Fast & Easy
  • Why Choose French Accent Generator
  • Vidnoz - Free Online French Accent Text to Speech Generators
  • dCode - Fake French Accent Generator 
  • Narakeet - Online French Pronunciation Generator 
  • Play.ht - Online French Text to Speech with Many Voices 
  • Bonus: Make a French Accent Talking Avatar 

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Top French Accent Generators for Authentic Pronunciation


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A comprehensive list and guide on how you can use a French accent generator to produce pristine narrations using AI.

French is regarded as the language of love and romance amongst novelists as it inspires music, poetry, and desire. For those who aren’t proficient in French, an AI-powered French accent generator is the perfect alternative to create alluring and romantic sentiments. The uses of this software are not limited to just narrations as those interested can utilize these tools to improve their pronunciations and understanding of the French language. It’s also impossible to ignore the comedic aspect of the French language, which has spurred into life countless memes and comedic videos. This article will cover various free French pronunciation generator software and how you can use them to recreate the authentic feeling of the French language.

French Accent Generators

On This Page
  • How to Do French Accent Fast & Easy
  • Why Choose French Accent Generator
  • Vidnoz - Free Online French Accent Text to Speech Generators
  • dCode - Fake French Accent Generator 
  • Narakeet - Online French Pronunciation Generator 
  • Play.ht - Online French Text to Speech with Many Voices 
  • Bonus: Make a French Accent Talking Avatar 

How to Do French Accent Fast & Easy

Even if you aren’t versed in French, you can always fake it till you make it. This section elaborates on how you can fake a French accent without knowing a single word or gender!

  1. “R” sound

The French are notorious for how they pronounce the “r” sounds through speech. Instead of rolling the “r” sound off their tongue, the French use a special technique to enhance the depth and intensity of the syllable. To mimic this effect, one can easily pull their tongue back into the roof of the mouth when they are pronouncing a word. When the Uvula vibrates during the speech, it will recreate that iconic French accent we all love. Another method to mimic this effect is by replacing the regular “r” sound within the English alphabet with a rough “h” that almost sounds as if it’s being gargled.

  1. turn “th” into “z”

The sound of “th” doesn’t exist within French speech, instead, it’s replaced by a “z” sound which is often exaggerated for a comedic effect. However, for the best result replace all “th” sounds with “z”. For example, “that” will be pronounced as “zat” and “there” will be pronounced as “zere”.

  1. silent “h”

“H” is non-existent within the French language. It’s silent and ignored, which in turn creates that eerie sound when pronouncing words that start with H. However, this is true for words that have “h” in the middle of the word as well. like “hospital” and “hexagon”, which are pronounced as “opital” and “exagone”.

  1. i” into  “ee”

“I” is one of the most common vowels within the French dictionary, which is why this step is a necessity to sound authentic and fluent in the language. When pronouncing words that have the vowel “i”, instead of pronouncing it as “i” replace it with a long “ee”. For example, the word “idiot” will be pronounced as “eedeeot” instead.

  1. Stress 

When pronouncing a word in English, the word is broken down into different syllables. The word will emphasize different syllables to focus and drag out different sections of a word. This is non-existent within the French vocabulary as all the syllables are pronounced with equal stress, with the final syllable dragging out.

French Accent

Why Choose French Accent Generator

French is one of the most difficult languages to learn considering there are genders, grammatical exceptions, and pronunciation inconsistencies. To be fluent in French, one will have to spend years practicing and learning the language. The workaround to this difficult and tedious process is to use a French accent generator that will transform your voice and narrations to that of a well-versed French person.


Using a free French text to speech generator will allow you to save up on valuable time. Instead of learning the language, the user can easily create the narrations through the AI powered French accent generator.

No barrier

Since the French accent generator is based on English, the software will not pose a barrier to entry. Anyone who knows how to use the Internet is more than capable of operating the software to achieve a high level of success.

Train yourself

Users who are interested in improving their French language can use the French accent generator to compare it with their performance. They can easily compare their pronunciations with those generated by the software to enhance their skills.

