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Vidnoz Affiliate Terms & Conditions

We welcome your participation in Vidnoz Affiliate program and hope to build a long-term partnership with you. It’s important and necessary for you to learn how to legally make a profit with Vidnoz Affiliate program. By applying to be a Vidnoz affiliate, you accept all the terms and conditions, and promise not to violate the following affiliate policy.

  1. 1. "We", "us", or "our" refers to Vidnoz, Vidnoz’s affiliated companies, and Vidnoz website (https://www.vidnoz.com/).
  2. 2. "You" or "your" refers to the Affiliate, “your website” refers to any website, web pages, social media, application, email, advertisement, or other online service platforms that you control and will link to our website.
  3. 3. “Program” or “affiliate program” refers to the Vidnoz Affiliate Program.

You should complete the sign up form and submit program application via the third party platform site we collaborate with. After receiving your application, we will evaluate your website and notify you of your acceptance or rejection, normally within two business days. We reserve the right to reject any application without any reason. For our quick review, you should provide real and detailed information.


You must confirm that your website(s) may not infringe on our or any other brands’ intellectual property, privacy or other legally protected rights; violate any law, regulation or platform policy; or contain any content that is fraudulent, viral or threatening.


Once you’ve been accepted into the program, we encourage you to promote Vidnoz on your website(s), blog posts, newsletter, social media platforms, etc. However, you’re only allowed to use the affiliate promotional links and other marketing materials that are authorized by us. You may not

Using any promotional methods that are not allowed by us will result in removal from the program and return of all commissions.


We accept sending traffic to our website via online advertising, but any improper methods to sell or promote Vidnoz are strictly prohibited. You should abide by the advertising policies of the relevant platforms and promise not to violate the following terms before launching any ad campaigns.

You’re not permitted to

Additionally, we strongly recommend adding our trademarked, branded, and misspelled phrases as negative keywords in your ad campaigns to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.


We reserve the right to end this agreement and suspend your affiliate account if we find any of your violations of the Terms & Conditions in your affiliate marketing activities. Any unacceptable advertising or solicitation will result in canceling of your commission payments due.

Should you have any questions about our terms and conditions, please reach out to us at affiliate@vidnoz.com.