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On This Page
  • Benefits of Cloning My Voice
  • What Can I Do After I Clone My Voice?
  • How to Clone My Own Voice - Top 5 AI Voice Cloners Recommended
  • How to Clone My Voice For Free - How to Tutorial

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How to Clone My Voice Using An AI Voice Cloning App

Kevin Hart

Updated on

This article describes how I clone my voice step by step. Find out the top voice cloning services to turn your voice into audio files using text to speech technology.

Clone My Voice

This article gathers the best 5 AI-powered voice cloning services that I've personally used to mimic my own voice. If you're in search of a tool to create a clone of your voice, the process of how I clone my voice might be just what you need.

On This Page
  • Benefits of Cloning My Voice
  • What Can I Do After I Clone My Voice?
  • How to Clone My Own Voice - Top 5 AI Voice Cloners Recommended
  • How to Clone My Voice For Free - How to Tutorial

Benefits of Cloning My Voice

Why not make the most of existing AI voices but clone my voice? Cloning my own voice offers several benefits.

Complete Personalization. My personal voice is truly one-of-a-kind. Integrating it into my content is the perfect way to express my personality and set my content apart. 

Save Time. In situations where numerous projects demand my voice, manual recording is clearly not the most efficient option. By cloning my unique voice and employing text to speech AI technology, I can seamlessly convert text into speech files and handle multiple tasks all at once.

Voice Consistency. As a content creator for different platforms and mediums, using my cloned voice for the audio content ensures a consistent and recognizable tone. My cloned voice enables me to maintain my workflow when I lose my voice due to sickness or tiredness. 

What Can I Do After I Clone My Voice?

What are the use cases after I clone my voice? Here are a few examples of what I can accomplish with my own cloned voice. I can create audio content without speaking a word.

Podcast & Ad Reads. Let the duplicate of my voice read the advertisement writing, slogan, and Podcast content.

Lectures. I work in a profession that demands extensive speaking, such as a professor or scientist, and leverage my cloned voice to efficiently deliver lengthy lectures.

Announcements. Convert the announcement scripts into audio files using the replicated version of my distinctive voice.

Marketing materials. Create personalized audio materials with my voice for holiday sales, marketing campaigns, promotion events, customer services, and more.

Social media short videos. Use my cloned voice to produce voiceovers for the videos on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

How to Clone My Own Voice - Top 5 AI Voice Cloners Recommended

All of the AI voice cloning software outlined showcased below are powered by artificial intelligence technology and some of them come with complimentary trial options. Read to understand their advantages and disadvantages so that you can quickly pick one to start the voice cloning process. 

 1.  PlayHT AI Voice Cloning

PlayHT is an online text to speech software leveraging AI techniques that can convert written content into authentic audio with many languages and accents. Its Voice Cloning feature allows me to clone my unique voice through an instant cloning approach or high-fidelity cloning experience.

Play HT Clone My Voice

Why You Should Choose It:

Clone my voice free trial

Allow me to describe the uploaded voice for a better result

Friendly voice cloning interface

Clone my voice fast

800+ AI voices and 140+ speech languages

Expressive speech styles available for different content

Why You Should Avoid It:

Need to sign up for a free account

Recording my voice for cloning is not supported

Voice cloning only works with English

Offer only 1 high fidelity cloned voice for its most expensive subscription

 2.  Speechify AI Voice Cloning

Speechify is not just an average Text-to-Speech (TTS) service provider; it goes beyond seamlessly converting text into natural-sounding audio files. What makes it stand out is its Chrome and Edge extensions, allowing users to effortlessly read webpages. Plus, there are standalone apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac to read local files. It has the ability to clone my own voice for video dubbing, and the best part? No special equipment or skills are required.

Speechify Clone My Voice

Why You Should Choose It:

Upload documents and convert them into downloadable audio files

Read web pages, PDF files, docs, emails, photos, and other formats

Support text to speech in 30+ languages and accents

Provide TTS API to software developers

Why You Should Avoid It:

Create an account to access the voice cloning online free interface 

Expensive monthly subscription

 3.  Vidnoz AI Voice Cloning

Vidnoz is a comprehensive online platform that offers a wide variety of AI tools to help create high-quality videos, audio, and images for business or individual channels. With the minimum need for editing skills and creative thoughts, users can generate professional and engaging video content quickly. Vidnoz AI voice cloning feature is built into its game-changing AI video generator center. I can create my exclusive voice with my tone either by recording my voice or uploading an audio file.

Vidnoz Clone My Voice

Why You Should Choose It:

The cloned voice is nearly identical to mine

Use my cloned voice to read written content

Seamlessly integrate my voice into video content

400+ public and authentic human voices in different languages, ages, genders, and emotions

Why You Should Avoid It:

Need an account registration

Only support English

 4.  Resemble AI Voice Cloning

Resemble AI Voice Cloning is a specialized generative voice platform. It delivers cutting-edge voice cloning technology and robust deepfake audio detection. users can add different emotions to the cloned voices to be more expressive. 

Resemble AI Clone My Voice

Why You Should Choose It:

Advanced text to speech conversion

Transform an audio file into another in a different language

Create a high-quality duplicate of my voice

Flexible TTS and voice cloning APIs

Why You Should Avoid It:

Require at least a 3-minute voice sample to clone my voice

Often fail in voice synthesis

Start at $0.006/second for cloning my voice

 5.  Murf AI Voice Cloning

Murf AI is one of the leading AI voice generators created for generating realistic-sounding voiceovers for various projects. Unlike other clone my voice AI services, users need to record the voice and then upload the voice samples to Murf and the team will build a custom AI voice using the samples. 

Murf AI Clone My Voice

Why You Should Choose It:

Create an exact clone of my voice

Turn text into speech with 120+ human-like voices in 20+ languages

Full integration with Canvas

Easily add voiceovers to videos and Google Slides

Why You Should Avoid It:

More useful for businesses, not individuals

Take a long time to get the customized cloned voice

Separate pricing for the voice cloning feature

How to Clone My Voice For Free - How to Tutorial

Step 1. Open Vidnoz.com on a computer and sign up for an account to access the voice cloning feature.

Step 2. Do one of the following:

Record your voice: Allow a Microphone on your computer to record your voice. Then click Start recording. Read the provided script clearly. Click Stop recording. Make sure the voice recording lasts between 1 - 3 minutes.

Record My Voice for Cloning

Upload a voice file: Choose an MP3, AAC, or WAV file that contains your clear voice without background distractions. The audio file should be smaller than 200 MB and lasts more than 1 minute. 


If your local audio file contains background noises or music, use Vidnoz AI Vocal Remover to extract the vocal to make it more distinct and clear. The quality of the voice sample has a great impact on the output of the cloned voice. 

Step 3. Click the Clone My Voice button and wait for the AI model to synthesize your voice.

Step 4. Enter the text you want your cloned voice to read and click Generate.


It is not always an easy task to clone my voice, especially with different tools having specific requirements for voice samples. Vidnoz AI Voice Cloning stands out for its speed and impressive results – a strong recommendation from me!

Every voice is unique, and results can vary. To ensure the best outcome, I highly recommend experimenting with all the products mentioned in the article. This way, you can find the service that perfectly captures your accent, nuances, tone, and style. 


Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is an experienced editor for Vidnoz focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of video editing software on the market, specializes in composing posts about videos. All the topics he chooses are aimed at bringing more benefits to users.