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[Resolved] AI Voice Reddit Discussions - The Best AI Voice Tools on Reddit

Vita Wesley

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Read about the hottest AI voice Reddit posts and find out the best AI voice tools that Reddit users recommend.

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Reddit is one of the most popular online communities where people can share content, ask questions, and join discussions. You can find endless conversations related to thousands of various topics and AI technology has recently become one of the hottest forums on Reddit.

AI Voice Reddit

This article collects the AI voice Reddit posts that sparkle passionate discussions. After reading this article, you will have an overview of what people are talking about AI voice on Reddit and access the best AI voice tools.

On This Page
  • AI Voice Generator Reddit
  • AI Voice Cloning Reddit
  • AI Voice Changer Reddit

AI Voice Generator Reddit

The first hot topic of AI voice technology on Reddit surrounds AI voice generators. Most Reddit threads are posted by video creators who are looking for text-to-speech (TTS) tools that can add voiceovers to videos using AI technology.

"Best AI text-to-speech programs? - With AI developments rapidly following each other up, I was wondering if there is an affordable software which allows converting text to speech with real-life quality." - Posted by u/Disaster_Voyeurism on Reddit

"What is the best text-to-speech ai currently? - I’ve created a video generator for YouTube video makers (currently only 3 YouTubers currently). I’m currently working on the visuals and audio experiences. I’m wondering what you think is the most natural machine learning text-to-speech?" - Posted by u/Elwilo_3 on Reddit

Best AI Voice Generator on Reddit

The most mentioned text-to-speech AI tools on Reddit are MURF.ai and LOVO.ai. Both of them are amazing AI voice over Reddit generators that can turn text into natural and realistic audio. They offer a wide library of female and male voices in addition to many languages and accents. Even though they both offer free voice generation experience, the free version provides limited voice choices and you can't use the generated speech for commercial use.

Vidnoz Text to Speech is another recommended AI text-to-speech voice generator. Vidnoz Text to Speech uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze the intonation, pauses, emphasis, and tone of a text and synthesize the text into spoken language. The advanced AI technology from Vidnoz can transform any text into speech that sounds like a real human speaking. The generated audio files can be used as voiceovers for videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and presentations.

Create Text-to-Speech AI Voices - FREE

Make natural voice text to speech in various languages, accents, and ethnicities. Try it free now!

Key features of Vidnoz Text to Speech

  • Unlimited free use. Vidnoz Text to Speech is accessible to anyone for free without a time limit. No credit card or subscription is needed.
  • Multiple languages and voices. Vidnoz voice generator allows you to choose from 8 mainstream languages and swiftly switch between female and male voices.
  • Adjust speed manually. Vidnoz's tool offers 11 different speeds for the AI voice from 0.5x to 1.5x.
  • Realistic AI voices. The AI voices are indistinguishable from humans thanks to Vidnoz's advanced ML and NLP models.
  • Download in MP3 format. The AI-generated speech can be downloaded as a separate Mp3 audio file, making it easy to be integrated with other contents.

How to use Vidnoz Speech to Text

Step 1. Create a Vidnoz account using your email to unlock unlimited free access.

Step 2. Go to the Text to Speech AI tool >>

Step 3. Select a language and a voice.

Choose a Language for AI Voice Generator

Step 4. Copy and paste or enter the text.

Step 5. Adjust the speed and click the play icon.

Step 6. Preview the generated speech and click Download Audio to save it.

Download Generated Audio File

Vidnoz is the leading AI content creation solution. You can free use many useful AI content generators on this website. It has launched a brand-new AI video generator that supports realistic human avatars, video templates, and voice overs, greatly speeding up video creation at high quality.

AI Voice Cloning Reddit

Another vibrant discussion falls on AI voice cloning Reddit, especially president AI voice generator Reddit. Many Redditers are interested in AI cloning software that can generate Trump's AI voice and Obama's AI voice. Some also trying to find a way to mimic the voice of a certain celebrity, such as Drake AI voice Reddit.

"What is the best free AI voice cloner? - So I've seen these videos popping up of US presidents discussing gaming and anime, and really wish to make my own. What are your recommendations?" - Posted by u/keesdude on Reddit

"Current best voice cloning software? - I've been trying out Tortoise-tts to generate speech from custom voice samples, but it doesn't function that well with replicating irregular/dramatic voices. Are there currently any voice cloners that can give decent-sounding speech from custom samples? And if you're more familiar with Tortoise, are there any adjustments I could make to make it sound better?" - Posted by u/papabigslambi on Reddit

Best AI Voice Cloning Software on Reddit

Many AI voice cloners on the market for average users only offer access to voice models that have already been trained. If you are looking for tools to train AI voice Reddit by yourself, PlayHT and Resemble.ai are good options. They are easy to use and both offer voice cloning online free.

PlayHT is an AI-powered voice generation platform that provides both an AI text-to-speech tool and an AI voice cloning software. After signing up for an account with your credit card, you need to upload an audio file that contains at least 15 minutes of a speaking voice for cloning. The voice being captured must be crystal clear and free of background noise and music. It could take several hours to clone a voice. You can utilize the cloned voice to produce speech from text once the cloning is finished.

PlayHT AI Voice Cloning

Resemble.ai is a generative voice AI toolkit that provides a text-to-speech tool, a neural audio editor, and a language dubbing program. After signing up for an account and entering its creation hub, you can choose Rapid Voice Cloning to duplicate your voice by recording and uploading it. It only takes a 10-second recording to clone your voice with Resemble.ai.

Resemble AI Voice Cloning

AI Voice Changer Reddit

AI voice changer gets widely used on social media platforms. It is no wonder this type of AI voice tool is the top topic on Reddit.

"What voice-changing apps are available right now? - I know there are one or two options for real-time voice changing that don't sound so convincing (that is, they sound robotic). I was wondering if there's anything that might sound better but doesn't operate in real-time. I plan on voicing male and female characters in a video and I have plenty of time to edit the voice clips together but I need them to sound convincing. Free stuff is preferred but I'd consider paying money if that's the only way to get good results." - Posted by u/outsm0ked on Reddit

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Best AI Voice Changer on Reddit

An AI voice changer is a type of AI voice generator that is capable of changing the input voice to a completely different one. When you are seeking an AI voice changer on Reddit and a character AI voice Reddit, there are two categories: those that operate in real-time and those that do not.

Voice.ai is the most popular real-time AI voice changer on Reddit. This AI voice-changing software needs to be downloaded and installed and is only available for PC users. It allows you to sound like a cartoon character, a robot, a celebrity, and other characters while you are doing online activities.

Voice AI Voice Changer

Another frequently mentioned best AI voice changer Reddit is Voicemod. It is a free real-time voice changer app and is available for both Mac and PC users. It can modify your voice or entirely change it while you are gaming, streaming, or socializing. The changed voice sounds realistic and natural.

Voicemod AI Voice Changer


This article introduces the most popular AI voice Reddit conversations, including AI voice generator Reddit, AI voice cloning Reddit, and AI voice changer Reddit. Additionally, you can find the best tools that are popular on the market besides the Reddit forums. Vidnoz Text to Speech is such a promising choice. Feel free to explore Vidnoz AI Talking Avatar and other AI tools on its Vidnoz AI app.

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