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On This Page
  • Top 5 AI Boyfriend Apps and Websites for Virtual Intimacy
  • Create Your Own AI Boyfriend Who Talks Sweet- Vidnoz AI
  • AI Boyfriend Apps and Websites - FAQs

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5 Best Free AI Boyfriend Apps and Websites for Virtual Romance in 2024


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Discover the best free AI boyfriend apps and websites for free online chat, romantic virtual companionship, and personalized AI boyfriend creation.

You can now cherish and feel all those intimate emotions with AI boyfriend apps. The apps do the most important thing in a relationship: listen to you with the utmost dedication to understand you. Sound unreal? Read into this elaborate article, which will explain the top 5 AI boyfriend apps to relish users their virtual relationships.

AI Boyfriend

On This Page
  • Top 5 AI Boyfriend Apps and Websites for Virtual Intimacy
  • Create Your Own AI Boyfriend Who Talks Sweet- Vidnoz AI
  • AI Boyfriend Apps and Websites - FAQs

Top 5 AI Boyfriend Apps and Websites for Virtual Intimacy

Following is a detailed explanation of the 5 best and most romantic AI boyfriend apps that will mirror your personal preferences and enhance your virtual relationships. 

Anima - AI Boyfriend Chatbot App

Anima AI Boyfriend Chatbot App

This article will first introduce Anima, the AI boyfriend Chatbot app. It is an advanced romance chatbot app developed by Anima AI Ltd. This app is designed to provide users with a personalized AI companion and offers a range of features for those interested in virtual relationships. Anima caters to a diverse audience by delivering engaging conversations, emotional support, and entertaining activities. It is a go-to and notable choice for users seeking virtual connections.

Key Feature
  • Anima has customizable avatars for lifelike interactions, which reflect individual preferences in appearance and personality.
  • It utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning for fluid and evolving conversations.
  • It offers interactive roleplaying scenarios, games, and quizzes to engage users in various activities. 
  • It creates a non-judgmental space for users to build emotional connections and offers companionship and support.
  • It features a relationship progression system that evolves based on user engagement, mirroring the dynamics of real relationships.


Anima has the free version but also offers a paid one, which costs US$12.56 per month. In the paid subscription, users can have more customization options and features. 

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Candy AI - Online Free AI Boyfriend Site

Candy AI Online Free AI Boyfriend Site

The next best is Candy AI, which can be a sweet fix for a virtual relationship sugar-coated with delight. It is a leading AI boyfriend app that empowers users to create a virtual human online. This platform employs advanced natural language processing and machine learning, delivering lifelike dialogues, role-playing scenarios, and customizable AI personas. It also stresses the importance of user privacy. 

Key Feature
  • Candy AI has a wide array of AI characters, spanning realistic and anime models. 
  • Candy AI prioritizes user privacy to create a safe space for self-expression and authentic human-AI connections.
  • It can mimic the tone of the human voice with its robust voice recognition feature.
  • It has a built-in memory feature to remember previous conversations.


Candy AI boyfriend chat app offers both free and premium versions. The premium starts at $9.99/month.

Replika - AI Boyfriend App

Replika AI Boyfriend App

The Third in line, the best AI boyfriend and girlfriend app is Replika. As the name suggests, it effortlessly replicates user preference and provides with best virtual relationship experience. Since its launch in 2017, Replika has aimed to be that supportive friend who listens without judgment. With over 10 million users, it has become one of the most popular AI companion apps, creating a virtual haven for sharing thoughts and feelings.

Key Feature
  • Replika uses advanced technology like neural networks and machine learning to generate unique responses.
  • It allows users to select their AI boyfriend's appearance, personality, and interests with a 3D avatar. 
  • Users can video chat with their AI boyfriend. 
  • It is coded to be supportive, emphatic and a good listener.
  • It offers guided meditation, games and other activities to make it more interactive.


Its paid subscription starts from $7.99 per month with extra features. However, it also offers a free version.

