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On This Page
  • Insert Face into Picture's Tech Revealed
  • Best 6 Insert Face into Picture Tools for Free: Who's Your Best Choice?
  • How to Insert Face into a Picture Online with AI
  • Insert Face into Picture: New Self or Festival Cheer

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Face swap online free in seconds

Top 6 Most Recommended Apps to Insert Face into Picture in 2024

Andrew Garcia

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Insert face into picture and become a superhero or explore different scenarios is easy and enjoyable. Now, get the 6 best free apps for inserting face 2024!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your face appeared in your favorite movie, game or comic? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your face was fused with your idol, friend or pet? Have you ever wondered how fun it would be if your face could change shape, color or expression at will?

If your answer is yes, then you will definitely be interested in insert face into picture technology. In this article, we will take you to explore the mysteries of this technology and recommend the 6 best apps for inserting face into picture in 2024, so that you can easily realize your dream of swapping your face.

Best 6 Insert Face into Picture Apps

On This Page
  • Insert Face into Picture's Tech Revealed
  • Best 6 Insert Face into Picture Tools for Free: Who's Your Best Choice?
  • How to Insert Face into a Picture Online with AI
  • Insert Face into Picture: New Self or Festival Cheer

Insert Face into Picture's Tech Revealed

Insert face into picture, as the name suggests, is to insert the face in one picture into another picture to generate a new picture. The principle of this technology is mainly based on the deep learning of AI and image processing technology, by training a large amount of face data, learning the features and expressions of the face, and then converting the features and expressions of the target face to the source face, so as to realize the effect of face-swapping.

The difficulty of insert face into photo is to avoid the distortion or unnatural phenomenon after face swap, after a long period of development, the technology of the current face insert app has reached an amazing level, which not only can easily insert the face into the picture, but also can realize the complex fusion of face and video.

Best 6 Insert Face into Picture Tools for Free: Who's Your Best Choice?

If you want to experience the charm of face changing technology, then very fortunately, you don't need to install any complicated software or have any specialized skills, you can easily insert face into picture online free. Here are the 6 best tested face processing tools that you can choose according to your preferences and needs and start your face swapping journey.

Vidnoz AI Face Swap - 100% Free Multi-Function Face Swapper

Vidnoz Face Swapper offers 3 modes of face swapping, so you can not only insert faces into photos, but also replace your or your friends' faces into movies or funny videos. Thanks to the advanced deep learning technology of the Vidnoz platform, its outputs have achieved realistic effects. At the same time, it gives users a great deal of flexibility, you can insert faces into pictures and thus turn them into superheroes, anime characters, or make your favorite videos, it all depends on what material you upload. And the most exciting part is that all of this is free and open to the public.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

Key Features of Vidnoz AI
  • Insert Face into Picture Online Free: Vidnoz AI Face Swap is completely free and accessible, there is no need to download or install additional apps or extensions, just sign up and log in to your account and enjoy a hassle-free experience of inserting face anytime, anywhere!
  • Great Flexibility to Insert Faces: The tool allows you to upload your own material, including different pics of scenes or characters. You can play Iron Man or Captain America, insert Trump's face into your photo to spoof it, or feel the sweetness of a Christmas scene. It all depends on your material, Vidnoz will not limit you.
  • Insert Face into Any Video: Movies, TV shows, music videos, funny videos, game videos, any video! You can choose to replace face in video online free according to your preference and interest.
  • Super Convenient Sharing: After inserting your face into the photo, simply log in and you can download the processed image or share it directly to social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., so that your friends and family can experience the fun of AI with you.
  • Top-notch Privacy Policy: Using Vidnoz Face Swap will not reveal or misuse your private data or commercially exploit your pictures or videos, etc. Vidnoz will not pry into your privacy and can be used with confidence.

Vidnoz Example of Inserting Face

Image Enhancer - Full Featured Converter

ImageEnhancer offers a very wide range of possibilities when it comes to inserting faces into photos, from contemporary celebrities, to historical figures, if you can think of it, Image Enhancer can do it for you. Whether it's a human face or an animal face, whether it's real or fictional, all you need to do is upload two images, one of the face you want to insert and the other of the image you want to insert it into, and then click a button to get the image after face inserting, it's as simple as that!

Image Enhancer for Insert Face

Key Features
  • Supports a wide range of formats, including common formats such as JPEG, PNG, etc., providing users with a broader choice.
  • Auto face detection technology is used to generate high-quality face swap images in seconds without the need for users to make manual adjustments.
  • With fine adjustments to the structure, lighting, angle and other factors of the face, the AI changed images are even suitable for practical scenarios such as art creation and movie production.
  • Offering advanced editing options, users are able to adjust blending, lighting, color correction, and more, as well as professional tools such as facial positioning to ensure that inserting a face into a photo looks amazing.
  • Creativity is not rich enough, lacking preset scenes, characters, styles, etc., requiring users to prepare their own materials.

Insert Face Example of Image Enhancer

Pica AI - Perfect for Multi Face Swap

Key Pica AI is an AI-based platform that you can utilize to insert faces into pictures online. It allows you to upload your own photos and also offers numerous template photos to choose from. The template photos are of very high quality and come in a wide variety of styles, including modern, college, retro, sci-fi, etc., and even characters from anime and movie productions. You can use Pica AI as a dresser or hairstyle changer to check if the clothes or hairstyles fit you in the virtual world. Pica AI's multi-face swap mode is also very unique, allowing you to replace up to five faces at the same time.

