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On This Page
  • Behind the screen-Every Sonic Voice Actor Comparison 
  • Top AI Voice Generators to Make Sonic AI Voice
  • How to Get Sonic AI Voice 100% Free: Step-by-Step

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Learn how to create a Sonic AI voice to bring your favorite speedster to life. Get creative and relive those nostalgic childhood moments!

Sonic, the blurry blue ball of mayhem is one of the most iconic cartoon characters in history. Fiesty and full of energy, Sonic has secured screen time ever since his release in 1990. This article features the tools that can be used to recreate Sonic AI voice and the vibes of Sonic the Hedgehog. The tools listed are tested for reliability and pitched as the best Sonic AI voice generators on the Internet. If you make it to the end, there’s a bonus waiting!

Sonic AI Voice

On This Page
  • Behind the screen-Every Sonic Voice Actor Comparison 
  • Top AI Voice Generators to Make Sonic AI Voice
  • How to Get Sonic AI Voice 100% Free: Step-by-Step

Behind the screen-Every Sonic Voice Actor Comparison 

More than two decades have passed since the birth of the speedy hedgehog. Over the years, Sonic saw a wide variety of voice actors pass through the doors. To commemorate these figures, here is a list of the most impactful voice actors who took the role of the blurry speedster.

Jaleel White

Jaleel White Sonic Voice Actor

Jaleel White was the first English voice actor for everyone’s favorite speedster. He voiced Sonic in three different shows, including the highly popular TV series that left children crying upon ending. Sonic the Hedgehog, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Underground were all works carried out by Jaleel White. Jaleel even recorded a few lines for the Sonic short film by Eddie Lebron. It was his dream to voice Sonic in the most racially neutral tones, and all the Sonic Underground voice actors agreed that Jaleel White did a fantastic job at it.

Ryan Drummond

Ryan Drummond Sonic Voice Actor

Ryan Drummond is known by many as the original voice actor for Sonic! He was the first voice actor for the Sonic Hedgehog Series and brought upon waves of nostalgia when heard by millennials worldwide. Even though he was dropped by the studio in 2003 as they shifted towards 4Kids voice actors, Ryan Drummond was still recognized by his fans as the only voice actor for Sonic. His upbeat energetic tone was deemed the best fit by everyone, which made him come back for a brief period of time before retiring completely from the role due to lack of compensation.

Jason Griffith

Jason Griffith Sonic Voice Actor

Jason Griffith replaced Ryan Drummond as Sega replaced all the voice actors with those from 4Kids. Jason Griffith was formerly a part of 4Kids as he took on the voicing for both Sonic and Shadow. The talented voice actor was a part of the Sonic X team till 2010 when Sega replaced him with Roger Craig Smith. Jason Griffith's voice was criticized by some as being too mature for the likes of Sonic, but others praised the serious tone. So, which one is your favorite Sonic voice, to unlock Sonic’s voice all by yourself, AI voice generators make it possible. Read on to explore the best Sonic voice generator.

Top AI Voice Generators to Make Sonic AI Voice

FakeYou - Online Sonic Text to Speech Tool

FakeYou Online Sonic Text to Speech Tool

FakeYou is a completely online Sonic text to speech tool that currently supports voice cloning for both Jason Griffith and Jaleel White. Even though the Sonic voice generator is a bit tricky to work with at times due to irregularities, it still gets the job done. FakeYou has an impressive list of voice packs to choose from, but a large portion of them aren’t realistic. The robotic droning sounds leak in occasionally, which messes up audio clips. If the voice pack you wish to use is not available, you can always send a request to the team or wait for a sound designer within the community to add it in for you.

Key Feature
  • A massive collection of voices to choose from that range from celebrities to cartoon characters.
  • Users can request new voices to be added to the FakeYou library.
  • The service is completely web-based and requires no setups or downloads.
  • Free to use, but premium packs are available for those that require more features.

TopMediai - Convert Text to Sonic Voice with Ease

TopMediai Convert Text to Sonic Voice with Ease

TopMediai is an extremely simple and easy to use TTS or text to speech tool. If you want to generate a Sonic AI voice without going through any extra hassle, TopMediai is the perfect choice for you. The Sonic voice generator works through an API and is completely web-based. Users are required to just log in and add in the text which is to be narrated. Users are allowed to add special effects to the narrations and if you wish to go the extra mile, you can clone your own Sonic voice pack to better match your content.

Key Feature
  • Extremely easy to use and completely web-based.
  • A free trial version is available for those who wish to try it out before purchasing.
  • Users can clone voices to create new voice packs.
  • Narrations can be customized to match the user’s preferences.

Vidnoz AI Voice Changer - Unlock Any Sonic Voice Completely Free

Vidnoz AI Voice Changer Unlock Any Sonic Voice Completely Free

Vidnoz AI voice changer is the only free Sonic voice generator online. If you’re looking for free software that provides high-quality narrations that are accurate to the last syllable, Vidnoz is the perfect choice! Even though Vidnoz doesn’t provide its users with premade voice packs, creating your own is extremely easy. Users can upload a sample of their desired voice and Vidnoz will analyze it and clone it for you to use. You can use the cloned voice to create your Sonic audio clip. The platform is completely cloud-based and can be accessed through all devices with basic browsing capabilities.

Key Feature
  • Completely free to use.
  • Users can create their own voice packs using samples of audio.
  • The platform is completely cloud-based and requires no downloads.
  • The cloned voices are of extremely high quality.

Voicify AI - Recreate AI Sonic Model Video in One Click

Voicify AI Recreate AI Sonic Model Video in One Click

Voicify is a Sonic voice generator that can be utilized to create mind-blowing narrations through its musical AI engine. The platform was initially designed and its AI was trained to create covers for songs, which is why most of its voice packs can create high-definition audio samples. However, over its lifetime, Voicify soon became an all-purpose voice generator. Users can provide a YouTube link with the audio sample, which will be analyzed to create the voice pack. This is a feature that’s not available in other Sonic AI generators, and that’s one of the defining features of the platform.

Key Feature
  • Users can clone voices by providing a YouTube link as the sample.
  • Extremely accurate voice samples.
  • Great at recreating songs and producing covers of existing music.

How to Get Sonic AI Voice 100% Free: Step-by-Step

If you tried the AI text to speech but couldn’t find your favorite Sonic voice, read this guide on how to AI clone a voice and let your favored Sonic say whatever you want.

Step 1 Find Sonic voice clip

Sonic AI Voice Vidnoz AI Voice Clone Audio Clip

Browse through the Internet and obtain a sample voice clip. This will be used as the base to create the voice pack for your Sonic AI voice. 

Step 2 Upload the clip to Vidnoz voice changer

Sonic AI Voice Vidnoz AI Voice Clone Upload

Create an account on Vidnoz and head on over to their voice changer. Upload the sample that you obtained into their system to be analyzed.

Step 3 Enter the text or recording

Sonic AI Voice Vidnoz AI Voice Clone Enter Text

Enter your text or the voice recording which will be used to create the clone. If you’re uploading a recording, please ensure that your pronunciations are clear with minimal accents.

Step 4 Clone voice now

Hit clone voice now to start the Sonic the Hedgehog AI voice generator.


Creating your own Sonic AI voice has never been easier. You can use tools such as Vidnoz to recreate iconic voice lines from childhood with a personal twist to them! Maybe, take a creative step and bust out some Sonic-themed music covers! Everything’s possible through AI and all it takes are a few clicks and a surge of creativity to get your idea rolling.




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