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Let Custom Avatars Do These Work for You

Utilize Vidnoz AI talking avatar to address different scenarios, such as introducing your brand, delivering online lessons, and creating AI-powered short videos.

Make AI courses online

Apply your AI Custom Avatars with scripts, templates and canvas to make slideshow-style AI course videos online. Make your audience more concentrated with AI presenters’ real-time speeches and hand movements.

Custom Avatars for AI Course

Personalize videos for AI Sales

Customize formal-dressing AI Avatars for car selling, online marketing, or business proposals. Let the virtual presenter introduce your products and assure your potential customers.

Custom Avatars for AI Sales

AI video news

Generate News Anchorman from your portrait! Leverage Vidnoz AI Video Creator’s News templates to batch-generate morning/evening news with professional accents and decent body language.

AI Avatars for AI News Videos

Short AI videos for social media platforms

Tell unique brand stories on Instagram or Facebook with AI avatars. You can make yourself the digital spokesperson of your channel/account and draw more eyes and attention than before.

AI Avatars for Social Media Short Videos

AI training and onboarding videos

No worry about renting a room for training recruitment and staff motivation. Your AI portraits can naturally fit in an instructional template and output a mature video for sharing among departments.

Custom AI Avatars for Training Videos

Create Your Own AI Avatar
in 3 Steps

Step 1

Submit your portrait video.

Click to see more dos and don’ts during your video recording >

Step 2

Communicate with Vidnoz Team to improve the footage.

Step 3

Generate the final video (which takes around 2-3 working days).


Vidnoz AI: Your Personal AI Avatar Lab

With an ongoing commitment to producing top-notch avatars in its studio, Vidnoz AI stands out as one of the most advanced teams in the market. It creates AI digital avatars based on real portrait videos.

Realistic avatars, lip-synced

No camera, studio, and AI team required

Low cost

Full-body AI Avatars with expressions and gestures

Turn plain footage to live talking avatar

Templates and canvas for all scenarios

Sophisticated AI Training and Processing

24/7 customer support from dedicated AI team

Examples of the Successful Cooperation Between Vidnoz and Its Dear Users


Keep These Principles in Mind to Customize the Best AI Avatars


Shooting essentials

Upload HD resolution, 30 fps videos with green screen backdrop stable equipment

Recording guidelines

2 minute speech. Pause 2 seconds after reading each sentence

The light

Sufficient light around your body

Appearance and attire

Suits or daily clothes, no logo

Pronunciation and mouth movements

Speak with clear, accurate, and loud pronunciation. Close mouth naturally after each segment

Body language

Decent hand movements, under chest level


Shooting essentials

Noisy background

Recording guidelines

Repeat sentences and numbers, you’d better prepare a script (any logical content will do)
Split or edit the footage - avoid noncontinuous footage

The light

Wearing Jewelry that reflects lights, Shadows that cast on the background

Appearance and attire

Wear Green clothing, striped clothes, watch & earrings. Messy hair.

Pronunciation and mouth movements

Horrible expressions, sticking out your tongue

Body language

head shaking, moving around, big movements

other taboos

Policies/Disclaimer for Making an AI Custom Avatar

* The Right of Portrait: Vidnoz AI strictly conforms to the portrait policy, and suggests users avoid using others’ faces and heads (celebrities’ avatars generation follows the same philosophy) to generate AI Avatars even with their consent.
* Disclaimer: Vidnoz AI will not be responsible for any illegal actions or misuse of users’ AI avatars.
* No Leak Policies: Your Custom AI Avatar is only accessible on your account page and cannot be used by anyone else.

AI Custom Avatar - Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Customized AI Avatar?

A Custom AI Avatar actually, is the derivative of you. By a one-click upload of your portrait video to Vidnoz AI Custom Avatar, and you can generate a virtual presenter (talking photo) to address all scenarios ranging from online marketing videos to online lessons.

What Sets Vidnoz AI Avatars Apart?

Quick processing, escalated avatar quality, and enhanced lip sync, and AI matting effects distinguish Vidnoz Custom AI Avatar from its competitors. Moreover, Vidnoz AI Avatar also provides the highest level of service, including professional matting, 24-hour support to deal with unexpected problems. It is specifically designed for users who held high requirements over their AI avatars yet struggle to find a studio or lab offline.

How Long Does It Take to Obtain My AI Avatar?

When the video you sent to us proves to be qualified, then in 2 or 3 work days, your AI avatar will be presented to you via Email.

Can Other Users Use My Avatar for Video Production?

No. Your Custom AI Avatar can only be leveraged by your account. And it will not be included in Vidnoz Avatar Pro gallery, which means other users of Vidnoz AI will have no chance to see your AI portrait.

How Can I Utilize a Custom AI Avatar?

In order to apply your customized AI avatars to real scenarios in daily life, you will need a video creation platform featuring easy canvas and numerous templates (Business, online course, news, greeting videos, etc). And Vidnoz AI prepares a powerful canvas as well as numerous materials for you to create quality videos featuring in all niches.

Can I Create an Avatar of a Celebrity?

No. Vidnoz does not advocate the misuse of generating AI Avatars with others' videos without consent or permission.

Can I Create an Avatar of a Friend I Know?

No. To avoid potential conflicts in the future (since everyone gets their rights of portraits), it is suggested not use others’ portraits to generate AI avatars. Nor use them for commercial purposes.

Does Vidnoz Custom AI Included in Vidnoz AI Plans?

This AI Avatar Customization service is not included in the 'Vidnoz Basic Plan' as custom AI avatar requires different technical support.