Pica AI Comprehensive Tool for Insert Face

Key Feature
  • Three modes are provided, including Picture and Multi-Face modes for inserting faces into pictures, and Video Face Swap mode.
  • Pica AI gives you a natural look after face swap, it adjusts the shape, size and angle of the face, as well as the lighting, color and sharpness of the photo.
  • It's great for creating content with fun, such as memes, cosplay content, etc., which could brighten up your social media and daily communication.
  • Pica AI is highly free and only some of the premium features require a subscription for credits. You can have fun with inserting your face into pictures.
  • Inserting faces into pictures can be slowed down when a large number of users are using it at the same time.

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Insert Face - Millions of Images to Choose From

Integrate your face into every painting - Insert Face is dedicated to making inserting faces this easy! Insert Face offers 1,000,000+ presets containing images of different genders, ages, clothing, backgrounds, and color styles, and the number is constantly being updated. Whether it's a classic painting, a pop culture symbol or a natural landscape, there's always something for you. It's worth mentioning that Insert Face generates images very fast and saves them automatically to your computer when it's done, which is very convenient.

Insert Face with Face Insert App

Key Features
  • Extra-large library with over a million different types of images.
  • Images generated by AI portrait generator predominate in the presets, so they are not prone to copyright issues.
  • The blending effect is not natural enough when there is a big difference in the style of the face and the background.
  • There are very high numbers of watermarks in the free generated images.

Fotor - Feel the Facial Fusion Art

Fotor is a great choice when it comes to image processing, and its face morph feature gives you the opportunity to easily immerse yourself in any scene. Whether you want to insert your face into a picture of a superhero, place yourself against an exotic backdrop, or get into the Halloween or Christmas spirit by inserting your face into a photo, Fotor makes it easy. The only factor to consider is that premium features and specific resources may require a subscription plan for access.

Insert Face into Picture with Fotor

Key Feature
  • With rich customization options, you can fine tune the details and effects of face insertion pictures.
  • Hundreds of pre-set face-in-hole scenes, including Joker Woman, Black Widow, Wonder Woman and other superheroes, allow you to insert your face or your friend's face on top of other people's photos.
  • Whether it's a landscape or a Christmas or Halloween environment, the wide selection of backgrounds will satisfy your creative needs and give you a festive atmosphere!
  • Fotor doesn't sacrifice the quality of its output, and the images are clear and realistic every time they are blended.

LoonaPix - Partner to Bring More Laughs 

LoonaPix has always insisted that photos are a tool for self-expression and creating fun, so it offers users the option of inserting their faces into pictures in a more playful way. The tool provides users with preset images in categories such as Movies, Celebrities, Costumes, etc. Whether you're looking to surprise a friend or create something that will bring a little more laughter, LoonaPix has you covered. However, its image processing options are sorely lacking, so users looking for the ultimate in personalization may want to look elsewhere.

A Funny Face Insert Site LoonaPix

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Key Feature
  • Simple to use, you can insert your face into a hole online and easily combine any face into a variety of fun pictures.
  • The site has a wide range of preset materials in a relaxed and fun style, including 200+ images with holes under 5 categories
  • The site's interface design is very intuitive, but it's a bit too rough and not pretty enough.
  • Not flexible enough, you can't change the face of your own pictures, you can only use the preset material in the tool, but the clarity of the material is not high enough.

How to Insert Face into a Picture Online with AI

If you are still confused about how to insert a face into a picture, then here will give you an example. By checking out the exact steps to use Vidnoz, you will surely learn how to insert a face in a picture.

Step 1: Go to Vidnoz AI Face Swapper and select Photo Face Swap mode.

Click or drag to upload the photo you want to insert the face. You can upload any photo, superhero, celebrity, sexy girl, whatever.

Head to Vidnoz to Insert Face

Step 2: Then in the same way, upload the face you want to swap on.

Step 2 Upload Your Face Picture

Step 3: After uploading, you can see your uploaded photo on the page and click Swap Face Now when you are ready.

Step 3 Start Your Face Insert Journey

Step 4: Wait for a while, the AI processed image is generated, you can view, download, or share your work.

Check Result in Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI is a web-based platform that adapts to both desktop and mobile, with a dedicated app developed for Mobile, where you can use the same steps to add your own face to a picture on your iPhone or Android.

Insert Face into Picture: New Self or Festival Cheer

Inserting faces into pictures brings us the possibility of exploring our self-image in the virtual world and adding more fun and atmosphere to special holidays.

Wouldn't it be fun to imagine that you could see yourself in various hairstyles and outfits without cutting your hair or changing your clothes? By inserting your face into different hairstyles or clothing pictures, you can easily simulate a variety of new images. Whether it's short, long or curly hair, a formal suit or a casual T-shirt, you can choose whatever you want and find your best style. You can also share the results of your face swap on social media to increase your popularity and influence.

It's also good to add a festive touch. For Christmas, turn yourself into Santa Claus or a snowman. Or on Halloween, replace your own face or your friend's face with a scary zombie or a cute pumpkin lamp, isn't it funny, scary and creative at the same time? Such face-swapping will not only add to the festive atmosphere, but also bring you and your friends and family closer and more harmonious.

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That's all there is to explore about insert face into picture, with the help of a study of 6 apps, we can get a glimpse of the value of the entertainment and creative aspects of inserting a face into a photo. It allows people to experience different characters and scenarios to fulfill their imagination and creativity. If you want to experience the magic of AI face swap technology for yourself, then sign up for the Vidnoz AI face swap tool and convert your entire fantasy into reality!

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!


Andrew Garcia

Andrew Garcia is a writer who focuses on the field of technology. He is committed to producing high-quality articles to help users solve their problems. He is working hard to discover and introduce the latest AI tools so that users can experience the joys of emerging technologies. Hope his articles can give you some aid.