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Vidnoz - Free Online French Accent Text to Speech Generators

Vidnoz Free Online French Accent Text to Speech Generators

Vidnoz is a revolutionary AI-powered media creation tool that allows its users to generate media through the assistance of a highly trained AI. Vidnoz Text to Speech uses an artificial intelligence-powered model that effectively converts the text to speech by accurately portraying the various accents and nitpicks present within the language. This allows the AI tool to narrate texts with increased accuracy whilst adhering to the proper pronunciations and rules.

Key Feature
  • Completely free to use.
  • Generate text to speech french natural in seconds.
  • Vidnoz supports the bulk narration of lengthy texts.
  • All narrations created through Vidnoz are void of any watermarks.

How to Generate French Accent in Seconds

Step 1:

Create an account on the Vidnoz AI website and locate the text to speech tool by clicking on the free AI tools tab.


Step 2:

Enter the script into the text box provided on the webpage. Make sure that the script doesn’t contain any errors or accents as these may cause the narrator to malfunction.

Vidnoz Free French Accent Generator Enter Text

Step 3:

Select the language as “French” from the customization options and add in your preferences. Make sure to change the tone of the narration as this decides the mood of the AI.

Vidnoz Free French Accent Generators Set Language

Step 4: 

Generate and download the audio file.

Vidnoz Free French Accent Generator Download

dCode - Fake French Accent Generator 

dCode Fake French Accent Generator

dCode is a free French accent generator that is built on an open-source framework, complete with certain AI aspects within its narration process. Even though dCode is free to use and void of any sign-ups, it’s extremely limited in length. The text-to-speech tool supports just 100 characters and anything high requires multiple conversions. Using the dCode narrator is extremely simple as it doesn’t have any customization features. Just enter the script into the text box and select the gender of the narrator to start the process.

Key Feature
  • Extremely simple to use.
  • Completely free of charge.
  • The software intelligently converts the text to speech by utilizing certain AI aspects.
  • dCode is built on an open-source platform.

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Narakeet - Online French Pronunciation Generator 

Narakeet Online French Pronunciation Generator

Highly rated and loved by a loyal fanbase of recurring users, Narakeet has remained at the top ever since its startup. The application remains as one of the few narrators providing consistent results. However, this consistency arrives at the cost of having limited customization. With a wide range of emotions to choose from, Narakeet can easily embody the proud nature of a native French speaker with ease. The user-friendly interface coupled with subscription-based plans make Narakeet a fantastic option for those looking for an immediate solution.

Key Feature
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Subscription-based pricing.
  • Narakeet offers a wide array of emotions to choose from.
  • Naturalistic voices.

Play.ht - Online French Text to Speech with Many Voices 

Play.ht Online French Text to Speech with Many Voices

With over 600 voices to choose from, Play.ht has it all. The platform currently supports over 142 different languages and accents allowing users to pick from a massive library that consistently gets updated. The most prominent feature of play.ht is its ability to convert text to voice in real time, which prevents any delays. Play.ht even supports voice cloning which is a feature that allows you to clone any voice with ease.

Key Feature
  • Play.ht supports over 600 voices and 142 different accents.
  • In addition to TTS, the platform supports voice cloning.
  • Audio generations are available in WAV format for increased quality.

Bonus: Make a French Accent Talking Avatar 

Looking for tools that’ll help you animate your favorite photographs and captures? Vidnoz Talking Photo is a fantastic tool that automatically animates a portrait image by referring to the script provided for lip-syncing. Users easily can create a video with a French accent by referring to the mini-guide shown below.

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

Step 1:

Under the free AI tool bar you can find AI talking photo, click on it.

Step 2:

Upload your image to the database. When uploading your image, please ensure that the image follows the requirements provided by Vidnoz.

Vidnoz French Accent Talking Photo

Step 3:

Add in the script, set French as the language, and the necessary customizations.

Step 4:

Generate the talking photo video and download the result. If you wish to spread the joy, share your video through social media!


Anyone can speak in French without knowing a single phrase of the language by using AI-powered tools such as Vidnoz text-to-speech. Use the power of a French accent generator to bring out your inner comedian and more. Work smart not harder and munch on a baguette whilst the AI does the job for you!




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