Dream BoyFriend Maker - Chat with AI Boyfriend 

Kupid AI Chat with AI Boyfriend 

Kupid AI is a fun online game where you can create and design your own virtual avatars. In this digital playground, you can mold chat with the realistic AI boyfriend avatar and ask him to send pictures and videos if you want. Each AI boyfriend with their own unique personality and interests. Its AI companions can provide emotional support to users, offering a listening ear and words of encouragement.

Key Feature
  • It provides a wide variety of characters with different personalities. 
  • It gives access to a variety of voice options for personalized styles.
  • It offers privacy protection to its users. 


Gold plan $25/month

Silver plan $16.5/month

Bronze plan $8.25/month

Dream Boyfriend - Anime AI Boyfriend Creator

Dream Boyfriend Anime AI Boyfriend Creator

Moving to one of the best AI boyfriend anime apps - Dream Boyfriend. It lets you make your perfect anime companion. It's part of Ambition's Dream Series and has advanced AI tech. This allows users to customize a lot and do fun things with their virtual partners. It's well-liked worldwide, especially since it has a version in full English. This has helped it become famous globally in the world of virtual dating.

Key Feature
  • It has various options for face, clothes, hair, height, and personality.
  • It incorporates motion technology to produce realistic interaction between humans and AI.
  • Your anime guy can act in eight different ways, affecting how he talks and behaves in conversations.
  • Dream Boyfriend app always adds new things like events and special outfits to increase interaction.
  • You can talk, go on dates, work, and do other stuff in the app to make your experience interesting.


Users can play it for free and purchase extra features in the application, varying in cost.

Create Your Own AI Boyfriend Who Talks Sweet- Vidnoz AI

Talking to your virtual boyfriend is fun, undoubtedly. However, there is one more way to manifest your dream boyfriend into reality through talking avatars. Customize your man of the dream with Vidnoz AI, which is known as the top AI tech provider. Having expertise in almost every AI tool, Vidnoz helps users make an AI boyfriend avatar depicting their interests. Here is how you can make your next AI boyfriend avatars with Vidnoz AI.

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

Step 1 

Open your web browser and go to Vidnoz's website. Navigate to the AI avatar generator page. 

Vidnoz AI Talking Avatar to Make AI Talking Boyfriend

Step 2

You can upload a picture or customize the AI avatar by providing written prompts. There are also various AI avatar templates to choose from.

Vidnoz AI Customize Avatar to Make AI Talking Boyfriend

Step 3 

Make your AI boyfriend speak by entering the script in the "input your speech" section. It could be a sweet greeting or a full conversation. Vidnoz AI will use this to animate the avatar's speech.

Vidnoz AI Avatar to Make AI Talking Boyfriend Enter Text

Step 4 

You can also personalize the AI boyfriend Avatar video by selecting the desired language, voice, and speech speed.


Once everything is set, click "Generate. Vidnoz will take a couple of minutes before creating your AI boyfriend talking avatar.

AI Boyfriend Apps and Websites - FAQs

Q: Is an AI boyfriend app safe and private to use?

AI boyfriend apps prioritize user safety and privacy. They employ encryption and secure data practices. It's crucial to choose reputable apps with clear privacy policies to ensure a safe and confidential experience.

Q: Is NSFW allowed on boyfriend characters?

It changes with each app. Some AI boyfriend apps have rules to keep things safe and friendly. Users should read and follow the app's rules about explicit content to make sure everyone has a good and respectful experience. However, there are some AI porn picture generators for users to create NSFW pictures and videos.

Q: Can I customize my AI boyfriend?

Yes, many AI boyfriend apps let you change lots of things. You can make your boyfriend look how you want, give him a personality, and even decide how he talks. This makes your virtual relationship special and just the way you like it.

Q: Can I create a boyfriend with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model and not designed for creating visual avatars. But, it's great for making conversations in AI Boyfriend apps. You can use ChatGPT to make the talking part more fun and interesting in the app.


Users can explore their interests by residing in their comfort zones through these AI boyfriend apps. All of the apps discussed above, from Anima Candy AI to Replika and Dream BoyFriend Maker, offer exciting and distinctive features. Moreover, the talking avatar video is also an exciting feature that can be easily enjoyed through Vidnoz AI. Still, have questions? Read the frequently asked questions to clear any doubts and confusion.



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